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Bronze and Level
Additional subscription options of EverQuest, free-to-play Bronze Level, and a reduced-cost Silver Level, were made available in March 2012.
In any case, the inscription, corresponding to the Middle Bronze Level I period ( contemporary with the end of the Third Dynasty of Ur, ca 2000 BC ), allowed the site of Tell Mardikh to be identified with Ebla.
Tell Atchana was excavated by the British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley in the years 1937-1939 and 1946 – 1949, during which palaces, temples, private houses and fortification walls were discovered, in 17 archaeological levels reaching from late Early Bronze Age ( Level XVII, ca.
2200 — 2000 BC to Late Bronze Age ( Level 0, 13th century BC ).
About five hundred cuneiform tablets were retrieved at Level VII, ( Middle Bronze Age ) and Level IV ( Late Bronze Age ).
The syllabus is divided into three categories: Nível Básico ( Basic Level, or " Bronze "), Nível Intermediário ( Intermediate Level, or " Silver "), and Nível Avançado ( Advanced Level, or " Gold ").

Bronze and for
Agate is one of the most common materials used in the art of hardstone carving, and has been recovered at a number of ancient sites, indicating its widespread use in the ancient world ; for example, archaeological recovery at the Knossos site on Crete illustrates its role in Bronze Age Minoan culture.
A special burial ground for infants, a tophetAgelarakis A., “ The Amathous ( tophet ) cremations in Cyprus ”, In D. Christou on “ Human Cremations at the Western Necropolis of Amathous ” < Cremations in Bronze and Early Iron Age >, Proceedings of Int.
Aegean civilization is a general term for the Bronze Age civilizations of Greece around the Aegean Sea.
Bronze was still used during the Iron Age ; for example, officers in the Roman army had bronze swords while foot soldiers had iron ; but, for many purposes, the weaker wrought iron was found to be sufficiently strong.
Bronze was especially suitable for use in boat and ship fittings prior to the wide employment of stainless steel owing to its combination of toughness and resistance to salt water corrosion.
Bronze parts are tough and typically used for bearings, clips, electrical connectors and springs.
Bronze also has very low metal-on-metal friction, which made it invaluable for the building of cannon where iron cannonballs would otherwise stick in the barrel.
Bronze is used to make bronze wool for woodworking applications where steel wool would discolor oak.
Bronze continues into modern times as one of the materials of choice for monumental statuary.
Bronze is the preferred metal for top-quality bells, particularly bell metal, which is about 23 % tin.
Bronze is also used for the windings of steel and nylon strings of various stringed instruments such as the double bass, piano, harpsichord, and the guitar ..
Bronze strings are commonly reserved on pianoforte for the lower pitch tones, as they possess a superior sustain quality to that of high-tensile steel.
Bronze has been used in the manufacture of various types of medals for centuries, and are known in contemporary times for being awarded to the second-runner up in sporting competitions and other events.
The Bronze Age is the second principal period of the three-age system, as proposed in modern times by Christian Jürgensen Thomsen, for classifying and studying ancient societies.
An ancient civilization can be in the Bronze Age either by smelting its own copper and alloying with tin, or by trading for bronze from production areas elsewhere.
Although the Iron Age generally followed the Bronze Age, in some areas, the Iron Age intruded directly on the Neolithic from outside the region except for Sub-Saharan Africa where it was developed independently.
Bronze was an important element in ceremonies and as for mortuary offerings until 100.
The Bronze Star Medal or Bronze Star is an individual military decoration of the United States Armed Forces that may be awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.
The Bronze Star Medal ( without the " V " device ) may be awarded to each member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after 6 December 1941, was cited in orders or awarded a certificate for exemplary conduct in ground combat against an armed enemy after 7 December 1941.
Documents executed since 4 August 1944 in connection with recommendations for the award of decorations of higher degree than the Bronze Star Medal cannot be used as the basis for an award under this paragraph.
The basis for doing this was that the badges were awarded only to soldiers who had borne the hardships which resulted in General Marshall's support of the Bronze Star Medal.

Bronze and Western
Chinese bronzes | Bronze ritual vessel ( You ( vessel ) | You ), Western Zhou Dynasty
Many of the great powers of the High Bronze Age in the Western Mediterranean had either collapsed or been severely weakened.
Great St. Bernard is the most ancient pass through the Western Alps, with evidence of use as far back as the Bronze Age and surviving traces of a Roman road.
* 1970: Western Heritage Awards won Bronze Wrangler Fictional Television Drama for Bonanza episode, " The Wish "
In 1981, he was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame with the Bronze Wrangler Award at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Sources of Western Zhou History: Inscribed Bronze Vessels.
* 1989 Western Heritage Award Bronze Wrangler Theatrical Motion Picture ( Young Guns, 1988 ).
As GDR, they won Bronze in 1972 in Munich, Gold in 1976, and Silver medal in 1980 in Moscow, In absence of boycotting Western nations.
During the Bronze Age, Western Pomerania was part of the Nordic Bronze Age cultures, while east of the Oder river the Lusatian culture dominated.
* 1900 –~ 550 BC ( Bronze Age ): Nordic Bronze Age ( Western Pomerania ), Lusatian Culture ( Eastern Pomerania )
Bronze statue of Brigadier Potts at Kojonup, Western Australia
Notable scholars currently working on the project include Barbara Tsakirgis of Vanderbilt University on the houses of Serra Orlando, Jenifer Neils of Case Western Reserve University on figured pottery, Barbara Barletta of the University of Florida on architectural moldings, Rosa Maria Albanese Procelli and Enrico Procelli, both of the University of Catania on the Bronze Age material, John Kenfield of Rutgers University on architectural terracottas, and Robert Leighton of the University of Edinburgh on the protohistoric settlement on Cittadella.
The U. S. National Gallery of Art defines the Chinese Bronze Age as the " period between about 2000 BC and 771 BC ," a period that begins with Erlitou culture and ends abruptly with the disintegration of Western Zhou rule.
* L. Koryakova, A. Epimakhov, The Urals and Western Siberia in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Cambridge University Press, NY, NY, 2007 ISBN 978-0-521-82928-1
These two thousand years ago ( the equivalent of Central China during the Warring States ~ Western Han ) bronze cultural relics, established the Panzhihua Bronze Age history.
* Dictionary of Western Sculptors in Bronze, 1973, Antique Collector's Club, 1977, 414 pp, ISBN 0-902028-55-3

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