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Bergen and County
One of the last remaining Sunday closing laws in the United States that covers selling electronics, clothing and furniture is found in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Bergen County, part of the New York metropolitan area, has one of the largest concentrations of enclosed retail shopping malls of any county in the nation ; four major malls lie within the county.
Paramus in Bergen County, where three of the four major malls are located, has even more restrictive blue laws than the county itself, banning all type of work on Sundays except in grocery stores, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.
Skylands | The New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skylands in Ringwood State Park, Passaic County, New Jersey | Passaic and Bergen County, New Jersey | Bergen Counties.
* Gateway Region, encompassing Middlesex County, Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County, and Passaic County.
** The Record ( Bergen County ), a newspaper in Bergen County, New Jersey
* Bergen County, New Jersey — southwest, water boundary only, across the Hudson River
Category: Companies based in Bergen County, New Jersey
The historic Pulaski Skyway takes US 1 / 9 into Jersey City, and the route exits the freeway at Tonnele Circle to head north into Bergen County.
Passaic County was created on February 7, 1837, from portions of both Bergen County and Essex County.
It is bordered by the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay to the east ; Kill van Kull to the south ; Newark Bay and the Hackensack River or the Passaic River to the west ; its only land border is shared Bergen County to the north and west.

Bergen and legislature
The New Jersey legislature created Hudson County in 1840, and in 1843, it was divided into two townships: Old Bergen Township ( which eventually became Jersey City ) and North Bergen Township, which was gradually separated into Hudson County's present day municipalities: Hoboken in 1849, Weehawken and Guttenberg in 1859, and Union Township in 1861.

Bergen and recently
Starting Over is a 1979 American comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, Candice Bergen and Jill Clayburgh which tells the story of a recently divorced man who is torn between his new girlfriend and his ex-wife.
He has received honorary doctorates from the University of Bergen, Norway ( 1990 ), McMaster University, Ontario, Canada ( 2003 ) and most recently the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ( 2007 ).
Bergen Community College has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1972, and was most recently reaccredited in 2006.
Bergen Catholic has recently introduced Turnitin, which offers an extensive plagiarism prevention tool utilized by most of the faculty.
One prominent institution, which until recently has referred to itself in English as the " Grieg Institute " ( or " Griegakademiet-Institutt for musikk " in Norwegian ) is the music conservatory in Bergen, Norway and a department of the University of Bergen, also known as UiB.

Bergen and wanted
Front 242 was created in 1981 in Aarschot, near Brussels, Belgium, by Daniel Bressanutti and Dirk Bergen, who wanted to create music and graphic design using emerging electronic tools.
Advocates for rail transport and environmentalists have wanted to build high speed railways, including upgrades to 250 km / h on Sørlandsbanen, Bergensbanen and Dovrebanen while others, including Norsk Bane, have suggested construction of a new line through Haukeli to Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen.
Milius originally wanted Omar Sharif to play Raisuli, and Faye Dunaway as Eden Perdicaris, but Sharif refused the part and Dunaway became ill, having to be replaced at short notice by Bergen.
Before the 2003 election, a survey found that 64 % of the inhabitants of Bergen wanted him to become the mayor after the election.
When Friele announced that he would not be running for mayor in the 2007 election, a survey showed that 60 % of the inhabitants of Bergen wanted him to continue in the job.

Bergen and them
In 1721, Lutheran minister Hans Egede and his Bergen Greenland Company received a royal charter from King Frederick IV granting them broad authority over Greenland and commissioning them to seek out the old Norse colony and spread the Reformation among its inhabitants, who were presumed to still be Catholic or to have reverted to paganism.
Between 1905 and 1923, the family lived at 14 different addresses ; among them 160 Sands Street and 697 Bergen St., where Bow was born.
In an interview for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter it is claimed by war children that, in an orphanage in Bergen, the little children were forced to parade on the streets so the local population could whip them and spit at them.
Their talent was also noted by Samuel Goldwyn, who borrowed them from Fox for his Technicolor variety show, The Goldwyn Follies, where they appeared with other headliners of the day including Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
Wherein are truly and historically related all the most famous occurrences, which have happened betweene the Spainards, and Hollanders in these last foure yeares warres of the Netherlands, with other accidents, which have had relation unto them, as the battles of Fleurie, and Statloo, the losse of Gulicke and Breda, the sieges of Sluce and Bergen, the conquest of St. Salvador in Brasília, and the taking of Goffe by Charles Lambert, & c. London, Printed by A. Matthewes, and I. Norton, 1625
She often openly insults or ridicules her enemies like Beverley Leslie, Candice Bergen, and Candy Pruitt ( and they do the same to her ), while simultaneously thinking of them as her friends.
The small Norwegian infantry forces in Bergen retreated eastwards, blowing up two railway bridges and sections of road after them.
Herdla was by them seen as the prime candidate, against based on teh poor typography around Bergen.
Among the fleet of about 300 buses are 8 trolleybuses ( two of them are dual-mode buses ), making Bergen the only city in north-west Europe to have them.
Around half of the 300 men on board were drowned, with the survivors telling the crews of the Norwegian fishing boats who picked them up that they were on their way to Bergen to save it from the British.
Until recent decades ' developments in neighboring rural dialects, this was an easy way of distinguishing them from the Bergen dialect.
Nine weeks later his brother captured two Spanish officers at Bergen, but was not permitted by the Allied Commander-in-Chief, Peregrine Bertie, 13th Baron Willoughby de Eresby, to exchange them ( though he was mysteriously paid later ).
De Bitter hastily called back the Dutch crews, most of them on shore leave in Bergen, by ringing the church bells.
From there the father, two brothers, and wives and children, went to live at Goodstay, a house purchased for them in Bergen Point, New Jersey.
In 1163, Sigurd and his foster-father were captured by supporters of Jarl Erling Skakke and Magnus V of Norway, who killed them in Bergen on September 29, 1163.
The Germans can take Oslo with paratroops ( from an airbase in Denmark ) then transfer them to the Hague to threaten both London and Paris ; once Norway is conquered, a German 9-factor fleet in Bergen prevents a British invasion.
In 2004 a dying man who had been a longtime supporter of the Salvation Army contacted the local Salvation Army branch in Bergen and informed them that he had changed his will to exclude the organisation after learning that Meling was a member.

Bergen and residents
North Haledon residents had successfully voted in 2003 to leave the district, choosing to send their high school aged students to Midland Park High School in nearby Bergen County, New Jersey.
Because North Bergen did not have a high school for its residents during Reines ' youth, he attended Union Hill High School ( what is today Union Hill Middle School ) in Union Hill, New Jersey ( what is today Union City, New Jersey ).
The local dialect of the village also reflects the close ties to Bergen, with the dialect being more similar to that of Bergen than that of the rest of Askøy except the dialect of Florvaag ; the connection was reinforced into modern times as the wealthy merchants and other residents of Bergen spent their summer there.
However, Bush made inroads in Bergen County, where many wealthy residents reside, and in other South Jersey counties.
A “ Royal Road ” decree from the 15th century required that the residents of Lom must keep the mountain crossing passable to the middle of the Sognefjell, allowing folk from the north Gudbrandsdal access to their trading town of the period, Bergen.
It provides drinking water for an estimated 750, 000 residents of Bergen and Hudson counties.
Tuition is free for residents of Bergen County and is paid for by the student's home school district, the State of New Jersey, and a number of public and private grants.
Many of the new residents came from Hudson, Bergen, and Essex counties.
" Half of Bergen County's 70 municipalities have fewer than 10, 000 residents each.

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