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1942 and novel
* C. S. Lewis used the epistolary form for The Screwtape Letters ( 1942 ), and considered writing a companion novel from an angel's point of view — though he never did so.
A melanistic jaguar loose in a South American city is the central figure in the 1942 novel Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich.
The work can be seen in relation to other absurdist works by Camus: the novel The Stranger ( 1942 ), the plays The Misunderstanding ( 1942 ) and Caligula, and especially the essay The Rebel ( 1951 ).
The Stranger or The Outsider ( L ’ Étranger ) is a novel by Albert Camus published in 1942.
The Librairie Gallimard first published the original French-language novel in 1942.
Many of its situations, characters and dialogue are derived from the work of Dashiell Hammett, especially his 1931 novel The Glass Key and the 1942 film that was adapted from it.
The founder of this new culture is generally considered Carlo Alianello, who in his first novel, The Ensign ( l ' Alfiere ) ( 1942 ) expressed a serious indictment of the creators and unification policies of the Kingdom of Sardinia.
* The Harvey Girls ( novel ), a 1942 novel by Samuel Hopkins Adams
* Rogers was the heroine of a novel, Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak ( 1942, by Lela E. Rogers ), in which " the heroine has the same name and appearance as the famous actress but has no connection ... it is as though the famous actress has stepped into an alternate reality in which she is an ordinary person.
Random Harvest is a 1942 film based on the 1941 James Hilton novel of the same name, directed by Mervyn LeRoy.
The novel Le Silence de la Mer was written in 1942 by Jean Bruller, and quickly became a symbol of mental resistance through its story of how an old man and his niece do not speak to the German officer occupying their house.
The Robe is a 1942 historical novel about the Crucifixion of Jesus written by Lloyd C. Douglas.
In 1942, he realized his longtime dream when this first novel For My Great Folly was published, and it became a bestseller with over 132, 000 copies sold.
However, the episode provided the plot for Rex Beach's best-selling novel The Spoilers ( 1906 ), which was made into a stage play, then five times into movies, including two versions starring John Wayne: The Spoilers ( 1942 film ) ( co-starring Marlene Dietrich ) and North to Alaska ( 1960, the theme of which mentions Nome.
Atwood is the birthplace of the writer Rex Beach, best known for his 1906 novel The Spoilers, which was made into a movie five times, most notably in 1930 starring Gary Cooper and in 1942 starring John Wayne.
In the novel Kaputt by Curzio Malaparte, 1944, Schmeling figures prominently in the chapter Cricket in Poland depicting a gathering in February 1942 hosted by Govenor-General Dr. Hans Frank in the Belvedere palace in Warsaw.
* There are reports that Bruno Schulz worked on a novel called The Messiah, but no trace of this manuscript survived his death ( 1942 ).
Today, he is best known for his novel The Magnificent Ambersons, which Orson Welles filmed in 1942.
A. J. Cronin's first novel, Hatter's Castle ( 1931 ), includes a scene involving the Tay Bridge Disaster, and the 1942 filmed version of the book recreates the bridge's catastrophic collapse.
Her many films include Boom Town ( 1940 ) with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy, Comrade X with Gable, White Cargo ( 1942 ), and Tortilla Flat ( 1942 ) with Tracy and John Garfield, based on the novel by John Steinbeck.
The 1942 Casablanca centers on the development of conscience in the cynical American Rick Blaine ( Humphrey Bogart ) in the face of oppression by the Nazis and the example of the resistance leader Victor Laszlo. The David Lean and Robert Bolt screenplay for Doctor Zhivago ( an adaptation of Boris Pasternak's novel ) focuses strongly on the conscience of a doctor-poet in the midst of the Russian Revolution ( in the end " the walls of his heart were like paper "). The 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner focuses on the struggles of conscience between and within a bounty hunter ( Rick Deckard ( Harrison Ford )) and a renegade replicant android ( Roy Batty ( Rutger Hauer )) in a future society which refuses to accept that forms of artificial intelligence can have aspects of being such as conscience.

1942 and Five
* 1942 – Dave Clark, English musician ( The Dave Clark Five )
Series of this type include the Famous Five ( 21 novels, 1942 – 1963, based on four children and their dog ), the Five Find-Outers and Dog, ( 15 novels, 1943 – 1961, where five children regularly outwit the local police ) as well as The Secret Seven ( 15 novels, 1949 – 1963, a society of seven children who solve various mysteries ).
The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942.
This was before Christie ’ s American publishers appropriated the title for Five Little Pigs in 1942 ( a year ahead of the release of the UK edition that retained the nursery-rhyme title ).
* Dave Clark ( musician ) ( born 1942 ), drummer of The Dave Clark Five
" Mr. Five by Five " was also recorded by Morse with Slack, and they had a hit recording with the song in 1942 ( Capitol 115 ).
* Five mural-sized paintings Milestones on the Road to Freedom in Massachusetts ( 1942 ) House of Representatives, Massachusetts State House, Boston
Among his roles were Signor Matiste, Susan Alexander Kane's opera coach in Citizen Kane ( 1941 ); General Sebastiano in Five Graves to Cairo ( 1943 ); Don Miguel in The Black Swan ( 1942 ); Fernando in For Whom the Bell Tolls ( 1943 ); Sam Garlopis in Double Indemnity ( 1944 ); and a singing Christopher Columbus in Where Do We Go From Here ?.
* Five Little Pigs ( 1942 )
* Five Orders of Lenin ( 10 November 1941, 2 January 1942, 27 January 1945, 21 February 1945, 21 February 1947 )
Five Little Pigs is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in May 1942 under the title of Murder in Retrospect and in UK by the Collins Crime Club in January 1943 although some sources state that publication occurred in November 1942.
Five years later he joined the staff of the Hygienic Laboratory, became chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases in 1936, and director of National Institutes of Health from 1942 until his retirement in 1950.
In the following decade, he appeared in such films as The Buccaneer ( 1938 ), The Great McGinty ( 1940 ), The Corsican Brothers ( 1941 ), Tortilla Flat ( 1942 ), Five Graves to Cairo ( 1943 ), His Butler's Sister ( 1943 ), For Whom the Bell Tolls ( 1943 ), for which he received another Oscar nomination, and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek ( 1944 ).
* Dave Clark ( musician ) ( born 1939 / 1942 Neither can be conclusively confirmed ), British drummer who formed and led the Dave Clark Five
Five empty lots on Shooter's Hill were also purchased in 1942, so that a large building could not be built next to the memorial.
Five months later, 16 of March 1942, he was put into house arrest at his home in Kupinec together with his family and they shared his internment, first in Kupinec then two months of 1943 ( 9 January to 9 March ) in Luburić's Zagreb apartment ( which they shared with Luburić's aged mother and his two sisters ) and finally from 9 December 1943 until the collapse of Pavelić's Ustaša regime in May 1945 in his Prilaz 9 house in Zagreb.
* (" Chronicle of the first Five kings of Portugal ", Porto MS ) Crónica dos Cinco Reis de Portugal ( 1945 title for manuscript cod. 886 discovered 1942 in Biblioteca Municipal do Porto )

1942 and Little
* The Big Street ( 1942 ) — Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball ( adapted from Runyon's story " Little Pinks ")
BB's The Little Grey Men ( 1942 ) is a story of the last gnomes in England, little wild men who live by hunting and fishing.
* 1942 – Floyd Little, American football player
Besides his Oscar-winning scores, some of Steiner's popular works include King Kong ( 1933 ), Little Women ( 1933 ), Jezebel ( 1938 ), Casablanca ( 1942 ), and the film score for which he is possibly best known, Gone with the Wind ( 1939 ).
Little Brown & Co, 1942.
* Sport: Little Wars, Time Magazine, December 14, 1942.
* Antoine de Saint-Exupéry-author of The Little Prince, written at Delamater-Bevin Mansion in Asharoken in 1942
In 1942, Simon & Schuster began publishing the Little Golden Books, a series of inexpensive, well illustrated, high quality children's books.
One of the first generation of blues artists to take up the electric guitar, in 1942, she combined her Louisiana-country roots with Memphis blues to produce her own unique country-blues sound ; along with Big Bill Broonzy and Tampa Red, she took country blues into electric urban blues, paving the way for Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Little Walter, and Jimmy Rogers to travel from the small towns of the south to the big cities of the north.
In 1942, Hellman received an Academy Award nomination for her screenplay for the film version of The Little Foxes.
The weapons envisaged in 1942 were the two gun-type weapons, Little Boy ( uranium ) and Thin Man ( plutonium ), and the Fat Man plutonium implosion bomb.
Numerous actors played Little Beaver: One of the most notable was Robert Blake ( on credits as Bobby Blake ), Tommy Cook ( 1942 on ), Frank Bresee ( 1942-46, alternating with Cook ), Henry Blair ( 1944-47 ), Johnny McGovern ( 1947-50 ) and Sammy Ogg ( 1950-51 ).
Other wartime films with an AVG angle included The Sky's the Limit ( 1942, starring Fred Astaire ); God is My Co-pilot, ( 1943, with Dennis Morgan as Robert Lee Scott, Raymond Massey as Chennault, and John Ridgely as Tex Hill ); Hers to Hold ( 1943, with Joseph Cotten ); and China's Little Devils ( 1945 ).
A good example is her 1942 recording of the song " Get On Board, Little Chillun ", which, with strong gospel, blues, boogie, and jive sounds as a genuine precursor to the later rockabilly / rock ' n roll songs.
Not until September 23, 1942, during the Second World War, did Alfredo Perino, along with guides Louis Carrel ( nicknamed " The Little Carrel ") and Giacomo Chiara, climb the complete ridge and the overhangs directly.
Jones's last case was in 1942 when he teamed up with Thurgood Marshall to sue the Little Rock School District to obtain equal pay for a black school teacher.
Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1942.
Floyd Douglas Little ( born July 4, 1942 ) is a Pro Football Hall of Fame running back, and was a three-time American football All-American running back at Syracuse University.
This was reportedly changed to Mäuschen ( Little Mouse ) in December 1942 and finally to Maus ( Mouse ) in February 1943, which became the most common name for this tank.
* On Your Lovely Little Shoulder Dear ( На чудное плечико милой ; An Liebchens schneeweisse Schulter ) for voice and piano ( 1887 ); words by Heinrich Heine in translation by Vasily Pavlovich Fyodorov ( 1883 – 1942 )
She also played the same dignified, poised dowager in other movies, with W. C. Fields ( Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, 1941 ) and ( Tales of Manhattan, 1942 ), Abbott and Costello ( Little Giant, 1946 ), Laurel and Hardy ( The Dancing Masters, 1943 ), Red Skelton ( Bathing Beauty, 1944 ), Jack Benny ( The Horn Blows at Midnight, 1945 ), Wheeler and Woolsey and George " Spanky " McFarland ( Kentucky Kernels, 1934 ) and ( High Flyers, 1937, with Lupe Vélez thrown in for good measure ), radio comedian Joe Penner ( The Life of the Party, 1937 ), George " Gabby " Hayes ( Sunset in El Dorado ), and Danny Kaye ( Up In Arms, 1944 ), and on television with Martin and Lewis ( The Colgate Comedy Hour, December 1951 ).
Hathcock was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 20, 1942.
* Ill Fares the Land: Migrants and Migratory Labor in the United States ( Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1942 ).

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