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1910 and federal
Labor was the first party in Australia to win a majority in either house of the Australian Parliament, at the 1910 federal election.
Labor formed South Australia's first majority government after winning the 1910 state election, two weeks after federal Labor formed Australia's first majority government after winning the 1910 federal election.
It split from the national Democrats over what was perceived as federal intervention in the segregation practices, laws and constitutions of the Southern states, which, among other issues, had largely disfranchised most blacks and many poor whites by constitutional amendments and electoral requirements from 1890 to 1910.
The Mann – Elkins Act was a 1910 United States federal law that was among the Progressive era reforms.
Fisher's second Prime Ministership resulting from the 1910 federal election represented a number of firsts: it was Australia's first federal majority government ; Australia's first Senate majority, and the world's first Labour Party majority government at a national level.
The Deakin-led Liberal Party government lost to Fisher Labor at the 1910 election, which saw the first time a federal political party had been elected with a majority in either house in Federal Parliament.
Although the federal government had established nearly 40 scientific organizations between 1910 and 1940, the US relied upon a primarily laissez-faire approach to scientific research and development.
At the time, African Americans suffered a high rate of lynchings in the South ; this coincided with their disfranchisement in the South from 1890 – 1910, which persisted until after passage of federal civil rights legislation of the 1960s.
They applied for a federal charter for the foundation in the US Senate in 1910, with at one stage Junior even secretly meeting with President William Howard Taft, through the aegis of Senator Nelson Aldrich, to hammer out concessions.
In May 1910, Sifton and Saskatchewan Premier Walter Scott met with Laurier in Ottawa, where he was able to secure the Prime Minister's agreement that if the Liberals were re-elected in the 1911 federal election they would transfer to Alberta control over its resources.
In 1909 and 1910 a small group of families who were evicted from Jasper National Park by the federal government to enable the creation of the park.
* Robert Walker Tayler ( 1852 – 1910 ), Congressman and federal judge
The Protectionist Party ended up splitting, with the more liberal Protectionists, such as Isaac Isaacs and H. B. Higgins, supporting Labor while Deakin and his supporters merged with the Anti-Socialist Party to become the Commonwealth Liberal Party, who would form another minority government, before Fisher and Labor achieved Australia's first federal majority government, and the first Senate majority, at the 1910 election.
Opposition MP Carty Salmon initially served as speaker for the first federal Australian majority government, the Andrew Fisher Labor government, resulting from the 1910 election.
* 1910: First promise by federal government to complete the line in the Acceptance Act ( but no date given )
The Australian Government first rented the Duntroon homestead for two years ( November 1910 – July 1912 ) and finally acquired the freehold to the estate and 370 acres ( 1. 5 km² ) of land after the creation of the federal capital.
Among their accomplishments were the soundex indexes for the several of the states for several of the late 19th-century U. S. Censuses ( 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 ), indexes of vital statistics, book indexes, bibliographies, cemetery indexes and newspaper indexes, the American Imprints Inventory, the Atlas of Congressional Roll Calls Project, a historical index of American musicians, surveys of portraits in public buildings, maritime records, a history of grazing, a food history project called America Eats, and a necessary survey of the federal Archives — NARA itself had been established only in 1934.
Haszard represented PEI at the Maritime and Inter-Provincial conferences held in 1910 and attempted to obtain a better deal for the province from the federal government.
* David W. Williams ( 1910 – 2000 ), American federal judge
The process which led to the creation of this federal charter was accompanied by controversy ; and the first attempt to gain the charter in 1910 failed.

1910 and census
The 1910 census, taken in May before his birthday, further confirms his birth year as 1893, and indicated the family was farming northwest of Wortham, near Lemon Jefferson's birthplace.
In the 1910 census, Peter and Elizabeth Weisenmüller as well as John and Eva Ott were living at 1521 Cleveland Ave in the 22nd Ward of Chicago, with sons John, age six, born in Temesvár and Peter Jr., age five, born in Illinois.
The census of 1910 gave Liegnitz's population as 95. 86 % German, 0. 15 % German and Polish, 1. 27 % Polish, 2. 26 % Wendish, and 0. 19 % Czechs.
* 1910The population of the city nearly doubles from the 1900 census to 31, 229.
The region of Działdowo ( Soldau ), where according to the official German census of 1910 ethnic Germans formed a minority of 37. 3 %, was excluded from the plebiscite and became part of Poland.
The Per Centum Act of 1921 signed by President Harding on May 19, 1921 severely reduced the amount of immigration into the U. S. to 3 % of a country's represented population based on the 1910 census.
Tabulators built by the U. S. Census Bureau for the 1910 census could print their results.
The 1910 census showed that 66, 8 % of the population was German.
By the 1910 census, the Pequot population was enumerated at a low of 66.
Athens received city status in 1912 following the 1910 census showing the population had passed 5, 000 residents, the requirement for city status in Ohio.
The German government brought in more stationed military, merchants and state officials to influence population figures, and in the 1910 census 84 % of the population of the town and 58 % of the county was recorded as German.
According to the last Austrian Imperial census of 1910, the Duchy of Carinthia was composed of the following linguistic communities:
The population census of 1910 reflected the effects of the school-land rush after 1901.
The 1910 census counted 10, 535 residents.
Yalobusha County's population peaked in 1910, with the census showing a population of 21, 519.
The population of the county continued to grow until it finally peaked at 27, 640 with the census of 1910.
The 1910 census showed 10, 847 white, 658 black, and 440 mulatto citizens.
For the 1910 Census, eight cities — New York, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis — delineated census tracts ( then termed ‘‘ districts ’’) for the first time.
In 1900, 3, 250 people lived in Nevada City ; in 1910, 2, 689 lived there ; at the 2000 census, the population was 3, 001, and at the 2010 census it was 3, 068.
Lardo ( now western McCall ) had a population of 300 at the 1910 census, its only census entry.
The 1910 census showed the Tri-Cities metro area to have the second highest per-capita income in the United States.
According to the 1910 census, when nearly 700 people lived in the town, three button factories employed twenty-four families.

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