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tour and earned
On January 14, 2008, Davenport surpassed Steffi Graf in career prize money earned on the women's tour, garnering a total of US $ 21, 897, 501.
A first-class aggregate of 1, 241 runs ( at 49. 64 average ) for the season earned him a place on the 1989 Ashes tour.
** Points gained from money earned in majors in 2011 and official PGA tour events in 2012 up to August 12 ( i. e. up to and including money earned at the 2012 PGA Championship ).
During the 1950s, the Choir made its first tour of Europe and earned a Grammy for its recording of " Battle Hymn of the Republic ".
Whitman's initial 18-month tour of duty in 1959 and 1960 was exemplary, and he earned a Good Conduct Medal, a Sharpshooter's Badge and the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.
However, the sales of the EP earned the group enough money to purchase a Dodge van, enabling the band to tour throughout the United States for the first time.
Mostly recorded the year before, the album was produced by their friends Louie Lino and Chris Fudurich, who had engineered The Proximity Effect ; the band paid them with $ 1 and $ 5 bills, the money earned from tour merchandise sales.
It did not reach the charts, but earned them a UK tour, opening for Paul McCartney's Wings.
They were earned the hard way against the best batsmen in the world, each trying to upstage the rest ... It was tough, very tough, but the whole exercise provided ideal practice for the coming tour of Australia.
His financial management of Acta Victoriana, along with that of the college glee club ( for which he also served as business manager during his fourth year, organizing a ten day tour of the Niagara region ), earned him accolades.
The second highest grossing concert tour of all time is The Rolling Stones ' A Bigger Bang Tour which earned approximately $ 558 million in between 2005 and 2007.
The highest earning tour by a solo artist is the Sticky & Sweet Tour by pop superstar artist Madonna, which earned $ 408 million in 2008 and 2009.
In 2007, the Spice Girls re-grouped and announced planns for an reunion tour, from which they were said to have earned £ 10 million each ( approximately $ 20 million ).
He finally earned his PGA Tour card in 1982 and won his first event on the tour at that year's Quad Cities Open.
She worked as a model and she joined her husband on the tour of Australia in 1962-63, where she generated considerable press interest and earned more than any of the cricketers.
He eventually earned a spot on the Kitchener Junior B team, and passed on the opportunity to tour Czechoslovakia with the Kitchener midget team in order to play there.
Most of Blanco's early professional tour appearances were earned by qualifying for tournaments.
It reached number 2 in the UK Albums Chart ( its lead single, " Sound ", had followed " Sit Down " into the top 10 a few months earlier ) and earned the band some recognition in the US as they embarked on their first Stateside tour.
Songs like " 51st State " ( lyrics written by Ashley Cartwright of ' The Shakes ') earned the band cult status in movements against American imperialism, but made it more difficult for the band to tour the US.
He signed with the NFL's Chicago Bears the day after his last college game ; player / manager George Halas agreed to a contract for a 19-game barnstorming tour which earned Grange a salary and share of gate receipts that amounted to $ 100, 000, during an era when typical league salaries were less than $ 100 / game.
He earned the nickname " The Beast " during his time on tour.
It was during this tour of duty that he earned his designation as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer.
The group formed in 1997 and earned a support slot for Boyz II Men on an Australian tour.

tour and them
A tour of several of them is possible in a two-week vacation while a stay at just one of these natural beauty spots can be of equal reward.
I started my tour of them at the Turkish Government Tourist Office, next to Pan American's office on the left as you enter the driveway that leads to the Hilton Hotel.
He said that on his tour the preceding year a considerable number of hours would have been available to him on Japanese radio networks, but that he had then lacked the funds to contract for them.
Aztlan Underground were signed to a Basque record label in 1999 which enabled them to tour Spain extensively and perform in France and Portugal.
He spoke of them several times over the course of the tour, and the Australian media quickly caught on.
During the Fourth Test news broke that prominent England players had agreed to take part in a " rebel tour " of South Africa the following winter ; three of them ( Tim Robinson, Neil Foster and John Emburey ) were playing in the match, and were subsequently dropped from the England side.
They played one extra match on this tour, making the total of 21 games, including four tests against South Africa, with the British Isles winning three of them.
Legend has it that, following Ward's stage performance, he, Mark Twain, and Dan De Quille were taking a drunken rooftop tour of Virginia City until a town constable threatened to blast all three of them with a shotgun loaded with rock salt.
Although he had been invested as such on the 8th of August, on his and Eleanor's tour of the provinces a messenger caught up with them with the news that on 1 August, King Louis VI had died of dysentery.
Though Lethal is still a member of the group, he did not join them on their 2011 reunion tour due to prior obligations with Limp Bizkit.
Jan and Dean continued to tour on their own throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and into the new millennium — with 1960s nostalgia providing them with a ready audience, headlining oldies shows throughout North America, usually during the summer months.
It was not unusual for Oxford and Cambridge cricketers to wear similar caps while batting, as both Jardine and MCC captain Percy Chapman did so on this tour, although it was slightly unorthodox to wear them while fielding.
In Fleet of Worlds, the characters tour a General Products factory and receive clues that allow them to destroy a General Products hull from the inside using only a high-powered interstellar communications laser.
Their decadent lifestyles almost shattered the band, until managers Thaler and McGhee pulled an intervention, and refused to allow the band to tour in Europe, fearing that " some them would come back in bodybags ".
Wherever they went they were mobbed and cheered by crowds to the point where the tour sponsors had to take them out of Melbourne so that they could train undisturbed.
Later that year, the Honourable Ivo Bligh led a team of eight amateurs and four professionals to Australia to recover them, with the first two matches of the tour played at the MCG.
The tour also took them to the Netherlands, where the Pixies had already received enough media attention to be headlining the tour.
Despite this impairment to his bowling shoulder, his team played with an aggressive strategy leading them to lose only one Test match and no other matches during the tour, honouring his pre-series pledge.
Some juniors, however, such as Australian Lleyton Hewitt and Frenchman Gaël Monfils, have catapulted directly from the junior tour to the ATP tour by dominating the junior scene or by taking advantage of opportunities given to them to participate in professional tournaments.
In March 2006, the band released their eighth studio album, Flat-Pack Philosophy, on Cooking Vinyl Records, the supporting tour found them playing on a leg of the mid-2006 Vans Warped Tour.
The next year, Bob Dylan hired them for his U. S. tour in 1965 and world tour in 1966.

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