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Clean and Up
Island of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt's Doomed Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York ( 2012 )
The House in the Middle was an American 1954 short documentary film produced by the Federal Civil Defense Administration and the National Clean Up-Paint Up-Fix Up Bureau, which attempted to show that a clean, freshly painted house ( the middle house ) is more likely to survive a nuclear attack than its poorly maintained counterparts ( the right and left houses ).
By December 1973, at the invitation of Secretary of the Interior Rogers Morton, Norman had agreed to participate in a concert to promote the Johnny Horizon ' 76 " Help Clean Up America " campaign.
Projects involving the wider communities include organization of the “ Manila Bay Clean Up Run ,” which essentially supports the Philippine Environment Agencies with their objectives to raise funding and awareness towards the rehabilitation of Manila Bay ’ s natural environments.
With Norah Buckland, the wife of a vicar, she launched the ' Clean Up TV Campaign ' in January 1964 with a manifesto appealing to the " women of Britain ".
* Clean Up Radio Everywhere – Mr. Carlson's video baseball game originally played a beeping rendition of " Take Me Out to the Ball Game ", which was later replaced.
# Big Clean Up
North and west of the campus, within the University District, the University Heights — a name now little used — was named for its elementary school ( 1903 – c. 1988 ; since 1990 the University Heights Center for the Community Association, hosts numerous activities small and large from the University District Community Clean Up to the University District Farmer's Market.
* 2003 Ilse Delange, Clean Up
Their first release for Universal saw new keyboard player Tony Rogers make his Charlatan's album debut ( he had previously toured in support of Tellin ' Stories and contributed to b-sides " Keep It to Yourself " and " Clean Up Kid " from the " How High " single ) and the band took on a slightly country sound, heavily influenced by Burgess's love of Bob Dylan.
This is easily remembered by the mnemonic " 5Cs "— Cram it, Climb it, Clean it up, Cool it, and Call it !, or sometimes the " 5 Ups ": Power Up, Nose Up, Gear Up, Flaps Up, Speak Up.
* Clean Up Records, a record label
She soon joined the " Clean Up London " campaign.
By 1978, Porter had been elected as Chairman of the Highways and Works Committee, in the same year she launched the " Mr Clean Up " anti-litter campaign.
Clean Up Sodexo serves as the online voice of the workers at Sodexo, many of whom make near poverty-level wages working as food service workers at universities around the country.
lobbying law violations, referring to the " Clean Up Sodexo " campaign as " old-fashioned, strongarm tactics " and SEIU behavior as " egregious " and " illegal.
* NASA Hopes Laser Broom Will Help Clean Up Space Debris Agence France-Presse story via SpaceDaily
* Clean Up Public Spaces ( CUPS )
* A Toxic Century: Mining Giant Asarco Must Clean Up Mess: NPR 2010
* Jake Bernstein, Clean up or Cover Up?

Clean and TV
* Clean feed ( TV )
* Thalia Assuras ( born February 5, 1951 ), anchor of energyNOW !, a TV news-magazine and opinion program produced by the American Clean Skies Foundation
* Clean feed ( TV )
* A Clean feed, another name for a backhaul feed in TV and radio broadcasting
Only four songs would be broadcast on TV, but the performance as a whole was widely regarded as a triumph, featuring lauded performances of " Clean Cut Kid ," " I'll Remember You ," and " Trust Yourself " from Empire Burlesque.
He also starred in The Girls Who Came to Stay ( 2006 ), about a British couple who take in two girls exposed to the effects of the Chernobyl disaster, and Filth ( 2008 ), as the husband of " Clean Up TV " activist Mary Whitehouse.
Safeway has featured in its TV commercials two songs from Thin Mercury Sound, including " Clean Getaway " in the summer of 2005 and " Lioness " in 2004.

Clean and petition
The petition was filed in accordance with Section 126 of the Clean Air Act, which allows a United States state to request pollution reductions from out-of-state sources that contribute significantly to its air quality problems.

Clean and using
In 1927, Jefferson recorded another of his now classic songs, the haunting " See That My Grave Is Kept Clean " ( once again using the pseudonym Deacon L. J. Bates ) along with two other uncharacteristically spiritual songs, " He Arose from the Dead " and " Where Shall I Be.
The fuel economy is calculated using the emissions data collected during two of the vehicle's Clean Air Act certification tests by measuring the total volume of carbon captured from the exhaust during the tests.
An angelic caricature of Stepin Fetchit tries to recruit souls for Pair-O-Dice using a pastiche of James Montgomery Flagg's World War I army recruitment poster in Clean Pastures.
The new commission focused on encouraging commercial traffic to the waterways, but with the construction and opening of motorways in 1959 and legislation such as the Clean Air Act 1956 affecting the coal carriers using the waterways, this stance could not be sustained.
* Clean your hands by hand washing or using an alcohol hand sanitizer.
Systems can be applied using local application method or total flooding method, similar to Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems.
In the 1950s and 60s these factories either switched to using other fuels, often because of the Clean Air Act of 1956, or closed completely.
In partnership with UTC Power, the University will begin using a PureCell System to provide clean, efficient, and reliable energy to all buildings on the Depot campus, including important research laboratories and offices at UConn ’ s Center for Clean Energy and Engineering and Longley Building.
Similarly, the Indiana Clean Lakes Program trains and relies on volunteers to monitor turbidity in over 80 Indiana lakes using secchi disks, and uses data submitted by volunteers to monitor lake quality in the state.
Under the Clean Air Planning Act, a grandfathering approach is used to allocate emission allowances for SO < sub > 2 </ sub >, but allowances for NOx, mercury, and CO < sub > 2 </ sub >, are allocated using an output-based scheme.
In 1996, Mr. Clean appeared in " How Times Have Changed ", once again using the original Mr. Clean jingle and the new Ultra power in it.
Clean climbing is a style of rock climbing which seeks to minimize some of the aesthetically damaging side effects of some techniques used in trad climbing and more often, aid climbing by avoiding using equipment such as pitons, which damage rock.
The Clean Spark Spread is calculated using a gas emissions intensity factor of 0. 411 tCO2 / MWh.
The Clean Dark Spread is calculated using a coal emissions intensity factor of 0. 971 tCO2 / MWh.
DuPris teleports the ship away and an attempt by Mr. Manes to bring Alex home using a Clean Slate device that absorbed Stone energy fails, not enough power.
During much of the 1980s, The Clean disbanded, and during this time the Kilgour brothers worked together on an experimental album and EP using the deliberately punning titles " The Great Unwashed " and " Clean Out of Our Minds ".
Commercials for the products usually feature someone using a towel that has the " Zestfully Clean!
Clean jewellery using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush.
* 2002 Renova France starts operations in France, using its innovative “ Fresh & Clean ” toilet paper as main market driver.
By using social networking sites such as Facebook, many fans have raised money for a digital billboard reading " It's Time to Clean House, Ralph " on the I-190 extension of the I-90 thruway to Buffalo.

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