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11-month and siege
The Battle of Malakoff resulted in the fall of Sevastopol on 9 September, bringing the 11-month siege to an end.
The Medici re-assumed their rule in 1531, after an 11-month siege of the city.

11-month and ended
The 11-month transition period ended relatively smoothly.

11-month and when
His academic career was interrupted after his first year of study when he joined the Finnish Army, selecting the 11-month officer training program to fulfill the mandatory military service of Finland.

11-month and under
Under the 1923 Act busier farmers had to rent extra land under an 11-month or seasonal " conacre " system, as longer arrangements could cause an owner to lose his farm by compulsory purchase by the Land Commission.

11-month and Washington
The Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business has two degree programs: the 16-month Master in Business Administration and the 11-month Master in Management.

11-month and March
According to the book, four survivors of the 11-month trek reached British India around March 1942 and stumbled upon a Gurkha patrol.

11-month and with
Following an 11-month military campaign, the Kingdom of Poland lost its semi-independence and was subsequently integrated much more closely with the Russian Empire.
During the 11-month period, serious discussions were held with many potential funding sources, such as the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, Division of Coastal Management, Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.
The School offers an intense 11-month Full-time MBA, an Executive MBA taught in a weekend-format and, together with 3 other schools, a renowned Executive MBA called International Master of Management ( IMM ) which is taught on multiple campuses and has recently ( 2010 ) been ranked # 21 Executive MBA in the world by Financial Times.

11-month and at
* Pope Mark dies at Rome after an 11-month reign.

11-month and .
During the first 11 months of 2006, the European Union remained Armenia's largest trading partner, accounting for 34. 4 percent of its $ 2. 85 billion commercial exchange during the 11-month period.
In 1989, Wilbert Keon of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute performed the country's first artificial heart transplant on an 11-month old baby.
In 1950 The Alan Young Show moved to CBS television as a variety, sketch comedy show, taking an 11-month hiatus in 1952.
Affected foals are born after the full 11-month gestation and externally appear normal, though they have all-white or nearly all-white coats and blue eyes.
An 11-month police investigation led to the arrest of 37 people during a drugs bust In February 2005.
Red king crabs have an 11-month brood cycle in their first reproductive year and a 12 month cycle thereafter.
Under him, the Yoshinkan Honbu dojo, located in Shinjuku Tokyo, runs an annual 11-month intensive course called the Senshusei course derived from the course used to train the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police.
Dr. Taussig did extensive work on anoxemia, or blue baby syndrome, which led to the development of a pioneering cardiac surgical procedure for infants called the Blalock-Thomas-Taussig shunt, first performed by Taussig and Dr. Alfred Blalock on an 11-month old baby girl on November 29, 1944.
The main courses are the famous 11-month long SEAL training ( BUD / S and SQT ) and five-month long SWCC training.
CDM has an 11-month Master in Development Management program intended for executives and managers from developing nations.

siege and Boston
The War of the Austrian Succession saw Britain and France in conflict with each other, and in 1745 several warships and a small contingent of troops were sent from Boston, first to the Nova Scotian fishing port of Canso, and on to Louisbourg where they laid siege to the fortress until the French surrendered and were evacuated.
Washington assumed command of the Continental Army in the field at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in July 1775, during the ongoing siege of Boston.
On June 17, two months into the colonial siege of Boston, at the Battle of Bunker Hill, just north of Boston, British forces are victorious, but only after suffering severe casualties and after Colonial forces run out of ammunition, Fort Ticonderoga is taken by American forces in New York Colony's northern frontier, and American forces unsuccessfully invade Canada, with an attack on Montreal defeated by British forces on November 13 and an attack on Quebec repulsed December 31.
* June 17 – American Revolution: Two months into the colonial siege of Boston, British open fire on Breed's Hill on Charles Town Peninsula.
Boston town meetings were held here during the siege of Boston, when many Boston families made their homes in the neighborhood.
These troops were among the first non-New Englanders to join the siege of Boston, arriving on August 7, 1775.
The siege was broken in March 1776 when Continental Army Colonel Henry Knox brought heavy artillery from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston during the winter, and General Washington used them to fortify Dorchester Heights, overlooking Boston and its harbour.
Reaching Ticonderoga on December 5, Knox commenced what came to be known as the noble train of artillery, hauling by ox-drawn sled 60 tons of cannons and other armaments across some of ice-covered rivers and snow-draped Berkshire Mountains to the Boston siege camps.
During the siege of Boston, he was a voice of caution, speaking in war councils against what he saw as overly risky actions.
On May 8, 1775, he was promoted from private to Major General of the Rhode Island Army of Observation formed in response to the siege of Boston.
The siege began on April 19 after the Battles of Lexington and Concord, when the militia from many Massachusetts communities surrounded Boston and blocked land access to the then-peninsular town, limiting British resupply to naval operations.
Immediately after the battles of the 19th, the Massachusetts militia, under the loose leadership of William Heath, who was superseded by General Artemas Ward late on the 20th, formed a siege line extending from Chelsea, around the peninsulas of Boston and Charlestown, to Roxbury, effectively surrounding Boston on three sides.
On November 29, colonial Captain John Manley, commanding the schooner Lee, captured one of the most valuable prizes of the siege, the British brigantine Nancy, just outside Boston Harbor.
Boston and other area communities mark the March 17 end of the siege as Evacuation Day.
The companies arrived too late to participate in the day's battles, but they became part of the small army that laid siege to Boston afterward.
Following the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, the rebels followed the British back to Boston and started the siege of the city.
Admiral Knowles, in port at Boston during the 1747 siege, sent Captain Stevens a sword to acknowledge his valor.
Bowdoin was again ill in 1775 when the American Revolutionary War broke out, and the family was relocated from British-occupied Boston ( which was then under siege by area militia ) first to Dorchester, and eventually to Middleborough, where he resided until 1778.
He was a leader during the siege of Boston.

siege and ended
Thus ended Alaric's first siege of Rome.
The siege began on 10 November 1441, and ended on 2 June of the following year.
While his condottieri took over the siege of Piombino ( which ended in 1502 ), Cesare commanded the French troops in the sieges of Naples and Capua, defended by Prospero and Fabrizio Colonna.
By the time the siege ended in May 1094, El Cid had carved out his own principality on the coast of the Mediterranean.
Therefore, the siege ended in a truce, allowing the Marinids to keep Gibraltar ( Fourth Siege of Gibraltar ).
Papal intervention through the legate Ottobuono finally resulted in the compromise of the Dictum of Kenilworth, under which the rebels were allowed to re-purchase their confiscated lands provided they surrendered the castle ; the siege ended on 14 December 1266.
Motivated by his hatred of the federal government and angered by what he perceived as its mishandling of the Waco Siege ( 1993 ) and the Ruby Ridge incident ( 1992 ), McVeigh timed his attack to coincide with the second anniversary of the deadly fire that ended the siege at Waco.
The siege finally ended when Nobunaga surrounded the enemy complex and set fire to it, killing tens of thousands of non-combatants, including women and children.
He later succeeded in taking their main stronghold at Ishiyama Hongan-ji after an 11-year siege that ended with its surrender.
He lifted the state of siege, allowed opposition exiles to return, ended press censorship, freed political prisoners, and promised to rewrite the 1940 constitution.
The Hittite siege of a rebellious Anatolian vassal in the 14th century BC ended when the queen mother came out of the city and begged for mercy on behalf of her people.
After two defeats in Northern Italy and a siege of Rome ended by a negotiated pay-off, Alaric was cheated by another Roman faction.
In 1478 Braniewo ( Braunsberg ) withstood a Polish siege which was ended in an agreement in which the Polish king recognized von Tüngen as bishop and the right of the Cathedral Chapter to elect future bishops, which however would have to be accepted by the king, and the bishop as well as Cathedral Chapter swore an oath to the Polish king.
After a protracted siege ended on 8 September of the same year, which became known in history as the Great Siege, the Ottoman Empire conceded defeat as the approaching winter storms threatened to prevent them from leaving.
Furthermore, it was near this town that the siege of Leningrad ended in January 1944.
Contemporary Arab and Muslim historians and chroniclers were much more interested in the second Umayyad siege of Constantinople in 718, which ended in a disastrous defeat.
He united with Conrad III of Germany and King Baldwin III of Jerusalem to lay siege to Damascus ; this ended in disaster and the project was abandoned.
After the destruction of Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar engaged in a thirteen year siege of Tyre ( 585 – 572 BCE ), which ended in a compromise, with the Tyrians accepting Babylonian authority.
They and their native allies returned in the spring of 1521 to lay siege to Tenochtitlan, a battle that ended on August 13 with the destruction of the city.
The siege was ended when the Eight-Nation Alliance brought 20, 000 armed troops to China, defeated the Imperial Army, and captured Beijing.
Moreover, the siege had already ended before Marco Polo's arrival in China.
The line of defense was finally broken through after the first use of firearms in history during the six-year siege of Xiangyang, which ended in 1273.
Despite some notable early victories at Duck Lake, Fish Creek and Cut Knife, the rebellion effectively ended for the Métis with their defeat at the siege of Batoche, Saskatchewan, the eventual scattering of their allied Aboriginal forces elsewhere, and the trial and hanging of Louis Riel.
Pompey ended the monarchy and named Hyrcanus high priest and ethnarch ( a lesser title than " king "), the siege of the Temple Mount coming to a close in 63 BCE.
An agreement was reached on 24 June 1573 and Catholic troops ended the siege on 6 July 1573.

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