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British and East
The British and other replies to that Moscow note pointed out efforts of the Communist authorities `` to integrate East Berlin into East Germany by isolating it from the outside and attempting to make it the capital of East Germany ''.
* 1639 – Madras ( now Chennai ), India, is founded by the British East India Company on a sliver of land bought from local Nayak rulers.
Game reserves have, however, been established in South Africa, British Central Africa, British East Africa, Somaliland, etc., while measures for the protection of wild animals were laid down in an international convention signed in May 1900.
Some distinctive accents can be found on the East Coast ( for example, in eastern New England and New York City ) partly because these areas were in close contact with England and imitated prestigious varieties of British English at a time when these were undergoing changes.
It is generally dated to the early 19th century, when soldiers from Athy, County Kildare served the British East India Company.
* Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, a town in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the British government and the monopolistic East India Company that controlled all the tea imported into the colonies.
English cultural influence ( reinforced at the end of the 19th century and beginnings of the 20th by British contacts with the Far East ) has also made the consumption of tea very common.
The British RAF in the Middle East was equipped with Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars and Morris tenders.
It was used by the U. S. and British troops in Europe and the Far East until the end of the war.
Phillip's plan was for a squadron of three ships of the line and a frigate to mount a raid on Buenos Aires and Monte Video, then to proceed to the coasts of Chile, Peru and Mexico to maraud, and ultimately to cross the Pacific to join the British Navy's East India squadron for an attack on Manila.
This is the location from where Salīm, as the Emperor Jahāngīr read out the firman permitting the British East India Company to trade with India.
Unlike these states, which were ruled by local nobles who acknowledged British suzerainty, Ajmer-Merwara was administered directly by the British, until 1858 by the East India Company and after 1858 by a chief commissioner who was subordinate to the Governor-General of India's agent for the Rajputana Agency.
Thereafter Ajmer-Merwara was administered directly by the British East India Company.
In the year 1789, Tipu Sultan ruler of the Sultanate of Mysore sent an embassy to the Ottoman capitol of Istanbul, to Sultan Abdul Hamid I requesting urgent assistance against the British East India Company and had proposed an offensive and defensive consortium ; Sultan Abdul Hamid I, informed the ambassadors of the Sultanate of Mysore that the Ottoman Empire was still recuperating from the Austro-Ottoman War and the Russo-Turkish Wars.
In 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in West Germany and eventually included all of the American, British, and French zones, excluding those three countries ' zones in Berlin, while the Marxist-Leninist German Democratic Republic was proclaimed in East Germany.
Disraeli was, according to some interpretations, a supporter of the expansion and preservation of the British Empire in the Middle East and Central Asia.
A East Midlands Trains British Rail Class 222 | Class 222 Meridian on a London to Nottingham service.
Formerly the Department of the Ancient Near East, with a collection numbering some 330, 000 works, the British Museum possesses by far the world's largest and most important collection of Mesopotamian antiquities outside Iraq.
During the first meeting between Weizmann and Balfour in 1906, Balfour asked what Weizmann's objections were to the idea of a Jewish homeland in Uganda, ( the Uganda Protectorate in East Africa in the British Uganda Programme ), rather than in Palestine.
James Gelvin, a Middle East history professor, cites at least three reasons for why the British government chose to support Zionist aspirations.

British and Tilbury
The opening of the Tilbury container docks, further east in Essex, rendered them redundant and in 1980 the British government gained control.
British microcomputer company Tangerine Computer Systems was founded in 1979 by Dr. Paul Johnson, Mark Rainer and Nigel Penton Tilbury in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire
John Tilbury ( born 1 February 1936 ) is a British pianist.
* Tilbury Industrial Park, a business area in the city of Delta, British Columbia
* John Tilbury, ( b. 1936 ), British pianist
* Peter Tilbury, ( b. 1945 ), British actor and writer

British and inspired
Thomas Carlyle translated Goethe ’ s novel into English, and after its publication in 1824, many British authors wrote novels inspired by it.
The film's title was inspired by the line, " Bring me my chariot of fire ," from the William Blake poem adapted into the popular British hymn " Jerusalem "; the hymn is heard at the end of the film.
* Lord Beginner's song " General Election " was inspired by Attlee's victory in the 1950 British general election.
* Cradle of Filth, a popular British extreme metal band, has produced an album called Dusk ... and Her Embrace inspired by " Carmilla ", and have also recorded an instrumental track titled " Carmilla's Masque ".
The words " God save Emperor Francis " were inspired by the British anthem, though not the melody, which is from the ( Croatian ) folk tradition.
In Which We Serve was a British patriotic war film directed by David Lean and Noël Coward, and inspired by the sinking of Kelly.
The Mysorean rockets inspired the development of the Congreve rocket, which the British widely utilized during the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812.
Napalm Death's seismic impact inspired other British grindcore groups in the 1980s, among them Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass and Sore Throat.
However, Sharp indicates that they were more inspired by the thrash metal of Dark Angel than the British groups.
In its relatively brief history the impi inspired anger, scorn ( During the Anglo-Zulu War, British commander Lord Chelmsford complained that they did not ' fight fair '), and even a grudging admiration by its opponents, epitomized in Kipling's poem " Fuzzy Wuzzy ":
He later became closely involved in the ongoing Schonberg and Asko ensembles and inspired the formation of the British ensemble Icebreaker.
( 1973 ) a Pilgrim's Progress inspired road movie ; and Britannia Hospital ( 1982 ), a fantasia taking stylistic influence from the populist wing of British cinema represented by Hammer horror films and Carry On comedies.
The song " The Drowning Man ", by British band The Cure, is inspired by events in Gormenghast, and the song " Lady Fuchsia " by another British band, Strawbs, is also based on events in the novels.
Alex Chan's take on the 2005 civil unrest in France, The French Democracy, attained mainstream attention and inspired other machinima commentaries on American and British society.
According to Stephen Suleyman Schwartz, in his book " The Two Faces of Islam ", “ some say that during this vagabondage Ibn Abdul Wahhab came into contact with certain Englishmen who encouraged him to personal ambition as well as to a critical attitude about Islam .” Specifically, Mir ’ at al Harramin, a Turkish work by Ayyub Sabri Pasha, written in 1888, states that in Basra, Abdul Wahhab had come into contact with a British spy by the name of Hempher, who “ inspired in him the tricks and lies that he had learned from the British Ministry of the Commonwealth .”
The Montoneros were inspired by the British and Italian wartime commando raids on warships, and on 1 November 1974 the Montoneros successfully blew up General Commissioner Alberto Villar, the chief of the Argentine federal police in his yacht.
" This practice was later adopted in the late 19th century by the British mainland, inspired by " Chinese mandarin system.
Bolstered by an image overhaul — including bleached-blonde hair, frosted lips, heavy eye make-up and Carnaby Street fashions — Sinatra made her mark on the American ( and British ) music scene in early 1966 with " These Boots Are Made for Walkin '", its title inspired by a line in Robert Aldrich's 1963 western comedy 4 for Texas starring her father and Dean Martin.
A new generation of Australian garage rock bands, inspired mainly by The Stooges and MC5, was coming even closer to the sound that would soon be called " punk ": In Brisbane, The Saints also recalled the raw live sound of the British Pretty Things, who had made a notorious tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1965.
Bands primarily inspired by British punk sparked what became known as the Neue Deutsche Welle ( NDW ) movement.
About the same time, a British blues scene developed, initially led by purist blues followers such as Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies who were directly inspired by American musicians such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Howlin ' Wolf.
Earlier, there was a strong romantic nationalist element mixed with Enlightenment rationalism in the rhetoric used in British North America, in the colonists ' Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution of 1787, as well as the rhetoric in the wave of revolts, inspired by new senses of localized identities, which swept the American colonies of Spain, one after the other, from 1811.
Judith Merril's annual anthologies ( 1957 – 1968 ), Damon Knight's Orbit series, and Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions featured American writers inspired by British writers ( although some of the writers anthologized were British ).

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