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American and League
Obviously, if this club is going to move from second to first in the American League, it will have to show improvement someplace.
When he came to Baltimore, he was leaving a team which was supposed to win the National League pennant, and he was joining what seemed to be a second division American League club.
The professional organizations such as American Institute of Interior Designers, National Society of Interior Designers, Home Fashions League and various trade associations, can and do aid greatly in this work.
Over the first five frames, Jack Fisher, the big righthander who figures to be in the middle of Oriole plans for a drive on the 1961 American League pennant, held the A's scoreless while yielding three scattered hits.
If the Orioles are to break their losing streak within the next two days, it will have to be at the expense of the American League champion New York Yankees, who come in here tomorrow for a night game and a single test Sunday afternoon.
Skinny Brown and Hoyt Wilhelm, the Flock's veteran knuckleball specialists, are slated to oppose the American League champions in tomorrow's 8 P.M. contest.
The Dallas Texans were back home Monday with their third victory in four American Football League starts -- a 19-12 triumph over the Denver Broncos -- but their visit will be a short one.
With Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra both out of action due to injuries, the American League champs still mounted a 15-hit attack against a parade of eight Cincinnati pitchers, the most ever used by one team in a series game.
Mantle, the bull-necked blond switch-hitter, had one sensational triple-crown season, 1959, when he batted and also led the American League in home runs, 52, and rbi's, 130.
Experts point to the thinning of pitching talent in the American League caused by expansion.
( American League expansion created, inevitably, weaker teams.
* 1973 – The American League of Major League Baseball begins using the designated hitter.
* 1981 – Alex Suarez, American bassist ( Cobra Starship and This Is Ivy League )
* 1957 – Vince Gill, American singer-songwriter and musician ( Pure Prairie League and The Notorious Cherry Bombs )
He wrote, " Robert Henderson, Harold Seymour, and other scholars have since debunked the Doubleday-Cooperstown myth, which nonetheless remains powerful in the American imagination because of the efforts of Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
* Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, an American professional baseball league
* American Protective League, a WWI era pro-war organization
* American Premier League, A Twenty20 cricket league in United States of America
* 1932 – Meir Kahane, American rabbi and activist, founder of the Jewish Defense League ( d. 1990 )
# REDIRECT American League Championship Series
* 1959 – Founding and first official meeting of the American Football League.
* Adrian Arrington ( born 1985 ), American National Football League ( NFL ) player
* Adrian McPherson ( born 1983 ), American quarterback in the Canadian Football League

American and record
I pay my personal tribute to Sam Rayburn, stalwart Texan and great American, not only because today he establishes a record of having served as Speaker of the House of Representatives more than twice as long as Henry Clay, but because of the contributions he has made to the welfare of the people of the Nation during his almost half century of service as a Member of Congress.
* 1918 – Norman Granz, American record producer ( d. 2001 )
* Adrian Belew ( born 1949 ), American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer
* Ajax Records ( Quebec ) ( 1921 – 1926 ), a North American record company
* 1967 – Prince Paul, American disc jockey and record producer ( Gravediggaz, Stetsasonic, and Handsome Boy Modeling School )
The Atlanta Falcons hold the record among all major American sports leagues for the longest streak of seasons without consecutive winning seasons, a streak that lasted from 1966 – 2008.
* ABC Records, an American record label
* 1965 – Suge Knight, American record producer and executive
During the first American League season in 1901, they finished last ( 8th place ) with a record of 48 – 89.
However, the team finished the 2009 season with 64 wins and 98 losses, making it the worst record in the 2009 American League season.
" Rock Around the Clock " was the first record ever to sell over one million copies in both Britain and Germany and, in 1957, Haley became the first major American rock singer to tour Europe.
* Carin Cone ( born 1940 ), an American swimmer, Olympic medalist, world record holder, and gold medal winner from the Pan American Games
* Cleopatra Records, American record label
The plane won the 1933 American Air Race in Chicago and later set a new world speed record for engines smaller than 500 cubic inches by averaging.
That mark set an American League record for wins which stood for 44 years until the Yankees won 114 games in 1998 ( a 162-game regular season ).
The Indians 1954 winning percentage of. 721 is still an American League record.
* Cadence Records, an American record label during the 1940s and 50s
Chester Burton " Chet " Atkins ( June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001 ) was an American guitarist and record producer who, along with Owen Bradley, created the smoother country music style known as the Nashville sound, which expanded country's appeal to adult pop music fans as well.
record collection ) where they danced to American swing music, which a DJ played on a single turntable when a jukebox was not available.
* 1951 – Mark Heard, American record producer, folk-rock singer, and songwriter ( d. 1992 )
At the time, the final episode of The Fugitive held the record for the greatest number of American homes with television sets to watch a series finale, at 72 % in August 1967.
* 1916 – Hugo Peretti, American songwriter and record producer ( d. 1986 )
* 1946 – Frankie Beverly, American singer-songwriter and record producer
* 1944 – Mike Curb, American musician, record company executive and politician

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