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Thayer and married
Thayer moved to Santa Barbara in 1912, where he married Rosalind Buel Hammett and retired.
On the last episode of the sixth season, Brynn Thayer made a guest appearance as Ben Matlock's other ( and to that point unmentioned ) daughter Leanne MacIntyre, who had become a prosecutor in Philadelphia and who had married and divorced.
Anthony was married to his One Life to Live co-star Brynn Thayer from 1981 to 1983.
In 1896, Richards married Miriam Stuart Thayer.
The couple had one daughter, Grace Thayer ( who married James Bryant Conant ), and two sons, Greenough Thayer and William Theodore.
In 1935 Charles E. Bohlen married Avis Thayer.
* Marjorie Bourne ( 1890-5 May 1962 ), married Alexander Dallas Thayer ( 1888-1968 ).
He married Clara Thayer, a descendant of John Alden who traveled across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower in 1620.
Thayer and his wife Amber ( née Peek ), who designs custom jewelry, were married on June 4, 2006 and currently live in the Los Angeles area.
On October 14, 1896, he married Eliza Frothingham Davis, ( January 17, 1871-June 20, 1907 ), and then remarried Susan Thayer ( born October 1, 1885 ) on June 1, 1912 in Lancaster, Massachusetts.
Soon after, Thayer married their long-time friend, Emma Beach, whose father owned The New York Sun.

Thayer and Elaine
The title is Latin and translates as " My Girl ", referring to Elaine Orr Thayer, his first wife, and the mother of his only child.

Thayer and on
in Medfield, perhaps twenty-five less, not all of it paid by Thayer, who could charge off one room on his expense account.
*" Casey at the Bat " Web site with biographical details on Thayer, Hopper, Mike " King " Kelly and chronology of the poem's publication.
It took several months after its publication for the poem to make Thayer famous, since he was hardly the boastful type and had signed the June 24 poem with the nickname " Phin " which he had used since his time on the Lampoon.
The New York Times ' obituary of Thayer on August 22, 1940, p. 19 quotes comedian DeWolf Hopper, who helped make the poem famous:
In 2011, Adult Swim aired the satirical television series Eagleheart, following cases on US Marshals Chris Monsanto ( Chris Elliott ), Susie Wagner ( Maria Thayer ), and Brett Mobley ( Brett Gelman ), and parodies many cop shows, most notably Walker, Texas Ranger.
The plot focuses on aging couple Ethel and Norman Thayer, who spend each summer at their home on a lake called Golden Pond.
Thayer, and James McRay settled on " Bottineau Prairie.
The following year the community received a post office at the residence of A. D. Thayer on Hangman Creek ( now Latah Creek ), where it remained for five years.
Alfred Thayer Mahan, a frequent commentator on world naval strategic and diplomatic affairs, believed that national greatness was inextricably associated with the sea, with its commercial usage in peace and its control in war.
* Tulane has several academic and research institutes and centers including The Murphy Institute, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, The Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies, and the Law School's Payson Center for International Development.
Mahan on Naval Strategy: selections from the writings of Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan ed by John B. Hattendorf ( 1991 )
" A Note on the " Mercantilistic Imperialism " of Alfred Thayer Mahan ," The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, Vol.
A noted authority on the Yaqui, Spicer, Muriel Thayer Painter, and others created the Pascua Yaqui Association ( PYA ).
* Thayer Corners – A hamlet east of Burke Center on US-11 near the east town line.
Davies, a hard-charging Welshman, defied numerous Asian governments and big businesses and provided a frontline forum for many talented reporters: Emily Lau, Gary Coull, Bertil Linter, David Bonavia, Ian Buruma, Nayan Chanda, Nate Thayer, Susumu Awanohara, Christopher Wood, Philip Bowring, as well as dissidents TJS George and late Mike O ' Neill, who went on to launch rival, Asiaweek.
In his emphasis on sea power, Thucydides resembles the modern naval theorist Alfred Thayer Mahan, whose influential work The Influence of Sea Power upon History helped set in motion the naval arms race prior to World War I.
In the latter, she played Christine Thayer, a wealthy black woman who, along with her husband, finds herself the target of a racist policeman ( played by Matt Dillon ), who sexually assaults Thayer but then later saves her life after he is the first on the scene at a car crash.
The power of the French fleet was broken, and would not recover before the war was over ; in the words of Alfred Thayer Mahan ( The Influence of Sea Power upon History ), " The battle of 20 November 1759 was the Trafalgar of this war, and [...] the English fleets were now free to act against the colonies of France, and later of Spain, on a grander scale than ever before ".
Located in a two-building complex along the Connecticut River on the Dartmouth campus, the Thayer School today offers undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees, as well as dual-degree programs with other local institutions.
The Thayer School is located on the campus of Dartmouth College, which is situated in the rural, Upper Valley New England town of Hanover, New Hampshire.
The campus of the Thayer School sits in a complex on the west side Dartmouth's campus near the Connecticut River.
Companies and products that have emerged from the Thayer School include emeritus professor Robert Dean's Creare, Inc. and Dartmouth music professor Jon Appleton's work on the Synclavier synthesizer.
On Akiyama's arrival in New York, he attempted to contact Alfred Thayer Mahan for advice and recommendations on how to study at either the US Naval Academy or Naval War College.

Thayer and 21
Ernest Lawrence Thayer ( August 14, 1863 – August 21, 1940 ) was an American writer and poet who wrote " Casey at the Bat ".
At the cost of nearly $ 21 million, the new center adds both classroom and research space to the Thayer School.
On April 21, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln nominated Thayer for the award of the honorary grade of brevet brigadier general, United States Army ( Regular Army ), to rank from May 31, 1863, the day before he retired, for long and faithful service.
William Greenough Thayer Shedd ( June 21, 1820 – November 17, 1894 ), son of the Reverend Marshall Shedd and Eliza Thayer, was an American Presbyterian Theologian born in Acton, Massachusetts.

Thayer and June
Thayer ’ s last piece, dated June 24, 1888, was a ballad entitled " Casey " (" Casey at the Bat ").
Michael " Max " Thayer ( born June 18, 1946 ) is an American movie actor.
Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General Sylvanus Thayer ( June 9, 1785 – September 7, 1872 ) also known as " the Father of West Point " was an early superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point and an early advocate of engineering education in the United States.
Thayer retired from the Army on June 1, 1863 with the rank of colonel in the Corps of Engineers.
On June 11, 2011, he returned to the club as Dale Thayer was sent down.
80 ( January – June 1926 ) Alexander Archipenko, Hart Crane, e. e. cummings, Adolf Dehn, Alfeo Faggi, Anatole France, Waldo Frank, Robert Hillyer, Augustus John, Nikolai Leskov, Aristide Maillol, Henry McBride, Pablo Picasso, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Rosenfeld, Henri Rousseau, George Saintsbury, Gilbert Seldes, Scofield Thayer, Paul Valéry, Yvor Winters
Lorna Thayer ( March 10, 1919 – June 4, 2005 ) was an American character actress.
The U. S. Legation at Kabul was established on June 6, 1942, with Charles W. Thayer as Chargé d ’ Affaires ad interim.
Note: Legation Kabul was opened June 6, 1942 with Charles W. Thayer as Chargé d ’ Affaires ad interim.
* Letter from Thayer to the land agent of Earl Cowley, dated June 2, 1898, at the Cornwall Record Office, Ref.

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