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Alfred and Hitchcock
* 1899 – Alfred Hitchcock, English director and producer ( d. 1980 )
Woolfson came up with the idea of making an album based on developments in the film industry, where directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick were the focal point of the film's promotion, rather than individual film stars.
Once there, influences as various as drama teacher Wilford Leach, the Maysles brothers, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, Andy Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock impressed upon De Palma the many styles and themes that would shape his own cinema in the coming decades.
His artistry in directing and use of cinematography and suspense in several of his films has often been compared to the work of Alfred Hitchcock.
Mumy in the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode " Bang!
In 1961, Billy played on the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series on episode " Door Without a Key.
He is tied with Robert Altman and Alfred Hitchcock for the most Academy Award nominations for best director without a single win.
A 1954 article by Truffaut attacked La qualité française (" the French Quality ") and was the manifesto for ' la politique des Auteurs ' which Andrew Sarris later termed the auteur theory — resulting in the re-evaluation of Hollywood films and directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Robert Aldrich, Nicholas Ray, Fritz Lang and Anthony Mann.
Young and Innocent ( U. S. title: The Girl Was Young ) is a 1937 British film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney and John Longden.
Alfred Hitchcock cameo is a signature occurrence in most of his films.
Category: Films directed by Alfred Hitchcock
It went on to become a silent movie of the same name, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and filmed in 1927.
* Alfred Hitchcock Presents-Kandinsky's Vault ( 1988 )
1929 was a watershed year: William Wellman with Chinatown Nights and The Man I Love, Rouben Mamoulian with Applause, Alfred Hitchcock with Blackmail ( Britain's first sound feature ), were among the directors to bring greater fluidity to talkies and experiment with the expressive use of sound ( Eyman, 1997 ).
The British directors Alfred Hitchcock and David Lean are among the most critically acclaimed of all-time, with other important directors including Charlie Chaplin, Michael Powell, Carol Reed and Ridley Scott.
However, many British film-makers learnt their craft making these films, including Michael Powell and Alfred Hitchcock.
Alfred Hitchcock
Several other new talents emerged during this period, and Alfred Hitchcock would confirm his status as one of the UK's leading young directors with his influential thrillers The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1934 ), The 39 Steps ( 1935 ) and The Lady Vanishes ( 1938 ), before moving to Hollywood.
A perfect example of formalist criticism of auteur style would be the work of Alfred Hitchcock.
Lewis has long remained popular in Europe: he was consistently praised by some French critics in the influential magazine Cahiers du Cinéma for his absurd comedy, in part because he had gained respect as an auteur who had total control over all aspects of his films, comparable to Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock.
Cotten was featured in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Ronald W. Reagan's General Electric Theater.
* Mary ( 1931 film ), a 1931 Alfred Hitchcock film
* Most notably, the rights to four Paramount films directed by Alfred Hitchcock – Rear Window ( 1954 ), The Trouble With Harry ( 1956 ), The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1956 ), and Vertigo ( 1958 ) were owned by the director himself.
After Pulp Fiction was completed, he then directed Episode Four of Four Rooms, " The Man from Hollywood ", a tribute to the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode that starred Steve McQueen.
* The Ring, a 1927 film by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred and films
Poirot has been portrayed on radio, on screen, for films and television, by various actors, including John Moffatt, Albert Finney, Sir Peter Ustinov, Sir Ian Holm, Tony Randall, Alfred Molina and David Suchet.
Along with such composers as Franz Waxman, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Alfred Newman and Miklós Rózsa, Steiner played a major part in creating the tradition of writing music for films.
It is a significant aspect of British cinema, with leading British directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Carol Reed making notable contributions and many films set in the British Secret Service.
It is a significant aspect of British cinema, with leading British directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Carol Reed making notable contributions and many films set in the British Secret Service.
Alfred Hitchcock used VistaVision for many of his films in the 1950s.
He starred in two silent films directed by Alfred Hitchcock, The Lodger and Downhill, both in 1927.
Other films in which Novello starred included Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger ( 1926 ), where he played the sinister title character, and Downhill ( 1927 ).
The dramatic conflict is heightened by film noir-inspired lighting and smoke, a dissonant string orchestra score that is reminiscent of movie scores for horror films ( including Bernard Hermann ’ s scores for Alfred Hitchcock films ), and the house itself, which acts as a character in the story, apparently reacting to the family ’ s crisis.
After I, Claudius, he and the ex-patriate German film producer Erich Pommer founded the production company Mayflower Pictures in the UK, which produced three films starring Laughton: Vessel of Wrath ( US Title The Beachcomber ) ( 1938 ), based on a story by W. Somerset Maugham, in which his wife Elsa Lanchester co-starred ; St. Martin's Lane ( US Title Sidewalks of London ), about London street entertainers, which featured Vivien Leigh and Rex Harrison ; and Jamaica Inn, with Maureen O ' Hara and Robert Newton, about Cornish smugglers, based on Daphne du Maurier's novel, and the last film Alfred Hitchcock directed in Britain before moving to Hollywood in the late 1930s.
He appeared in more than 90 films, including The Great Imposter ( 1961 ), Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds ( as the man helping the Tippi Hedren character with her rental boat ), Jerry Lewis's The Nutty Professor ( 1963 ), Pocketful Of Miracles ( 1961 ) and, in a cameo, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ( 1963 ).
Alfred Hitchcock's films were strongly believed to have been extensively storyboarded to the finest detail by the majority of commentators over the years, although later research indicates that this was exaggerated for publicity purposes.
This achievement was matched by Alfred Hitchcock with his 1940 films Foreign Correspondent and Rebecca.
The film, along with Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho ( 1960 ) and several other films, contributed to the end of the Production Code in the mid-1960s.
Alfred Hitchcock's cameo is a signature occurrence in most of his films.
Other popular films he starred during these decade were Falling Down, The American President, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Game ( directed by David Fincher ), and a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic – Dial M for Murder – titled A Perfect Murder.
Pathescope produced a large number of home versions of significant films, including Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop cartoons, classic features such as Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail, and comedies by such well-known stars as Laurel and Hardy and Chaplin.
It was among the first Hollywood films to challenge the Hays Code, along with Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot ( 1959 ) and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho ( 1960 ).
The show regularly incorporates satirical parodies of adult-oriented topics and references to pop culture, including, but not limited to, parodies of South Park, Jeopardy !, The Sopranos, Beavis and Butt-head, the Indiana Jones adventures, the James Bond series of films, The Adventures of Tintin, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, The Jerry Springer Show, Oprah, Law & Order, Charlie Rose, Antiques Roadshow, Mystery !, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Macbeth, and That ' 70s Show.

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