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Battle and Somme
* 1918 – World War I: The Second Battle of the Somme begins.
The first tank to engage in battle was designated D1, a British Mark I, during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette ( part of the Somme Offensive ) on 15 September 1916.
It was part of the ' Big Push ' ( later known as the Battle of the Somme ) that was intended to force the German Army into a retreat from the Western Front, a line they had held since late 1914.
Major battles included the Battle of the Somme.
Other events fell on the same day coincidentally, such as the first day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916 — shortly after which Newfoundland recognized July 1 as Memorial Day to commemorate the Newfoundland Regiment's heavy losses during the battle — and the enactment of the Chinese Immigration Act in 1923 — leading Chinese-Canadians to refer to July 1 as Humiliation Day and boycott Dominion Day celebrations until the act was repealed in 1947.
Royal Artillery howitzer s at the First day on the Somme | Battle of the Somme
Nevertheless, the old and the new men of the Foreign Legion fought and died in vicious battles on the Western front, including Belloy-en-Santerre during the Battle of the Somme, where Seeger, after being mortally wounded by machine-gun fire, cheered on the rest of his advancing battalion.
He was working in the VAD when casualties came back from the Battle of the Somme and he was engaged in looking after patients and assisting in changing wound dressings.
Famous battles in France include Battle of Verdun ( spanning 10 months from 21 February to 18 December 1916 ), Battle of the Somme ( 1 July to 18 November 1916 ), and five separate conflicts called the Battle of Ypres
Infantry of the Royal Irish Rifles during the Battle of the Somme ( 1916 ) | Battle of the Somme in World War I.
* 1916 – World War I: the Battle of the Somme begins with a week-long artillery bombardment on the German Line.
* 1916 – World War I: First day on the Somme – On the first day of the Battle of the Somme 19, 000 soldiers of the British Army are killed and 40, 000 wounded.
* 1916 – Start of the Battle of Delville Wood as an action within the Battle of the Somme, which was to last until 3 September 1916.
* 1916 – World War I: Battle of Fromelles – British and Australian troops attack German trenches in a prelude to the Battle of the Somme.
UK | British Vickers machine gun in action near Ovillers during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.
Maxim's gun was widely adopted and derivative designs were used on all sides during the First World War, most famously-during stalemate at The Battle of the Somme.

Battle and was
He gave us a simile to explain his admission that even at the worst period of his second illness it never occurred to him there was any renewed question about his running: as in the Battle of the Bulge, he had no fears about the outcome until he read the American newspapers.
It was the opinion of some of us that these must be part of the Committeemen who had been in the Battle of the North Bridge, which entitled them to a sort of veteran status, and we felt that if they employed this tactic, it was likely enough the best one.
For example, it was a battalion of the 7th Cavalry under Colonel George Armstrong Custer that had been wiped out at the Battle of The Little Big Horn.
Although it was at the Battle of The Little Horn, about which more words have been written than any other battle in American history, that the 7th Cavalry first made its mark in history, the regiment was ten years old by then.
However, lacking requested reinforcements from McClellan, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the summer of 1862, forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time.
Hooker was routed by Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville in May, but continued to command his troops for some weeks.
With the great Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, and the defeat of the Copperheads in the Ohio election in the fall, Lincoln maintained a strong base of party support and was in a strong position to redefine the war effort, despite the New York City draft riots.
Considered by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to be the finest general officer in the Confederacy before the emergence of Robert E. Lee, he was killed early in the Civil War at the Battle of Shiloh and was the highest-ranking officer, Union or Confederate, killed during the entire war.
This refusal to accept any renunciation of allegiance to the Crown led to conflict with the United States over impressment, and then led to further conflicts even during the War of 1812, when thirteen Irish American prisoners of war were executed as traitors after the Battle of Queenston Heights ; Winfield Scott urged American reprisal, but none was carried out.
At the start of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, Doubleday's division was the second infantry division on the field to reinforce the cavalry division of Brig.
Valens died in the Battle of Adrianople in 378 and was succeeded by Theodosius I, who adhered to the Nicene creed.
The Triumvirate was eventually torn apart under the competing ambitions of its members: Lepidus was driven into exile and stripped of his position, and Antony committed suicide following his defeat at the Battle of Actium by Augustus in 31 BC.
The early policy of Ambracia was determined by its loyalty to Corinth ( for which it probably served as an entrepot in the Epirus trade ), its consequent aversion to Corcyra ( as Ambracia participated on the Corinthian side at the Battle of Sybota, which took place in 433 BC between the rebellious corinthian colony of Corcyra ( modern Corfu ) and Corinth ).
When Alaric II was killed fighting Clovis I, king of the Franks, in the Battle of Vouillé ( 507 ), his kingdom fell into disarray.
The Battle of Qarqar is mentioned in extra-biblical records, and was perhaps at Apamea where Shalmaneser III of Assyria fought a great confederation of princes from Cilicia, Northern Syria, Israel, Ammon, and the tribes of the Syrian desert ( 853 BC ), including Ahab ( A-ha-ab-bu < sup > mat </ sup >) ( Adad -' idri ).
Absalom eventually rebelled against his father and was killed during the Battle of Ephraim Wood.
Sharing in the attack on the Electorate of Saxony, Albert was taken prisoner at Rochlitz in March 1547 by Elector John Frederick of Saxony, but was released as a result of the Emperor's victory at the Battle of Mühlberg in the succeeding April.
Only a few weeks after his accession the Ottoman Empire sustained a crushing defeat at the Battle of Slankamen from the Austrians under Margrave Louis William of Baden and was driven from Hungary.
The Battle of Mantinea, in which Agesilaus took no part, was followed by a general peace: Sparta, however, stood aloof, hoping even yet to recover her supremacy.
As the Battle of the Frigidus, which terminated this campaign, was fought at the passes of the Julian Alps, Alaric probably learned the weakness of Italy's natural defences on its northeastern frontier at the head of the Adriatic.

Battle and one
In this historic square are several statues, but the one that stands out over the others is that of Gen. Andrew Jackson, hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
His later novels included fixups such as The Beast ( aka Moonbeast ) ( 1963 ), Rogue Ship ( 1965 ), Quest for the Future ( 1970 ) and Supermind ( 1977 ); expanded short stories ( The Darkness on Diamondia ( 1972 ), Future Glitter ( aka Tyranopolis ) ( 1973 ); original novels such as Children of Tomorrow ( 1970 ), The Battle of Forever ( 1971 ) and The Anarchistic Colossus ( 1977 ); plus sequels to his classic works, many of which were promised, but only one of which appeared, Null-A Three ( 1984 ; originally published in French ).
* 1945 – The Red Army begins the final assault on German forces around Berlin, with nearly one million troops fighting in the Battle of the Seelow Heights.
* 1363 – Beginning date of the Battle of Lake Poyang ; the forces of two Chinese rebel leaders — Chen Youliang and Zhu Yuanzhang — are pitted against each other in what is one of the largest naval battles in history, during the last decade of the ailing, Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty.
* 1864 – American Civil War: the Battle of Mobile Bay begins – at Mobile Bay near Mobile, Alabama, Admiral David Farragut leads a Union flotilla through Confederate defenses and seals one of the last major Southern ports.
According to one premillennial Christian interpretation, the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist ( the " beast ") and Satan the Devil in the Battle of Armageddon.
* Battle of Adrianople ( 1255 )-An engagement in one of the Byzantine civil wars
“ A visit to the ground has only confirmed me ,” Lucas wrote in 1921 ; “ and it was interesting to find that Mr. Apostolides, son of the large local landowner, the hospitality of whose farm at Tekés I enjoyed, was convinced too that the site was by Driskole Krini, for the very sound reason that neither the hills nor the river further east suit Caesar ’ s description .” John D. Morgan in his definitive “ Palae-pharsalus – the Battle and the Town ”, arguing for a site closer still to Krini, where he places Palaepharsalos, writes: “ My reconstruction is similar to Lucas ’ s, and in fact I borrow one of his alternatives for the line of the Pompeian retreat.
The use of the term " battle " in military history has led to its misuse when referring to almost any scale of combat, notably by strategic forces involving hundreds of thousands of troops that may be engaged in either a single battle at one time ( Battle of Leipzig ) or multiple operations ( Battle of Kursk ).
* A battle of envelopment involves an attack on one or both flanks ; the classic example being the double-envelopment of the Battle of Cannae.
* A battle of annihilation is one in which the defeated party is destroyed in the field, such as the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile.
A decisive battle is one of particular importance ; often by bringing hostilities to an end, such as the Battle of Hastings or the Battle of Hattin, or as a turning point in the fortunes of the belligerents, such as the Battle of Stalingrad.
Battles also affect the commitment of one side or the other to the continuance of a war, for example the Battle of Incheon and the Battle of Hue during the Tet Offensive.
Set in 1485 at the end of the British Middle Ages, the series is written as a secret history which contends that King Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field, only to be mistaken for someone else and murdered, and is succeeded by Richard IV ( Brian Blessed ), one of the Princes in the Tower.
The film's depiction of the Battle of Stirling Bridge is often considered one of the best movie battles in cinema history.
Nelson was a highly experienced officer who had been blinded in one eye during fighting in Corsica in 1794 and subsequently commended for his capture of two Spanish ships of the line at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent in February 1797.
The Battle of the Nile remains one of the Royal Navy's most famous victories, and has remained prominent in the British popular imagination, sustained by its depiction in a large number of cartoons, paintings, poems and plays.
The Second Battle of El Alamein reversed German ambitions in North Africa, and is often cited as one of the turning points of the Second World War.
Following at the Battle of Uhud in 625, it is said that after killing Hamzah ibn Abdu l-Muṭṭalib, his liver was consumed by Hind bint ‘ Utbah ( the wife of Abû Sufyan ibn Harb one of the commanders of the Qurayš army ) who later reportedly converted to Islam and became the mother of Muawiyah I founder of the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate.
At the Battle of Jena-Auerstedt on October 14, 1806 – when Napoleon invaded Prussia and defeated the massed Prussian-Saxon army commanded by Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick – he was captured, one of the 25, 000 prisoners captured that day as the Prussian army disintegrated.

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