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Page "adventure" ¶ 1262
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

should and do
She did not pause to consider what she would do if her plan should fail ; ;
Certainly external forces should not be applied arbitrarily out of mere power available to do so.
This is in large part a code of behavior and a glossary of values: what is it that people do and should do and how one should regard it.
In recent years, we have come increasingly to recognize that ideas have a history and that not the least important chapters of this history have to do with thematic or conceptual aspects of literature and the arts, although these aspects should be studied in conjunction with the history of philosophy, of religion, and of the sciences.
You may do well to take notice, that besides the title to land between the English and the Indians there, there are twelve of the English that have subscribed their names to horrible and detestable blasphemies, who are rather to be judged as blasphemous than they should delude us by winning time under pretence of arbitration ''.
To the pope, head of the universal Church, to the duke of Burgundy, taking full advantage of his position on the borders of France and of the Empire, or to Othon, who found it quite natural that he should do homage to Edward for Tipperary and to the count of Savoy for Grandson, Flotte's outspoken nationalism was completely incomprehensible.
Lewis told him what clothes he should bring along, and enjoined him not to buy anything that he did not already own, they would do that in New York.
-- since, as Courtenay says, `` Nobody should play with lives the way we do unless he's motivated by the highest ideals ''.
So far as the record is concerned, the Western powers have not acquiesced and should not do so.
His own inner voice, which should tell him what not to do, has not developed.
H'all should have let me do it ''.
The extent to which we can persuade the less developed countries to appraise their own resources, to set targets toward which they should be working, to establish in the light of this forward perspective the most urgent priorities for their immediate attention, and to do the other things which they must do to help themselves, all on a realistic long-term basis, will depend importantly on the incentives we place before them.
It should be emphasized strongly that adjustments in fiscal dates or adoption of interim budgets do not necessarily mean financing over and above normal governmental requirements.
now, therefore, do I, John A. Notte, Jr., governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, proclaim Saturday, May 20th, 1961, as Armed Forces Day, reminding our citizens that we should rededicate ourselves to our Nation, respecting the uniforms as the guardians of our precious liberty.
and now, therefore, do I, John A. Notte, Jr., Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, proclaim the week of Monday, November 13, 1961, as the State Ballet of Rhode Island Week, requesting all Rhode Islanders to give special attention to this unusual event which should contribute to the cultural life of the State.
With this enlarged role in mind, I should like to make a few suggestions: What we in the United States do or do not do will make a very large difference in what happens in the rest of the world.
If you elect to use the Standard Deduction or the Tax Table, and later find you should have itemized your deductions, you may do so by filing an amended return within the time prescribed for filing a claim for refund.
When you and your dog step into the Junior ring, it should be just what the dog wants to do as much as what you want him to do.

should and thought
But further thought brings the shuddery visions of a governor's race being run in the next Legislature, the spectre of big spending programs, the ooze of mudslinging before the campaign should even begin.
There are, he thought, so few true means of forgetfulness in this life that why should he shun the medicine even when the medicine seemed, as it did, a little crude??
he had found his style quite early in his career and he thought it quite wonderful that the world admired it, and he could not imagine why he should alter it.
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
If anyone asked us, after we made the remark that the suffering was a bad thing, whether we should think it relevant to what we said to learn that the incident had never occurred and no pain had been suffered at all, we should say that it made all the difference in the world, that what we were asserting to be bad was precisely the suffering we thought had occurred back there, that if this had not occurred, there was nothing left to be bad, and that our assertion was in that case mistaken.
If we were asked why we thought so, we should say that these things involve great evil and are wrong, and that to take delight in what is evil or wrong is plainly unfitting.
Her services to the School for many years were of a very high character, and I have often thought that one of the buildings should be named for her ''.
It was generally agreed that the subject was important and the board should be informed on what was done, is going to be done and what it thought should be done.
`` I should have stayed at the store '', she thought.
And at this point, Lucy thought, there should be a lecture on little cousins' sharing dolls -- but she could sympathize with Susan ; ;
( If the condition is thought to be cellulitis rather than abscess, consideration should be given to possibility of strep species as cause that are still sensitive to traditional anti-staphylococcus agents such as dicloxacillin or cephalexin in patients able to tolerate penicillin ).
Two aspects of this attitude deserve to be mentioned: 1 ) he did not only study science from books, as other academics did in his day, but actually observed and experimented with nature ( the rumours starting by those who did not understand this are probably at the source of Albert's supposed connections with alchemy and witchcraft ), 2 ) he took from Aristotle the view that scientific method had to be appropriate to the objects of the scientific discipline at hand ( in discussions with Roger Bacon, who, like many 20th century academics, thought that all science should be based on mathematics ).
Perhaps art should be thought of as a cluster of related concepts in a Wittgensteinian fashion ( as in Weitz or Beuys ).
While 55 % thought he " would have something worthwhile to contribute and should remain active in public life ", 68 % thought he would be remembered for his " involvement in personal scandal ", and 58 % answered " No " to the question " Do you generally think Bill Clinton is honest and trustworthy?
It should be noted that while there are very strong connections between graph theory and combinatorics, these two are sometimes thought of as separate subjects.
This decision was met by outrage from the Islanders who thought that it should have been their decision to make.
He accepted the liberal ideals of private property and the economics of Adam Smith, but thought that economics should be kept subordinate to the conservative social ethic, that capitalism should be subordinate to the medieval social tradition and that the business class should be subordinate to aristocracy.
They thought that individuals should be free to pursue their self-interest without control or restraint by society.
The position that " Christian theological anti-Judaism is a phenomenon distinct from modern antisemitism, which is rooted in economic and racial thought, so that Christian teachings should not be held responsible for antisemitism " has been articulated, among other places, by Pope John Paul II in ' We Re member: A Reflection on the Shoah ,' and the Jewish declaration on Christianity, Dabru Emet .. Several scholars, including Susannah Heschel, Gavin I Langmuir and Uriel Tal the General Synod has affirmed that " the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is for all and must be shared with all including people from other faiths or of no faith and that to do anything else would be to institutionalize discrimination ".

should and because
Strikes should be declared illegal against corporations because disagreements would have to be settled by government representatives acting as controllers of the corporation whose responsibility to the state would now be defined against proprietorship because employees and proprietors must be completely interdependent, as they are each a part of the whole.
But because the governor was determined that friendship should not influence him one way or the other, he looked for a printer with a knowledge of the law ( which Woodruff did not have ), and awarded the contract to a lawyer named John Steele who had started a newspaper in Helena the year before.
So, because he had received less than Tom, it was felt proper that Fred should receive the few hundred dollars that remained.
The Congo should have been mandated, because it was not ready for independence.
Sir -- I read of a man who felt he should not build a fallout shelter in his home because it would be selfish for him to sit secure while his neighbors had no shelters.
Why should I be spinning just because the goddamn log is spinning??
There should be no draft exemption because of Peace Corps service.
The reflection of radiation originating from the anode holder and reflected back to it by the surrounding metal surfaces should also be small because of the peculiar characteristic of the metal surfaces and of the specific geometry.
That a writer who is gay cannot be serious is a common professional illusion, sedulously fostered by all too many academics who mistakenly believe that their frivolous efforts should be taken seriously because they are expressed with that dreary solemnity which is the only mode of expression their authors are capable of.
Therefore, because reduction in tasks results in reduction of forces required, the plan should provide for expanding area coverage.
Variations in sound velocity should be measured rather than temperature, because more of the variables would be encompassed.
`` So that the man should not have thoughts of grandeur, and become lifted up, as if he had no lord, because of the dominion that had been given to him, and the freedom, fall into sin against God his Creator, overstepping his bounds, and take up an attitude of self-conceited arrogance towards God, a law was given him by God, that he might know that he had for lord the lord of all.
`` Wherefore also He ( God ) drove him ( man ) out of Paradise, and removed him far from the tree of life, not because He envied him the tree of life, as some venture to assert, but because He pitied him, ( and did not desire ) that he should continue a sinner for ever, nor that the sin which surrounded him should be immortal, and evil interminable and irremediable.
Just because he was honorable enough to want to continue supporting his two children, as any decent man would, that was no reason he should be denied his own small share of happiness too.
His interpretation of the Pauline phrase is that we should seek the common good more than the private good, but this is because the common good is a more desirable good for the individual.
When building an adobe structure, the ground should be compressed because the weight of adobe bricks is significantly greater than a frame house, and may cause cracking in the wall.
It was the mutual bond and obligation between monarch and subjects, whereby subjects are called his liege subjects, because they are bound to obey and serve him ; and he is called their liege lord, because he should maintain and defend them ( Ex parte Anderson ( 1861 ) 3 El & El 487 ; 121 ER 525 ; China Navigation Co v Attorney-General ( 1932 ) 48 TLR 375 ; Attorney-General v Nissan 1 All ER 629 ; Oppenheimer v Cattermole 3 All ER 1106 ).
Literary critics Barthes and Foucault suggest that readers should not rely on or look for the notion of one overarching voice when interpreting a written work, because of the complications inherent with a writer's title of " author.
Furthermore, in 2002, Bligh's great-great-grandson Lord Clifton, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Darnley, argued that the Ashes urn should not be returned to Australia because it belonged to his family and was given to the MCC only for safe keeping.

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