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Austrian and lawyer
* Karl Anton von Martini ( 1726 – 1800 ), Austrian lawyer whose work strongly influenced the Austrian Civil Code of 1811
h. c. F. Porsche GmbH in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian engineer born in Maffersdorf, during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Porsche's son-in-law Anton Piëch, an Austrian lawyer.
* Carl Menger 1840 – 1921 ; economist ; lawyer ; founder of the Austrian School of economics
His ideas of a United Netherlands were based upon the actions of Hendrik van der Noot, a lawyer and politician and one of the main players in the Revolution of the Southern Netherlands against the Austrian Emperor ( 1789 – 1790 ).
Schütz is probably unique as a scholar of the social sciences in that he pursued a career as a lawyer for an Austrian banking firm for almost his entire life, teaching part-time at the New School for Social Research in New York and producing key papers in phenomenological sociology that fill three volumes ( published by Nijhoff, The Hague ).
Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, backed by other influential westerners including Britain's Lord Palmerston and Damascus consul Charles Henry Churchill, the French lawyer Adolphe Crémieux, Austrian consul Giovanni Gasparo Merlato, Danish missionary John Nicolayson, and Solomon Munk, led a delegation to the ruler of Syria, Mehemet Ali.
Avram Iancu (; 1824 – September 10, 1872 ) was a Transylvanian Romanian lawyer who played an important role in the local chapter of the Austrian Empire Revolutions of 1848 – 1849.
: Philipp Meitner ( 1838 – 1910 ), Austrian lawyer and chess master ; father of Lise
He started out as a lawyer and an official of the Treasury and of the Education Department, but then retired to his estates in Lower Austria and Styria, where he carried on model farming, became a leader of the Austrian branch of the Fabian movement, and one of the founders of the Central People's Library.
* Hugo Sperber ( 1885, Vienna-1938 ), Jewish Austrian lawyer
Dr. Otto Herschmann ( 4 January 1877 – 14 June 1942 ) was a Jewish Austrian swimmer, fencer, lawyer, and sport official.
On May 1, 1820, she married Dr. Pfeiffer, a lawyer in Lemberg connected with the Austrian government, who was 24 years older than she and a widower with a grown-up son.
A lawyer and formerly a prominent member of Jörg Haider's Austrian Freedom Party ( FPÖ ), in 1993 Schmidt was one of a group of politicians who, because of Haider's increasingly right-wing verbal politics, seceded from the FPÖ and founded the Liberal Forum.

Austrian and scholar
In 1857, the Austrian scholar Anton Boller suggested adding Japanese to Altaic or more precisely to Ural – Altaic.
Dollfuss was concerned that with German National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, the Austrian National Socialists ( DNSAP ) could gain a significant minority in future elections ( according to fascism scholar Stanley G. Payne, should elections have been held in 1933, the DNSAP could have mustered about 25 % of the votes-contemporary TIME analysts suggests a higher support of 50 %, with a 75 % approval rate in the Tyrol region bordering Nazi Germany ).
* 1883 – Otto Erich Deutsch, Austrian publisher and scholar ( d. 1967 )
Erich Moritz von Hornbostel ( 25 February 1877-28 November 1935 ) was an Austrian ethnomusicologist and scholar of music.
Its name stems from the old word for " black " (" vran ") in the Serbian language and first appears in the Alexiad ( 9, 4 ) by Byzantine princess and scholar Anna Comnena ( 1083 – 1153 ). In period of Austrian occupation from 1688 to 1692, Vranje was managed by
** Adam Bartsch, Austrian scholar, artist, and printmaker in engraving and etching ( died 1821 )
In the field of law, the Soviet scholar Evgeny Pashukanis ( The General Theory of Law and Marxism, 1924 ), the Austrian politician Karl Renner, the German political scientist Franz Leopold Neumann, the British socialist writer China Mieville, the labour-law attorney Marc Linder, and the American legal philosopher Duncan Kennedy ( The Role of Law in Economic Theory: Essays on the Fetishism of Commodities, 1985 ) have respectively explored the applications of commodity fetishism in their contemporary legal systems, and reported that the reification of legal forms misrepresents social relations.
Johann Joachim Becher ( 6 May 1635 – October 1682 ) was a German physician, alchemist, precursor of chemistry, scholar and adventurer, best known for his development of the phlogiston theory of combustion, and his advancement of Austrian cameralism.
* Monika Fludernik, Austrian literary scholar
This simple but implausible explanation for the Russian army being far behind the Austrian is dismissed by scholar Frederick Kagan as " a bizarre myth ".
** Adam Bartsch, Austrian scholar, artist, and printmaker in engraving and etching ( born 1757 )
* Mozart's only official mention as " Wolfgang Amadeus " in an official document made during his lifetime was found in 1998 by Mozart scholar Michael Lorenz in the registers of the Lower Austrian Governorship, where in May 1787 " Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus " is referred to as having applied for the return of his written surety for his friend Franz Jakob Freystädtler.
* Solomon Joachim Halberstam – Austrian scholar and author of the Ḳehillat Shelomoh catalog
Eugen Ehrlich ( September 14, 1862 – May 2, 1922 ) was an Austrian legal scholar and sociologist of law.
Theodor Gomperz ( March 29, 1832-August 29, 1912 ), Austrian philosopher and classical scholar, was born at Brno ( Brünn ).
" Early criticisms were published by the Austrian scholar Bartholomaeus Kopitar, Friedrich Thiersch, Johann Wilhelm Zinkeisen, and by George Finlay.
* Eugen Ehrlich ( 1862 – 1922 ), an Austrian legal scholar
* Karl Anton Nowotny ( 1904 – 1978 ), Austrian ethnographer, academic and Mesoamericanist scholar
Adolf Jellinek ( Aharon Jelinek, June 26, 1821, Drslavice, nearby Uherské Hradiště, Moravia ( now Czech Republic )-December 28, 1893, Vienna ) was an Austrian rabbi and scholar.
Julius Pokorny ( June 12, 1887 – April 8, 1970 ) was an Austrian linguist and scholar of the Celtic languages, particularly Irish, and a supporter of Irish nationalism.
For example, the Austrian scholar Johann Georg van Hahn tried to identify a common structure underlying " Aryan " hero stories.
Johann Adam Bernhard von Bartsch ( 1757 – 1821, both Vienna ) was an Austrian scholar and artist.
Meir ( Ish Shalom ) Friedmann ( July 10, 1831, at Kraszna (), district of Kashau ( Košice Region ), Kingdom of Hungary, Austrian Empire – 1908, at Vienna, Austria-Hungary ) was an Austrian-Hungarian Jewish scholar.

Austrian and Philipp
* 1969 – Philipp Peter, Austrian race car driver
* 1771 – Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Austrian field marshal ( d. 1820 )
The stamp collection assembled by French / Austrian aristocrat Philipp von Ferrary ( 1850 – 1917 ) at the beginning of the 20th century is widely considered the most complete stamp collection ever formed ( or likely to be formed ).
By November 3, the city of Milan itself had surrendered, although the Austrian governor, Count Wirich Philipp von Daun, still held the fortress.
* October 15 – Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Austrian field marshal ( b. 1771 )
* April 18 – Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Austrian field marshal ( d. 1820 )
* October 19 – Count Wirich Philipp von Daun, Austrian military leader ( d. 1741 )
Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg, Austrian ambassador of France, wrote of the baptism:
On the same day as Katzbach, Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, the commander of the Austrian force of over 200, 000 men of the Austrian Army of Bohemia ( and accompanied by the Austrian emperor, the Russian tsar and the Prussian king ), attacked Saint-Cyr.
The 1, 200-man Austrian advance guard, under Colonel ( Oberst ) Johann Maria Philipp Frimont and a division of 3, 300 men under FML O ' Reilly, pushed the French outposts back and deployed to become the Austrian right wing, driving the enemy from Pedrabona farm, then
Following his successes with the Six Days Campaign ( 10 to 14 February 1814 ) in smashing the Allied drive on Paris, Napoleon headed southward towards Seine River where the main Austrian Army under Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg, was threatening Paris from the southeast.
Four Austrian generals were killed or mortally wounded during the fighting, Armand von Nordmann, Josef Philipp Vukassovich, Peter Vecsey, and Konstantin Ghilian Karl d ' Aspré.
The Treaty of Campo Formio ( or Peace of Campo Formio, or rarely Treaty of Campoformido ) was signed on 18 October 1797 ( 27 Vendémiaire, Year VI ) by Napoleon Bonaparte and Count Philipp von Cobenzl as representatives of revolutionary France and the Austrian monarchy.
** The Austrian Army of the Upper Rhine, commanded by Field Marshal Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg.
** The Austrian Army of Upper Italy – Austro-Sardinian Army – commanded by Johann Maria Philipp Frimont.
The Battle of Lodi was fought on May 10, 1796 between French forces under General Napoleon Bonaparte and an Austrian rear guard led by Karl Philipp Sebottendorf at Lodi, Lombardy.
Later that day, Klenau foiled his attempt to flank the Austrian main army, commanded by Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg.
During World War I, the hôtel was also the place where the philatelic collection of Philipp von Ferrary ( the most valuable stamp collection ever assembled ) was deposited when its owner, the son of the Duke of Galliera and an Austrian citizen, had to flee France in 1917.
Philipp Harmer, an Austrian man, filed a lawsuit claiming that Josef Korbel's family is in inappropriate possession of artwork belonging to his great-grandfather, a German industrialist named Karl Nebrich.
In 1817 Spix and Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius travelled to Brazil with a group of Austrian naturalists who accompanied Maria Leopoldina of Austria.
* Philipp von Neumann, Austrian diplomat

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