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40 and per
The editorial was based on a news association dispatch which said that the telegraphers had secured an agreement whereby they were guaranteed 40 hours' pay per week whether they worked or not and that a reduction in their number was limited to 2 per cent per year.
Perier finally, in one last bid in 1730, cut the price of goods to an advance of 40 per cent above the cost in France.
In their first three games, the Longhorns have had the ball 41 times and scored 16 times, or 40 per cent ; ;
About 40 per cent of the manufacturing is done at the Dallas plant by more than 200 employes.
A study of major denominational membership statistics over a twenty-year period revealed the appalling fact that nearly 40 per cent of those who joined the Church were lost to the Church within seven years.
As of early 2008, the wholesale price for abalone meat was approximately US $ 40. 00 per kilogram.
The study found GDP per capita in the corridor was 10 % above average U. S. metropolitan areas and 40 above other Canadian cities at that time.
In the autumn of 1867 he accepted a $ 40 per week contract, nominally as a clerk, but really to play professionally for the Chicago Excelsiors, not an uncommon arrangement used to circumvent the rules of the time, which forbade the hiring of professional players.
The local consumption of beer has risen dramatically in the last generation: Argentines consumed 233 million liters in 1980 and 1. 57 billion in 2007 ( 40 liters per capita ).
Under normal unstressed conditions, the human adrenal glands produce the equivalent of 35 – 40 mg of cortisone acetate per day.
Internet use is also low in the country, with only 40 users per 10, 000 inhabitants in 2004, and just over 53, 000 users total, according to the International Telecommunication Union.
There were 49, 454 housing units at an average density of 2, 794. 6 per square mile ( 1, 079. 0 / km² ), of which 18, 846 ( 40. 9 %) were owner-occupied, and 27, 183 ( 59. 1 %) were occupied by renters.
Single-walled nanotubes are dropping precipitously in price, from around $ 1500 per gram as of 2000 to retail prices of around $ 50 per gram of as-produced 40 – 60 % by weight SWNTs as of March 2010.
Fabrics are categorized by threads per inch ( referred to as ' count '), which can range from 11 to 40 count.
Indicative prices are £ 688. 40 per adult and £ 566. 60 per child aged 11 and under inclusive of inflight meals and 20KG checked luggage.
Its debt burden is considerable, and the country has seen a decline in per capita gross national product over the last 40 years.
* Non-exempt – Generally an employee paid by the hour who is entitled to a minimum wage, overtime pay at the rate of time and one-half the regular rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week or according to state labor laws, as well as other protections under child labor and equal pay laws.
A typical class is worth 9 academic units and given the extensive core curriculum requirements in addition to individual options ' degree requirements, students need to take an average of 40. 5 units per term ( more than four classes ) in order to graduate in four years.
By manufacturing the aircraft in China, Cessna reports it saved USD $ 71, 000 in production costs per aircraft, or about 40 % of the cost.
Males had a median income of $ 40, 367 versus $ 24, 446 for females, and the per capita income was $ 22, 055.
Chemically, carotenes are polyunsaturated hydrocarbons containing 40 carbon atoms per molecule, variable numbers of hydrogen atoms, and no other elements.

40 and kilogram
With liquid oxygen costing $ 0. 15 per kilogram and liquid hydrogen $ 2. 20 per kilogram, the Space Shuttle has a liquid propellant expense of approximately $ 1. 4 million for each launch that costs $ 450 million from other expenses ( with 40 % of the mass of propellants used by it being liquids in the external fuel tank, 60 % solids in the SRBs ).
A good crop, coupled with decreased demand caused by the production of imitation vanilla, pushed the market price down to the $ 40 per kilogram range in the middle of 2005.
For instance, while Gerard O ' Neill built his first mass driver in 1976 – 77 with a $ 2000 budget, a short test model firing a projectile at 40 m / s and 33 g, his next model was an order of magnitude greater acceleration after a comparable increase in funding, and, a few years later, the University of Texas estimated that a mass driver firing a 10 kilogram projectile at 6000 m / s would cost $ 47 million.
A 20 foot container can store 80 of such 55 gallon drums for a net weight of 16. 40 metric ton ( 16, 400 kilogram or 36, 080 " wet " pound ) of latex.
The process takes around 40 hours to produce a half kilogram of Thai silk.
For instance, one kilogram of potassium contains 0. 12 gram of < sup > 40 </ sup > K ( all other isotopes are stable ) that has a of 1. 248years = 39. 38 seconds, and has
Using an old U. S. Navy 16 inch ( 406 mm ) 50 caliber gun ( 20 m ), later extended to 100 caliber ( 40 m ), the team was able to fire a 180 kilogram slug at 3, 600 meters per second ( 13, 000 km / h 8, 000 mph ), reaching an altitude of 180 kilometers ( 591, 000 ft ).
Prices of extra assigned food were very high for instance one kilogram of potatoes cost 40 fen.
The gyromitrin content in false morels has been reported to be in the range of 40 – 732 milligrams of gyromitrin per kilogram of mushrooms ( wet weight ).
The basic 40 model with no boosters could lift 2175 kilogram payload to Geostationary transfer orbit.
The ground beef was formed into balls by machine, 18 to a pound, or 40 per kilogram.
The stone was formerly used for purposes of trade in many North-West European countries where its value ranged from about 5 to 40 local pounds ( 3 to 15 kg ), but with the advent of metrication from the mid-nineteenth century onwards it was superseded by the kilogram ; its use for trade in the United Kingdom and in Ireland being rescinded in the 1980s.
The explosion of the 18, 000 kilogram ( 40, 000 lb ) Hawthorn Mine underneath the German lines successfully destroyed a major enemy strong point but also served to alert the German forces to the imminent attack.
A South African upgrade package offered an extensive upgrade, replacing the warhead with a 45 kilogram shaped charge device capable of penetrating 40 millimeters of steel behind a 1. 5 meter water filled double hull.
Furthermore, lighter riders generate more power per kilogram than heavier riders ; thus, the sprinters and the rouleurs ( all-around good cyclists ), who tend to be a bit bigger, suffer on the climbs and lose lots of time — 40 minutes over a long stage is not unheard-of.
According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, one kilogram of soil typically contains the following amounts of the following three natural radioisotopes 370 Bq < sup > 40 </ sup > K ( typical range 100-700 Bq ), 25 Bq < sup > 226 </ sup > Ra ( typical range 10-50 Bq ), 25 Bq < sup > 238 </ sup > U ( typical range 10-50 Bq ) and 25 Bq < sup > 232 </ sup > Th ( typical range 7-50 Bq ).
The quantity of albumin administered intravenously varies: one cited regimen is 1 gram of albumin per kilogram of body weight intravenously on the first day, followed by 20 to 40 grams daily.
The ultracapacitors are made of activated carbon, and have an energy density of six watt-hours per kilogram ( for comparison, a high-performance lithium-ion battery can achieve 200 watt-hours per kilogram ), but the ultracapacitor bus is also cheaper than lithium-ion battery buses, about 40 percent less expensive, with a far superior reliability rating.

40 and less
Johnston had less than 40, 000 men spread throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.
* Most spirits sold in the United Kingdom have 40 % ABV or slightly less.
John Flamsteed, from measurements made in 1689 and succeeding years with his mural quadrant, similarly concluded that the declination of the Pole Star was 40less in July than in September.
It was used to good advantage in the 1991 Gulf War, where it scored many USAF air-to-air kills ; its kill probability, overall, is still less than 40 %.
the company has $ 600 which is 40 percent less than before it sold the stock.
According to CSO Insights, less than 40 percent of 1, 275 participating companies had end-user adoption rates above 90 percent.
Rainforests once covered 14 % of the earth's land surface ; now they cover a mere 6 % and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.
60 % of Ireland's Asian population lives in Dublin even though less than 40 % of the overall population lives in the Greater Dublin Area.
* 2006 Texas Governor Election ( a real-life example where incumbent Rick Perry won re-election despite gaining less than 40 percent of the vote )
Despite the less than spectacular response to the Chris Gaines project, Brooks gained his first – and only – US Top 40 pop single in " Lost in You ", the first single from the album.
Captain George Vancouver, one of Britain's greatest explorers and navigators, died in obscurity on 10 May 1798 at the age of 40, less than three years after completing his voyages and expeditions.
The programme had disappointing results ; less than 40 per cent of SS men married and each produced only about one child.
Those with higher levels of HDL-C seem to have fewer problems with cardiovascular diseases, while those with low HDL-C cholesterol levels ( less than 40 mg / dL or about 1 mmol / L ) have increased rates for heart disease.
As late as the year 1900, most industrial workers in the United States still worked a 10-hour day ( 12 hours in the steel industry ), yet earned from 20 to 40 percent less than the minimum deemed necessary for a decent life.
Electric locomotives, because they tend to be less technically complex than diesel-electric locomotives, are both easier and cheaper to maintain and have extremely long working lives, usually 40 to 50 years: the last unit of the Italian E626 class, introduced in 1928, was retired 71 years later, in 1999.
Initially successful with annualized returns of over 40 % ( after fees ) in its first years, in 1998 it lost $ 4. 6 billion in less than four months following the Russian financial crisis requiring financial intervention by the Federal Reserve, with the fund liquidating and dissolving in early 2000.
As an example of the system's ease a realistic scenario could include a farmer returning from the market with fifty asu heads of pig ( 200 ), less 30 asu ( 120 ) of pig bartered for 10 asu ( 40 ) of goats noting his new pig count total as twenty asu: 80 pigs remaining.
The ringed seal has also been seen at the Pole, and Arctic foxes have been observed less than away at 89 ° 40 ′ N.
There was, consequently, the astonishing spectacle of the definition of murder, still a matter of common law, being the subject of no less than six appeals to the House of Lords within the next 40 years ( Director of Public Prosecutions v. Smith A. C. 290 ; Hyam v. Director of Public Prosecutions A. C. 55 ; Regina v. Cunningham A. C. 566 ; Regina v. Moloney A. C. 905 ; Regina v. Hancock A. C. 455 ; Regina v. Woollin 4 A11 E. R.
Felix Markham thinks that 450, 000 soldiers crossed the Neman on 25 June 1812, of whom less than 40, 000 recrossed in anything like a recognizable military formation.
It did, however, exempt the mendicant orders and the poor who contributed less than 40 sous.
Investigations of the material properties showed a substantially lower freezing point of40 ° C or less, a boiling point of 150 ° C or greater, a density of approx.
The typical frequency multiplication type transmitter that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s would be relatively stable on 80 meters but become progressively less stable on 40 meters, 20 meters and 15 meters.
Other than < sup > 35 </ sup > S, with a half-life of 87 days and formed in cosmic ray spallation of < sup > 40 </ sup > Ar, the radioactive isotopes of sulfur have half-lives less than.
With the increasing size of the larger ships, potentially up to 2000 people can be present in a community that normally numbers less than 40.

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