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1975 and production
In its review of the 1989 London revival, the reviewer for The Guardian wrote that the " production also strikes me as infinitely superior to Harold Prince's 1975 version at the Adelphi.
ECMWF was established in 1975, in recognition of the need to pool the scientific and technical resources of Europe ’ s meteorological services and institutions for the production of medium-range weather forecasts and of the economic and social benefits expected from it.
Oil production started from the Argyll field ( now Ardmore ) in June 1975, followed by Forties in November of that year.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail ( 1975 ) ( adapted in 2004 as the stage production Spamalot ) was a comedic adaptation.
The 1975 movie Inserts directed by John Byrum about a pornographic film production, which starred Richard Dreyfuss and was originally released with an X rating, took its name from the double meaning that " insert " both refers to this film technique ( often used in pornographic filmmaking ) and to sexual intercourse.
Following its accession to power in 1975, the communist government imposed a dogmatic Soviet-style command economy system, replacing the private sector with state enterprises and cooperatives ; centralizing investment, production, trade, and pricing ; and creating barriers to internal and foreign trade.
During the production run of May 1975 to July 1976, Porsche manufactured nearly 2, 100 of the 912E, targeted to the United States market.
* 1975 Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier: A two channel, 120 watt amplifier equipped with two 12-inch ( 30 cm ) speakers, built-in chorus and vibrato effects and a 3-band EQ per channel, renowned for its super-clean sound and durability, it has remained in production for over 35 years.
* 1975: Zarah Leander, who played Madame Armfeldt ( Desirée's mother ) in the German production of A Little Night Music recorded a German version titled " Wo sind die Clowns?
The play has been performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival five times beginning in 1975 with William Hutt playing " Lady Bracknell " in both the 1975 and 1976 productions and Brian Bedford in the 2009 production.
A novelization of this script by Edward Bryant, Phoenix Without Ashes, was published in 1975 ; this contained a lengthy foreword by Ellison describing what had gone on in production.
The script calls for Estragon to sit on a low mound but in practice as in Beckett's own 1975 German production this is usually a stone.
In his 1975 Schiller-Theatre production there are times when Didi and Gogo appear to bounce off something " like birds trapped in the strands of invisible net ", in James Knowlson's description.
Smith also appeared in a number of films, often as himself ; The Candidate ( 1972 ),, The President's Plane Is Missing ( 1973, a made-for-television production of the Robert J. Serling novel of the same name ), Nashville ( 1975 ), Close Encounters of the Third Kind ( 1977 ), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas ( 1982 ), the " The Odd Candidate " ( 1974 ) episode of the television series The Odd Couple ( playing himself ), the " Kill Oscar " episode ( 1977 ) of The Bionic Woman ( playing himself anchoring an ABC newscast ), and both V ( 1983 ) and the subsequent 1984 television series.
This image would be used as the basis for the 1975 " Bohemian Rhapsody " music video production.
Later that year he began work on Mahogany ( 1975 ), starring Diana Ross, but was fired by Motown head Berry Gordy shortly after production began.
It entered production as the F-16 in January 1975 with an initial order of 650 and a total order of 1, 388.
* 1975 Catalytic converters are first widely introduced on production automobiles in the US to comply with tightening EPA regulations on auto exhaust.
A more recent adaptation is Charles Marowitz ' acclaimed 1975 production The Shrew, which was performed at The Studio in the Sydney Opera House.
For example, the 1961 Russian adaptation Ukroshchenie stroptivoy directed by Sergei Kolosov ; the 1964 French adaptation La mégère apprivoisée, directed by Pierre Badel, which aired on RTF ; the 1971 Polish adaptation Poskromienie złośnicy, directed by Zygmunt Hübner, which aired on TVP1 ; the 1974 German adaptation Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung, directed by Otto Schenk, which aired on Das Erste ; the 1975 Dutch adaptation De getemde feeks, directed by Robert Lussac and Senne Rouffaer, which aired on KRO ; another Dutch production, from 1990, under the same name, directed by Berend Boudewijn and Dirk Tanghe, which also aired on KRO ; and the 1990 Polish adaptation Poskromienie złośnicy, directed by Michał Kwieciński, which aired on TVP1.
Fry, upper right, rehearsing a student production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology, 1975
After it ceased production that year, the program continued in reruns from 1977 to 1985, the result of a decision made in 1975 to produce two final seasons for perpetual use.
Once the production model design was finalized, the trucks were manufactured between 1959 and 1975 and were exported all over the world.

1975 and
* 1975 Zach Braff, American actor
* 1975 Hal Gill, American hockey player
* 1975 Damon Pampolina, American musician and actor ( The Party )
* 1975 Joel West, American actor and model
* 1912 Hound Dog Taylor, American singer and guitarist ( d. 1975 )
* 1975 Fall of Saigon: Communist forces gain control of Saigon.
* 1975 Elliott Sadler, American race car driver
* 1975 Tomi Joutsen, Finnish metal vocalist ( Amorphis )
* 1975 Michael Chaturantabut, Thai-American actor
* 1975 Johnny Galecki, American actor
* 1975 The Governor of Portuguese Timor abandons its capital, Dili, and flees to Atauro Island, leaving control to a rebel group.
* 1975 Blake Adams, American golfer
* 1975 Björn Gelotte, Swedish guitarist and songwriter ( In Flames and All Ends )
* 1975 Jonny Moseley, American skier
* 1975 Mark Rudan, Australian footballer
* 1975 Renate Götschl, Austrian skier
* 1975 Víctor Zambrano, Venezuelan baseball player
* 1975 Mahesh Babu, Indian Telugu Actor
* 1975 Mike Lamb, American baseball player
* 1975 Robbie Middleby, Australian footballer
* 1888 Gleb W. Derujinsky, Russian-American sculptor ( d. 1975 )
* 1917 Sid Gordon, American baseball player ( d. 1975 )
* 1975 Shoaib Akhtar, Pakistani cricketer
* 1975 James Carpinello, American actor
* 1975 Joe Perry, English snooker player

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