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18th-century and building
The building which was completed in 1950 is inspired by the 18th-century farmhouses of northern Jutland.
The poorhouse forms three wings: the 17th century Red House to the south, the 18th-century middle wing, and the northern end which incorporates part of the original Great Hall ; all of the building was subject to 19th-century renovation work.
The building was restored to its 18th-century appearance at the beginning of the 21st century, and Dublin City Council has won awards for the conservation of this historic building.
The central building of the museum was once an 18th-century hospital.
Palazzo Iliceto is an imposing 18th-century building intended as an exhibition space for special exhibits.
There was local-community objection over plans announced in July 2010 to demolish and redevelop the site of an 18th-century building in Cleveland Street, originally a poorhouse for the parish of St Paul, Covent Garden, and later the Cleveland Street Workhouse.
A public private partnership involving the University of Limerick, Shannon Development, Limerick Corporation and the Department of Arts, Heritage, the Gaeltacht and the Islands, linked with local business interests secured the historic 18th-century former Customs House in Limerick city together with the funds to restore and renovate the building to international museum standards.
Until 1937 the Cipher Bureau's German section, BS-4, had been housed in the Polish General Staff buildingthe stately 18th-century " Saxon Palace " — in Warsaw.
Since 1990, the Conservatory has officially resided in a restored 18th-century building ( previously San Carlos Royal Hospital ) in front of Queen Sofia Museum.
* Casino at Marino, an 18th-century neo-classical building
It helped raise funds for the restoration of an 18th-century building in Kecskemét last used as an Orthodox synagogue.
To improve traffic flow on this artery, several interventions were made: in 1908 the 18th-century Porta Romana with the adjacent Church of San Rocco was razed to allow the passage of the line of Tramway dei Castelli Romani, and after the Second World War was initiated, Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini on the ruins of bombed building in Villa Doria Pamphili.
There are several old buildings round the sloping village green, including the 18th-century Cock Inn and the Ide Hill Village School, built in 1856 it is the second home of the school which unusually for a church school predates the church building as the school was formed in 1809.
It has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building, described in the National Heritage List for England as " one of the finest surviving 18th-century town halls ".
Eram Garden | The Eram Garden in Shiraz is an 18th-century building and a legacy of the Zand Dynasty.
The present building is 18th-century with restoration in the 1930s but retains a vaulted 15th-century aisle from the medieval church which preceded it.
Besides, the monumental building of the new church is likely to be in disharmony with the delicate 18th-century St. Andrew's Church, one of the most famous landmarks of Kiev, located adjacent to the original location of the destroyed Church of the Tithes.
Carronvale House is an 18th-century category A listed building, now home to the Scottish Headquarters of the Boys ' Brigade.
Authorpe Hall Farm is a grade II listed building built of red brick, dating from the 16th century with 18th-century additions, and 19th-century alterations.
The building contains a well-preserved wooden theatre ( one of the few in Europe to retain its original 18th-century decor ), with space for over two hundred people, not including those in the royal boxes.
In the grounds of Pear Tree Cottage stands an 18th-century building that housed a forge and the blacksmith's shop.
It opened in 2004 in a renovated 18th-century building at 8 High Street.
The main building resembles 18th-century European palaces.

18th-century and many
There are many other places and objects worth seeing, for example a notable number of churches and monasteries, a few remarkable 17th-and 18th-century buildings in the particular Baroque style typical of the region, a collection of statues and monuments, park areas, cemeteries, among others.
With its history of colonialism, trade and piracy, the West Indies was the setting for many 17th and 18th-century maritime incidents.
It was one of many species described by Linnaeus in his 18th-century work Systema Naturae ( 1735 ).
It has a large church dating from the 15th century, an impressive City Hall ( built as such ) from the 16th century, several large 17th-century palaces, a 17th-century Protestant church built in what was then a modern style, and many important 18th-century buildings.
Hume's examples ring true with many 21st century readers, and they appealed to some of Paley's 18th-century contemporaries as well.
It was one of the many species originally described by Linnaeus, who gave it the name Felis leo, in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae.
Upon the death of his father in 1805, he joined the freethinking household of his mother at Auteuil, and spent two years mixing with the literary set of the so-called " ideologues ", philosophers of the 18th-century school, among whom he made many friends, notably Claude Charles Fauriel.
The great age of the homes has created numerous problems, including blight and vacant lots in many parts of the city, while other neighborhoods such as Society Hill, which has the largest concentration of 18th-century architecture in the United States, have been rehabilitated and gentrified.
On the hillside above the river are situated the stone-built 16th-century hunting lodge at Lincoln Hill, many 17th-and 18th-century workers cottages, some imposing Georgian houses built by ironmasters and mine and canal barge owners, and many early Victorian villas built from the various coloured bricks and tiles of the locality.
Many mid 18th-century immigrants made fortunes in Ponce, like the owner of this restored coffee plantation ( Hacienda Buena Vista ) founded in 1833 and today one of many points of interest in the municipality
Loddon has many fine buildings ; from the 15th-century parish church of Holy Trinity, through the 18th-century " Loddon House " ( originally a mental institution ), to " Farthing Green House ", which is a good example of Georgian architecture.
Mansfield Center Cemetery, which contains many 18th-century gravestones, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a fine example of the rich artistic tradition of funerary stone carving in colonial New England.
During the 18th-century warfare in the valley, the village was attacked by French and Iroquois forces during the French and Indian War ( Seven Years War ), and many women and children were taken to Canada as captives.
Augustus was regarded by many of the early 18th-century English aristocracy as the greatest of all the Roman Emperors ( the early Georgian era was known as the Augustan Age ).
The Osprey was one of the many species described by Carolus Linnaeus in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae, and named as Falco haliaeetus.
The village features 18th-century houses and artisans ' workshops ; a life-size statue of Voltaire ; a smaller bust of him, surmounting a fountain ; many restaurants, French and foreign ; and proximity to the nearby cosmopolitan city of Geneva, Switzerland.
The Russian army in 1805 had many characteristics of ancien régime organization: there was no permanent formation above the regimental level, senior officers were largely recruited from aristocratic circles, and the Russian soldier, in line with 18th-century practice, was regularly beaten and punished to instill discipline.
Notable people from Bury St Edmunds include author Norah Lofts, who though actually born in Shipdham Norfolk, bases many of her stories in Baildon, the fictionalised Bury St Edmunds, artist Rose Mead, artist and printer Sybil Andrews, actors Bob Hoskins and Michael Maloney theatre director Sir Peter Hall, author Maria Lousie de la Ramé ( also known as Ouida ), Canadian journalist and author Richard Gwyn, cyclist James Moore, World War II Canadian general Guy Simonds, footballer Andy Marshall and the 18th-century landscape architect Humphry Repton, Bishop of Winchester and Lord High Chancellor Stephen Gardiner.
The Canada Goose was one of the many species described by Carl Linnaeus in his 18th-century work Systema Naturae.
The Mallard was one of the many bird species originally described by Carl Linnaeus in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae, and still bears its original binomial name.
There is a large market square containing the famous statue of King Alfred, surrounded by many shops with 18th-century facades.
The Red-breasted Merganser was one of the many species originally described by Linnaeus in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae.
In addition to the library, the institution displays an art collection strong in English portraits and French 18th-century furniture in the mansion, and San Marino and botanical gardens that feature sections for the historic cactus collection, the Zen Garden, the Chinese Scholar's Garden and many other specialty gardens.

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