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CTCA and provided
The CTCA program of activities was profuse: William Farnum and Mary Pickford on the screen, Elsie Janis and Harry Lauder on the stage, books provided by the American Library Association, full equipment for games and sports -- except that no `` bones '' were furnished for the all-time favorite pastime played on any floor and known as `` African golf ''.

CTCA and whose
Under Fosdick the first executive officer of the CTCA was Richard Byrd, whose name in later years was to become synonymous with activities at the polar antipodes.

CTCA and .
six days after war was declared he appointed Raymond Fosdick chairman of the Commission on Training Camp Activities ( the CTCA ).
Over these voluntary agencies, in 1917-18, the CTCA served as a co-ordinating body in carrying out what Survey called `` the most stupendous piece of social work in modern times ''.

distributed and provided
* To provide resilience in the event of computer failure, multiple DNS servers are usually provided for coverage of each domain, and at the top level, thirteen very powerful root servers exist, with additional " copies " of several of them distributed worldwide via Anycast.
For more complex or proprietary file formats, file viewers are usually provided by the same companies that make the editing software using those formats ( viewers may be distributed free of charge, while editors have to be bought ).
In the historical projects, yarn companies provided patterns approved by the various branches of the armed services ; often they were distributed by local chapters of the American Red Cross.
In practice redundancy is provided both in the form of additional connectivity from server to the network as well as in the servers themselves, using features like RAID 5 or better, distributed server ( multiple networked servers appearing as one server to the users ), VMWare High Availability and Fault Tolerance or Citrix XenApp's load balancing.
He appealed to ALA members to donate books and volunteer for service, and by June 1918 the association had purchased 300, 000 books, sent 1, 349, 000 gift books to camps, and distributed 500, 000 magazines .” In the time after World War I, the services of the Library of Congress towards the war effort provided a new outlook for the American public on the possibilities of what a successful library could accomplish.
The signal that was distributed was 70 Mb / s computer interconnect ( CI ) data and the star coupler provided two redundant paths of either 8 or 16 ports each.
By late 1966, the Diggers opened free stores which simply gave away their stock, provided free food, distributed free drugs, gave away money, organized free music concerts, and performed works of political art.
The San Francisco group known as the Diggers articulated an influential radical criticism of contemporary mass consumer society, and so they opened free stores which simply gave away their stock, provided free food, distributed free drugs, gave away money, organized free music concerts, and performed works of political art.
Middleware in the context of distributed applications is software that provides services beyond those provided by the operating system to enable the various components of a distributed system to communicate and manage data.
The show provided an outlet for soul music for several decades, also spawning a franchise that saw the creation of a record label ( Soul Train Records ) that distributed music by The Whispers, Carrie Lucas, and an up-and-coming group known as Shalamar.
The devices were manufactured by Tandy and distributed by Casio, while Palm provided the PIM software.
13th COSCOM eventually provided one hundred million rations, collected human remains with dignity, executed emergency engineering operations, transported, distributed and stored over one billion dollars in humanitarian relief from both non-governmental and federal sources from across the nation.
The ' Class I ' systems were classified as mainframe systems – and the Series / 1 systems that provided field input to them – that were maintained at and distributed from the three CDPAs.
Clive took £ 160, 000, a vast fortune for the day, while half a million was distributed among the army and navy of the East India Company, and provided gifts of £ 24, 000 to each member of the Company's committee, as well as the public compensation stipulated for in the treaty.
" Richard Rudman, then chairman of the EAS National Advisory Committee explained that near immediate coverage in the national media meant that the media itself provided the warning or alert of what had happened and what might happen as quickly as the information could be distributed.
Good sense is, of all things among men, the most equally distributed ; for every one thinks himself so abundantly provided with it, that those even who are the most difficult to satisfy in everything else, do not usually desire a larger measure of this quality than they already possess.
The cruel ' sport ' was prohibited by the Corporation in 1821 but bulls were still provided at Christmas and the meat distributed to the poor.
The organization held die-ins and sleep-ins, provided freshman orientation for Harvard Medical School students, negotiated successfully with a major pharmaceutical corporation, affected state and national AIDS polices, pressured health care insurers to provide coverage for people with AIDS, influenced the thinking of some of the nation's most influential researchers, served on the Massachusetts committee that created the nation's first online registry of clinical trials for AIDS treatments, distributed information and condoms to the congregation at Cardinal Bernard Francis Law Confirmation Sunday services at Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston, and made aerosolized pentamidine an accessible treatment in New England.
The chief collected tribute from his subjects, provided tribute to the Kabaka, who was the ruler of the kingdom, distributed resources among his subjects, maintained order, and reinforced social solidarity through his decision-making skills.
The MWIU organized occasional strikes, attacked the inadequate relief provided for unemployed workers by the YMCA and other groups, and distributed the MWIU's newspapers. These programs attracted a number of sailors and longshoremen, including Harry Bridges, who subsequently led the west coast longshore strike of 1934.
During its lifespan, GUIs became mainstream in computers ; the internet enabled locally stored databases to become distributed ; and even simple research projects provided better real-world results in data mining.
As the noise is randomly distributed, it is assumed that, provided sufficient items are tested, the rank-ordering of persons along the latent trait by raw score will not change, but will simply undergo a linear rescaling.
Nevertheless, much was achieved: Mobile Rural Development Units focusing on health education trained about 1000 field workers per year in the late 1960s ; hydroelectric schemes such as Nam Pong / Ubon Ratana power station in Khon Kaen and Lam Pao in Kalasin provided electricity ; modern toilets were distributed ; government rice purchase programmes maintained prices.

distributed and for
We have two media for publicizing individual technical activity, a magazine widely distributed both within and without the company, and an information bulletin for engineering personnel distributed to the homes of all engineers.
The separate assumptions of the textbook model imply that the errors are independently, identically, and normally distributed for fixed effects models, that is, that the errors (' s ) are independent and
On January 19, 1879, Alcott and Franklin Benjamin Sanborn wrote a prospectus for a new school which they distributed to potentially interested people throughout the country.
He also kept, grew and distributed the original mould for twelve years, and continued until 1940 to try to get help from any chemist who had enough skill to make penicillin.
Practictioners say such problems are often caused by people repeatedly mis-using their bodies over a long period of time, for example by standing or sitting with their weight unevenly distributed, holding their heads incorrectly, or walking or running inefficiently.
This letter and successive parts were distributed from Bangor ( see External Links below ): in an informal manner, as a kind of diary, Grothendieck explained and developed his ideas on the relationship between algebraic homotopy theory and algebraic geometry and prospects for a noncommutative theory of stacks.
NBP was a dynamic, distributed system for managing AppleTalk names.
In Zion, David put the Ark in the tabernacle he had prepared for it, offered sacrifices, distributed food, and blessed the people and his own household ( 2 Sam.
Candles are distributed for all to hold during the service.
* Native claims to almost all of Alaska were extinguished in exchange for approximately one-ninth of the state's land plus $ 962. 5 million in compensation distributed to 200 local village and 12 Native-owned regional corporations, plus a thirteenth corporation comprising Alaska Natives who had left the state.
Montgomery made a great effort to appear before troops as often as possible, frequently visiting various units and making himself known to the men, often arranging for cigarettes to be distributed.
At three o ' clock, according to Cuthbert, he asked for a box of his to be brought, and distributed among the priests of the monastery " a few treasures " of his: " some pepper, and napkins, and some incense ".
Released in 1989, it has been distributed widely as the shell for the GNU operating system and as the default shell on Linux and.
A typical proposal would involve a debtor making monthly payments for a maximum of five years, with the funds distributed to their creditors.
* Papyrus Platform – The ISIS Papyrus Platform uses BerkeleyDB for its distributed object-relational transaction kernel for adaptive content and process management in enterprise applications
The U. S. Playing Card Company now owns the eponymous Hoyle brand, and publishes a series of rulebooks for various families of card games that have largely standardized the games ' rules in countries and languages where the rulebooks are widely distributed.
Coins without collectible value may be melted down or distributed as bullion for commercial purposes.
Thus, two versions distributed by rival syndicates graced the comics pages for decades.
On April 13, 2007 ( Friday the 13th ), a group of students from The California Tech, Caltech's campus newspaper, arrived and distributed fake copies of The Tech, MIT's campus newspaper, while prospective students were visiting for their Campus Preview Weekend.
Chaste widows were revered as heroes during the Ming and Qing periods, and were deemed so central to China ’ s culture and the fate of all peoples, the Yongle Emperor distributed 10, 000 copies of the Biographies of Exemplary Women ( Lienü Zhuan ) to various non-Chinese countries for their moral instruction.

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