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2001 and census
: All other 2. 29 % ( 2001 census )
By 2001, the population had jumped to 206, 073, and it was 217, 988, in 48, 061 families, according to 2006 census.
As of 2001 India census, Ajaigarh had a population of 13, 979.
There was a total of 1, 557, 264 literates compared to 1, 168, 856 in the 2001 census.
This represents an increase of 2. 04 % from the 2001 census.
The population at the 2001 census was 31, 705 ( ranked 13th largest in Wales ).
The 2001 census recorded 10 % of the local population spoke the language, a five fold increase over ten years from the figure of 2 % recorded in 1991.
The town has a population of 35, 203 according to the 2001 census and the urban area has a population of over 70, 000.
The 2001 census gave the population of Accrington town as 35, 203.
Demographic data from the 2001 Botswana census are included for comparison with 2006 CIA estimates.
The 2001 census was the first census in Botswana to comply with the SADC 2000 Census Project, the guidelines of which unify the demographic statistics in southern Africa.
Bodmin has a population of 12, 778 ( 2001 census ).
It is one of four counties of Northern Ireland presently to have a majority of the population from a Catholic background, according to the 2001 census.
The Municipality of Corinth, or Dimos Korinthion, has a population of 58, 280 ( 2011 census ) and 36, 991 ( 2001 census ).
The latest population census was conducted in Albania in April 2001.
The religion question in the 2001 census didn't allow the unaffiliated Bulgarians to be counted as such.
The last census was conducted in 2001 and the next census would be taken in 2011.
( However, the 1940 census was postponed to 1946, and the census after 1990 came in 2001.
) Since 2001 the population census has been combined with the housing statistics.
The 2001 questionnaire only asked about households and who was living in them, while no questionnaires will be mailed out for the 2011 census, since the administrative data on households is sufficient.
The last census was in 2002 ( although having been planned for 2001 ), the previous one was in 1991 and the next is planned for 2011.

2001 and identified
The oldest known physical representations identified as symbols for abstract concepts are abstract engravings found on two pieces of ochre in Blombos Cave, South Africa, in 2001.
As of June 2001, more than 500 clinical gene-therapy trials involving about 3, 500 patients have been identified worldwide.
In his 2001 book, writer Robert Holden identified at least nine regional variations for the creature known as the bunyip across Aboriginal Australia.
In the 2001 census 42. 4 per cent of the population identified with the Church of Scotland, 15. 9 per cent with Catholicism and 6. 8 with other forms of Christianity, making up roughly 65 per cent of the population ( compared with 72 per cent for the UK as a whole ).
The 2001 UK Census states in Scotland 50. 000 people identified as having Irish heritage.
This argument fails in considering the imbalance in self-reported political allegiances by journalists themselves, that distort any market analogy as regards offer: (...) Indeed, in 1982, 85 percent of Columbia Graduate School of Journalism students identified themselves as liberal, versus 11 percent conservative " ( Lichter, Rothman, and Lichter 1986: 48 ), quoted in Sutter, 2001.
The BBC / Discovery Channel documentary Congo ( 2001 ) interviewed a number of tribe members who identified a photograph of a rhinoceros as being a Mokèlé-mbèmbé.
In the 2001 Census of Canada, 98, 670 Canadians, or just over 1 % of the population of Quebec identified " Québécois " as their ethnicity, ranking " Québécois " as the 37th most common response .< ref >
In the 2001 Canadian census, 10, 000 people identified themselves as of Sinhalese ancestry, out of 62, 000 Sri Lankans.
The United States identified the Al-Qaeda network based in and allied to the Taliban's Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks in 2001 which killed up to 3, 000 people.
In decision making, the precautionary principle is considered when possibly dangerous, irreversible, or catastrophic events are identified, but scientific evaluation of the potential damage is not sufficiently certain ( Toth et al., 2001, pp. 655 – 656 ).
In the 2001 Jamaican census, 24, 020 individuals ( less than 1 percent of the population ) identified themselves as Rastafarians.
In 2001 Newsweek identified Omaha as one of the Top 10 high-tech havens in the nation.
Fox is the only commercial television network ( broadcast, cable or satellite ) to air programs in widescreen on its digital feed that are not available in HD ; programs produced in this format were identified as being presented in " Fox High Resolution Widescreen " from 2001 to 2006, but are currently unbranded, and are now confined solely to select reality programming.
At the end of September 2001 he had spent a few days away from school, for which he presented a medical certificate which was quickly identified as a forgery.
Weinstein ( 2001 ) identified over two dozen articles in the major psychoanalytic journals lamenting the absence of a theory of emotions.
According to the 2001 Census, approximately 28 % of Southwark identified as non-religious, or chose not to state their faith.
According to the 2001 Census, approximately 16 % of Harrow identified as non-religious, or chose not to state their faith.
When using Simpson's Diversity Index on 10 aggregated ethnic groups, the 2001 census identified Newham as the most ethnically diverse district in England and Wales, with 9 wards in the top 15 .< ref >< cite > Simpson's diversity indices by ward 1991 and 2001-GLA Data Management and Analysis Group ( page 11, Table 3 ) Greater London Authority, January 2006 ), accessed 13 December 2006 </ ref > However, when using the 16 ethnic categories in the Census so that White Irish and White Other ethnic minorities are also included in the analysis, Newham becomes the 2nd most ethnically diverse borough < ref >< cite > Focus on Newham 2006-local people and local conditions-London Borough of Newham, Corporate Research Unit ( chapter 2, page 24 ) ( 2006 ) date accessed 31 March 2007 </ ref > with 6 out of the top 15 wards, behind Brent with 7 out of the top 15 wards.
Considering the practices of TQM as discussed in six empirical studies ; Cua, McKone, and Schroeder ( 2001 ) identified the nine common TQM practices as:
Dr. White's research endeavors have included analysis and publication of Penn ’ s excavations at Ban Chiang in Thailand in the mid 1970s ; ecological field research at Ban Chiang in 1978-1981 including investigations of how local people identified and used plants ; lake coring and ecological mapping for palaeoenvironmental research in several parts of Thailand during the 1990s ; and since 2001, survey and excavation in northern Laos, especially in Luang Prabang Province.
Muhammad Ali al-Shehri, the Shehri brothers ' true father, was identified prior to September 17, 2001, and told Arab News that he had not heard from his sons in ten months prior to September 2001.
In 2001 Aleksidze identified its script as Caucasian Albanian, and the text as a early lectionary dating to perhaps before the sixth century.
" Since 2001, the three “ core values ” of the Church have been identified as “ Christian, missional, and holiness .”

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