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CAMRA and Pub
CAMRA presents awards for beers and pubs, such as the National Pub of the Year, in which approximately 4, 000 active CAMRA members from 200 local branches vote for their favourite pub.
It is listed in the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA )' s Good Beer Guide and the 2008 Good Pub Guide.
Though unexciting on the outside, its interior is still today, a fine example of this type of architecture, and CAMRA has placed it in its National Inventory of Pub Interiors of Outstanding Historic Interest.
The Sair won the CAMRA National Pub of the Year Award in 1997.
The Crown, a listed building on Church Street, in the West End conservation area, was awarded the Nottingham, then the Nottinghamshire and then the East Midlands CAMRA " Pub of the Year " 2010 awards and now appears in the 2011 edition of the Guide.
The Harp in Chandos Place has received several awards, including London Pub of the Year in 2008 by the Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood, and National Pub of the Year by CAMRA in 2011.
Halesowen is home to two Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) Good Beer Guide listed pubs, the ' Hawne Tavern ' and the ' Waggon and Horses ,' both of which have won the local CAMRA branch Pub of the Year accolade in 2005 and 2006 respectively.
It has a pub called the White Horse, which was the winner of the Ely and District CAMRA Rural Pub of the Year Award 2006, 2010, 2011 and Overall Pub of the Year Award 2011.
In reality, places like the Test Match never operated as a hotel. The Test Match Hotel was awarded the " Pub Grub of the year award " by CAMRA in 1992 presented to the then longest serving managers and chefs Terence and Jean Heath. The Test Match was refurbished a few years ago by its then owners, Hardy and Hansons Kimberley Brewery, and was recognised as the best refurbishment in Britain by CAMRA, reflecting the care and attention given to preserving its distinctive art deco features ( which were recognised as important by English Heritage ).
The Wenlock Arms is a renowned cask ale public house in London, and has been named North London Pub of the Year by the local CAMRA branch on four occasions since it reopened in 1994.
* West Riding Licensed Refreshment Rooms ( on the platform at Dewsbury Station, 2006 runner up CAMRA National Pub of the Year )
* Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ), The Regional Inventory for London, Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest.
The two surveys most often cited, both taken in 2007, are by the British Beer and Pub Association ( BBPA ) and CAMRA.
The pub won the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) award of ' Regional Pub of the Year ' in 1996 / 7, 1998 / 9, 2003 / 4 and again 2007 / 8.
Near the Stadium is The Wellington, CAMRA Bristol & District joint winner of Pub of the Year for 2005.
Chaddleworth's pub, The Ibex, has won several awards including South East Entertainment Pub of the Year 2010 and West Berks CAMRA Community Pub 2009 but has been surrounded in controversy when the landlady Julia Jones stole over £ 15, 000 from the village post office effectively closing the branch.

CAMRA and Heritage
CAMRA has established influence at national government level, including English Heritage, and has been designated by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry as a " super-complainant " to the Office of Fair Trading.

CAMRA and is
The Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) is an independent voluntary consumer organisation based in St Albans, England, whose main aims are promoting real ale, real cider and the traditional British pub.
CAMRA is organised on a federal basis, with numerous independent local branches, each covering a particular geographical area of the UK, that contribute to the central body of the organisation based in St Albans.
The best known CAMRA award is the Champion Beer of Britain, which is selected at the Great British Beer Festival, other awards include the Champion Beer of Scotland and the Champion Beer of Wales.
The scheme functions slightly differently in each area, and is managed by each branch, but the overall rule is that each participating pub is allowed to purchase beer from whatever brewery they wish, but if it the beer is to be promoted as a ' LocAle ' it must come from a brewery within a predetermined number of miles ( which is set by each CAMRA branch, but generally is around 20 or 25 miles, although, the North London branch has set it at 30 miles ) from brewery to pub door, even if it comes from a distribution centre further away ; in addition, each participating pub must keep at least one LocAle for sale at all times.
CAMRA defines perry and pear cider as quite different drinks, stating that " pear cider " as made by the large industrial cidermakers is merely a pear-flavoured drink, or more specifically a cider-style drink flavoured with pear concentrate, whereas " perry " should be made by traditional methods from perry pears only.
Clarke is a lover of Real Ale and has been a member of the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ).
Lytham Beer Festival has been held annually in September since 2007, although this has moved to October in 2012 and is organised by the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre branch of CAMRA.
The British consumer group CAMRA, claim that Greene King is in danger of becoming a monopoly by buying out other breweries and thus potentially limiting choice for the pub consumer.
Also on the A67 is the Carlbury Arms which is listed by CAMRA and has a pudding club, and the Carlbury milestone which is Grade II listed but said to be in poor condition.
Real ale is the name coined by the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) in 1973 for a type of beer defined as " beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide ".

CAMRA and pub
The Junction Inn has won numerous awards including a CAMRA award for best pub.
On the corner of Sweetman Street and Riches Street is The Newhampton-another Victoran corner pub favoured by CAMRA members, with great ale selection and a bowls green.

CAMRA and /
According to CAMRA, pubs are closing due to changing demographics / Islamification

CAMRA and .
In 2009, CAMRA announced that it had reached the 100, 000 members mark and has since surpassed the 144, 000 members mark.
CAMRA publishes the Good Beer Guide, an annually compiled directory of its recommended pubs and brewers ; the Good Cider Guide, an occasionally compiled directory of pubs that sell real Cider ; the Good Bottled Beer Guide, an occasionally compiled review of real ale in a bottle.
CAMRA members receive a monthly newspaper called What's Brewing and a quarterly colour magazine called Beer.
CAMRA supports and promotes numerous beer and cider festivals around the country each year, which are organised by local CAMRA branches around the UK.
CAMRA developed the " National Beer Scoring Scheme " ( NBSS ) as an easy to use scheme for judging beer quality in pubs, to assist CAMRA branches in selecting pubs for the Good Beer Guide.
CAMRA maintains a " National Inventory " of historical notability and of architecturally and decoratively notable pubs.
Awarded ' Champion beer of Britain ' by the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) in 1988.
In Life, the Universe and Everything Slartibartfast has joined the Campaign for Real Time ( or CamTim as the volunteers casually refer to it, a reference to CAMRA ) which tries to preserve events as they happened before time travelling was invented.
In 1993, Adnams Extra won the Champion Beer of Britain ( CBOB )-an award presented by the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) at the annual Great British Beer Festival.
It raised fears as to the future of Gales ' Horndean brewery and some of its beers, and the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ) launched a campaign to encourage Fullers to continue production of the full Gales line at Horndean.
The yearly beer festival organised by the Campaign for Real Ale ( CAMRA ), was held at the theatre until 2008.
In more recent years the are has become noted as leading the trend for the resurgence of back-to-basics, real ale pubs like the CAMRA award-winning Southampton Arms, the Pineapple, and Tapping the Admiral.
In more recent years, commercial perry has also been referred to as " pear cider ", though some organisations ( such as CAMRA ) do not accept this as a name for the traditional drink.

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