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Anglican and Communion
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The Anglican Communion is an international association of national and regional Anglican churches ( and a few other episcopal churches ) in full communion with the Church of England ( which is regarded as the mother church of the worldwide communion ) and specifically with its principal primate, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
With a membership currently estimated at over 85 million members worldwide, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.
The Anglican Communion Office is headed by its Secretary General, the Reverend Canon Kenneth Kearon.
The Anglican Communion has no official legal existence nor any governing structure which might exercise authority over the member churches.
There is an Anglican Communion Office in London, under the aegis of the Archbishop of Canterbury, but it only serves a supporting and organisational role.
As mentioned above, the Anglican Communion has no international juridical organisation.
The Chair of St Augustine ( the episcopal throne in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent ), seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury in his role as head of the Anglican Communion
The body has a permanent secretariat, the Anglican Communion Office, of which the Archbishop of Canterbury is president.
In response, the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada answered that the actions had been undertaken after lengthy scriptural and theological reflection, legally in accordance with their own canons and constitutions and after extensive consultation with the provinces of the Communion.
All 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion are autonomous, each with its own primate and governing structure.
A world map showing the provinces of the Anglican Communion ( Blue ).
Also shown are the churches in full communion with the Anglican Communion: the Nordic Lutheran churches of the Porvoo Communion ( Green ) and the Old Catholic Church | Old Catholic churches of the Utrecht Union ( Red ).
In addition to other member churches, the churches of the Anglican Communion are in full communion with the Old Catholic churches of the Union of Utrecht and the Scandinavian Lutheran churches of the Porvoo Communion in Europe, the India-based Mar Thoma and Malabar Independent Syrian churches and the Philippine Independent Church, also known as the Aglipayan Church.
The Anglican Communion is a relatively recent concept.
Thus the only member churches of the present Anglican Communion existing by the mid-18th century were the Church of England, its closely linked sister church, the Church of Ireland ( which also separated from Roman Catholicism under Henry VIII ) and the Scottish Episcopal Church which for parts of the 17th and 18th centuries was partially underground ( it was suspected of Jacobite sympathies ).
The churches of the Anglican Communion have traditionally held that ordination in the historic episcopate is a core element in the validity of clerical ordinations.
More recently, disagreements over homosexuality have strained the unity of the Communion as well as its relationships with other Christian denominations, leading to another round of withdrawals from the Anglican Communion.
Some churches founded outside the Anglican Communion in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, largely in opposition to the ordination of openly homosexual bishops and other clergy are usually referred to as belonging to the Anglican realignment movement, or else as " orthodox " Anglicans.

Anglican and considers
Since the break the Church of England, an established national church, still considers itself part of the broader Western Catholic tradition as well as being the " mother church " of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
Today, in addition to the Orthodox Church, a number of other Christian churches lay claim to this title ( including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Assyrian Church and the Oriental Orthodox Church ); however, the Orthodox Church considers these other churches to be schismatic and, in some cases, heretical.
The Roman Catholic Church considers Protestant and most Anglican ordinations invalid, while recognizing Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and some Anglican ordinations as valid.
The SEC now considers itself a " Continuing Anglican " church, but its members point out that the founding of the SEC preceded the start of the Continuing Anglican Movement by a decade and a half.

Anglican and itself
King's College ( University of King's College ) was an Anglican School and Dalhousie University, which was originally non-denominational, had placed itself under the control and direction of the Church of Scotland.
The Nicene Creed has been normative for the Anglican Church, the Church of the East, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox churches, the Roman Catholic Church including the Eastern Catholic Churches, the Old Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and many Protestant denominations, forming the eponymous mainstream definition of Christianity itself in Nicene Christianity.
Anglican services were conducted here and there, and at Christ Church itself the Anglican chaplain remained in the college.
Initially higly critical of the calling of the second Lambeth Conference ( 1878 ) he was won over by the experience, writing in his biography that, ' I feel I have learned much from the Pananglican and I see, too, that it is really an institution which will root itself and will ... exercise a powerful influence in the future of the Anglican Communion.
The American province of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church USA, describes itself as a modern via media church in this tradition.
Past and present places of worship in Rye include St Mary's, the Anglican parish church with Norman origins ; St Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic church, rebuilt in 1929 ; a 1909 Baptist chapel in Cinque Ports Street, replacing the Rye Particular Baptist Chapel of 1754 ( which itself stood on the site of an older Quaker meeting house ); former Congregational and Independent churches ; and a Methodist chapel.
The Vatican announced, on July 5, 2008, that it was giving serious consideration to appeals received from various Anglican groups seeking union with itself, observing that " the situation within the Anglican Communion in general has become markedly more complex ".
The Sunday itself was often called Rogation Sunday as a result, and marked the start of a three-week period ( ending on Trinity Sunday ), when Roman Catholic and Anglican clergy did not solemnize marriages ( two other such periods of marital prohibition also formerly existed, one beginning on the first Sunday in Advent and continuing through the Octave of Epiphany, or 13 January, and the other running from Septuagesima until the Octave of Easter, the Sunday after Easter ).
The SEC did not consider that it was forming a new denomination, but rather saw itself as serving as a church home for Episcopalians who wished to maintain their Anglican faith and traditions while reaching out to other conservatives.
He was forcibly ejected from the society, which renamed itself the British and Foreign School Society, in contrast to the National School System, which provided an Anglican education.
The village itself has two primary schools, Aintree Davenhill and Holy Rosary and a Music School ; five churches, St. Giles ( Anglican ), Holy Rosary ( Roman Catholic ), Old Roan Methodist Church, Old Roan Baptist Church ( which met in Davenhill Primary School until recently ) now meet at the former site of Holy Rosary Infants School at the rear of the Old Roan shops, and Aintree Village Family Church ( a Baptist church, meeting at Old Roan Methodist Church Hall, Altway ); two small local shopping areas ( on Altway and at the Old Roan ); and three public houses, the Blue Anchor ( which backs onto the Leeds and Liverpool Canal ), the Village Inn ( formerly the Valentine, named after a fence on the racecourse ), and the Old Roan, which gives its name to a railway station in the village.
It was formed from the union of the South India United Church ( itself a union of churches from the Congregational, Presbyterian and Reformed traditions ) and the southern provinces of the Anglican Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon and the Methodist Church of South India.
Elements of the office have been folded into the prayer book service of Morning Prayer, and the hour itself is observed by many Anglican religious orders.
If any one person can be deemed responsible for the state in which the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion now finds itself, that person is ... Louie Crew.
It appears from information available from ICM News that it is currently beginning to align itself with the Global Anglican Future Conference, which has come in for some criticism from many leading voices within Anglicanism, including the conservative former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.
The Church of the Epiphany is the Anglican parish Church on Lymer Road, the building itself dates to the early 1960s.
The church ran into severe financial difficulties and in 1979 the parish voluntarily disestablished itself and was taken over by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.
It came about from the schism in Hamburg in 1863, when it demerged from the Catholic Apostolic Church, which itself started in the 1830s as a renewal movement in, among others, the Anglican Church and Church of Scotland.
He felt that the Anglican Church was in the unique position to harness the natural moral impulse that stemmed from society itself, as long as the Church replaced theology with science, abandoned supernatural beliefs, expanded its bible to include a cross-cultural selection of ethical literature and reinterpreted its creeds and liturgy in light of modern ethics and psychology.

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