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Border and town
For centuries Bayreuth was also a garrison town for the Prussian Army, Royal Bavarian Army, Reichswehr, Wehrmacht, US Army, German Army ( Bundeswehr ) and the German Border Police ( Bundesgrenzschutz ).
While Carlisle continued to garrison soldiers in the city, eventually becoming the headquarters of the Border Regiment, the city's importance as a military town was finally letting slip as the industrial age took over.
Some weeks later Hammock returns to the Border town.
The source of this name is Creek " tålwa ," meaning " town ," and " åtigi ," " border " -- " Border Town " -- a town indicating its location on the boundary between the lands of the Creek tribe and those of the Natchez people.
The Hume area prior to the founding of the town was an area bathed in the beauty of nature and heinous Border Wars.
The Border Regiment held most of the western edge of the town, with scattered units filling the gaps to the north.
Dunbar () is a town in East Lothian on the southeast coast of Scotland, approximately 28 miles ( 45 km ) east of Edinburgh and 28 miles ( 45 km ) from the English Border at Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Montgomery was born in the town of Kentwood, Louisiana, a sawmill town near the Mississippi Border, across Lake Pontchartrain from the city of New Orleans, where he spent much of his childhood.
The Danish position can be exemplified with an inscription on a stone in the walls of the town of Rendsburg ( Danish: Rendsborg ) located on the border between Schleswig and Holstein: Eidora Terminus Imperii Romani (" The River Eider is the Border of the Holy Roman Empire ").
* Border City – A hamlet by the east town line, east of the City of Geneva.
Completion of the M74 Extension means that there is a motorway going through the town, that will allow easier access to places such as Glasgow Airport and the English Border.
Both Huntly and the surrounding district of Gordon are named for a town and family that originated in the Border country.
A chartered market town, the centre of Kendal is structured around a high street with fortified alleyways, known locally as yards, off to either side which allowed the local population to seek shelter from the Anglo-Scottish raiding parties known as the Border Reivers.
The townlink bus connects the main bus station with Eagles Meadow shopping centre and Border retail park to the east and Wrexham General and Central stations with Plas Coch, Wrexham Central and Island Green shopping centres to the south and west of the town.
The road then runs through the small Border towns of Jedburgh, St Boswells, Earlston and Lauder before going over Soutra Hill, passing through the village of Pathhead and by-passing the town of Dalkeith, before reaching the A720.
Market Drayton is a small market town in north Shropshire, England, close to the Welsh Border.
The main A697 runs by the town linking Morpeth to Coldstream on the Scottish Border.
Jedburgh has the distinction of being the only Border town to have a dry ski slope.
The town cricket club was formed in 1851 and still plays in the Border League.
The town was an important centre for the Border Reivers.
The Hungarian Border Guard units stationed around Mukačevo, after throwing back the attacking Czechs on March 14, 1939, pressed forward in turn, and took the town of Orhegyalja.
The town also has four Australian rules football teams competing in the Western Border Football League: North Gambier, East Gambier, South Gambier and West Gambier.

Border and is
Boun My -- the name means one who has a boun, a celebration, and is therefore lucky -- was born in Savannakhet, the Border of Paradise.
As well Alberta is connected to the TasnCanada pipeline system ( natural gas ) to Eastern Canada, the Northern Border Pipeline ( gas ), Alliance Pipeline ( gas ) and Enbridge Pipeline System ( oil ) to the Eastern United States, the Gas Transmission Northwest and Northwest Pipeline ( gas ) to the Western United States, and the McNeill HVDC Back-to-back station ( electric power ) to Saskatchewan.
The term suggests that its followers support protectionism and / or nationalism, which is not always the case-in fact, some supporters of anti-globalization are strong opponents of both nationalism and protectionism: for example, the No Border network argues for unrestricted migration and the abolition of all national border controls.
* 1965 – The Border Security Force is formed in India as a special force to guard the borders.
The Honduras-El Salvador Border Protocol ratified by Honduras in May 1999 established a framework for a long-delayed border demarcation, which is currently underway ; with respect to the maritime boundary in the Golfo de Fonseca, the ICJ referred to the line determined by the 1900 Honduras-Nicaragua Mixed Boundary Commission and advised that some tripartite resolution among El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua likely would be required.
The long road from Bandar-Abbas in southern Iran to highway 1 in southern Afghanistan is carried out by state-owned Border Roads Organisation ( BRO ), the mission statement of which states that the BRO is India's " most reputed, multifaceted, transnational, modern construction organization committed to meeting the strategic needs of the armed forces.
The song " My Man ", written by Bernie Leadon and performed by the Eagles on their album On the Border, is a tribute to Gram Parsons.
Rivalry between the small Border towns is generally played out on the rugby union field.
Many Hawick residents speak the local dialect of Border Scots which is informally known as " Teri Talk ".
The European Union's External border ( with Kaliningrad and Belarus ) is patrolled by Aviation Unit of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service which received new helicopters EC-120, EC-135 and EC-145.
The Afghan Border Police headquarters is also located in the city.
The first legislation is enforced by the Canada Border Services Agency after a complete rewrite in 2005.
* 1924 – The Border Defence Corps is established in the Second Polish Republic for the defence of the eastern border against armed Soviet raids and local bandits.
The territorial border between the two countries is being definitively mapped pursuant to a Land Border Agreement signed in December 1999, and an Agreement on Borders in the Gulf of Tonkin signed in December 2000.
* December 1 – The Border Security Force is established in India as a special force to guard the borders.
The design of the Northumbrian or Border Check ( fabric ) | Check is one of the earliest styles of Tartan in Northern Europe.
Close to the time that PepsiCo spun off its restaurant business in 1997, the Border Bell in Mountain View was closed and converted to a Taco Bell restaurant, which is still open as of 2012.
Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP ) is the protocol which makes core routing decisions on the Internet.
When BGP runs between two peers in the same autonomous system ( AS ), it is referred to as Internal BGP ( IBGP or Interior Border Gateway Protocol ).
When it runs between autonomous systems, it is called External BGP ( EBGP or Exterior Border Gateway Protocol ).
This is in contrast to Exterior Gateway Protocols, primarily Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP ), which is used for routing between autonomous systems ( RFC 1930 ).
The most widely used exterior gateway protocol is the Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP ), the principal routing protocol between autonomous systems on the Internet.
This is in contrast to other routing protocols, such as the Routing Information Protocol ( RIP ), or the Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP ).

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