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Canadian and Museum
A French map produced in 1712 ( currently in the Canadian Museum of Civilization ), created by military engineer Jean-Baptiste de Couagne, identified Lake Ontario as " Lac Frontenac ".
During the summer of 1925 Bloomfield worked as Assistant Ethnologist with the Geological Survey of Canada in the Canadian Department of Mines, undertaking linguistic field work on Plains Cree ; this position was arranged by Edward Sapir, who was then Chief of the Division of Anthropology, Victoria Museum, Geological Survey of Canada, Canadian Department of Mines.
* Canadian Wartime Propaganda-Canadian War Museum
Christening information from the bells held by the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Museum has been entered into a searchable data archive that is accessible to any interested web site visitors.
They donated $ 100, 000 to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights after a concert they held in Winnipeg on May 24, 2008.
Fred Graffen, military historian with the Canadian War Museum, estimated in Vietnam Magazine ( Perspectives ) that approximately 12, 000 of these personnel actually served in Vietnam.
The Canadian War Museum
A military museum may be dedicated to a particular or area, such as the Imperial War Museum Duxford for military aircraft, Deutsches Panzermuseum for tanks or the International Spy Museum for espionage, The National World War I Museum for World War I or more generalist, such as the Canadian War Museum or the Musée de l ' Armée.
* The Canadian Museum of Civilisation-The History of Canada's Public Pensions
In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled his mural The Canadians Opposite Lens, a donation to the Canadian War Museum from the Beaverbrook foundation.
The Identity of the Saint Francis Indians, National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, National Museum Of Man Mercury Series ISSN 0316-1854, Canadian Ethnology Service Paper No. 71 ISSN 0316-1862.
* Dr. Gordon M. Day's two-volume Western Abenaki Dictionary ( August 1994 ), Paperback: 616 pages, Publisher: Canadian Museum Of Civilization
* Photograph of Alfred Laroque, a Canadian Papal Zouave, taken at Montreal, Quebec in 1868 by William Notman ( 1826 – 1891 ), housed in the McCord Museum in Montreal.
* Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario
* Mordecai Richler in ' Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall ', Canadian Museum of Civilization
For example, the Oscar statuette won by the Canadian film The Barbarian Invasions ( 2003 ) was until recently on display at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City.
It was originally marketed as an underwater telegraph, rather than as sonar, but was later very successful, its Canadian inventor awarded the " Scientific American Magazine Gold Medal of Safety " in 1929 from the American Museum of Safety, an organization for ship captains ; some were still in use during World War II.
* The Canadian Museum of Civilization — Greece Secrets of the Past
On its formation, he was part of the first group of inductees into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame and was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1976.
* Canadian War MuseumThe Battle of Vimy Ridge

Canadian and Contemporary
In 2008, Keaggy received the Gold Level Award as the " Best Spiritual / Worship Guitarist ", as voted by readers of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, as well as appearing in the form of vocals and lead guitar on the Richard Cummins CD, Moments, which was nominated for " Best Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year " by the Canadian GMA's, Covenant award.
In 1985, this Division officially became the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.
While living in Montreal, Quebec in 1966, Fraser and poet Leroy Johnson founded the literary magazine Intercourse: Contemporary Canadian Writing ( see Intercourse magazine ).
* Intercourse: Contemporary Canadian Writing Raymond Fraser et al., eds.
*" The Contemporary Canadian Poem Anthology " Toronto, Coach House, 1983.
Open Fields: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets.
* Penguin Book of Contemporary Canadian Women's Short Stories ( 2006 ) ( contributor )
Her publications include in the second person ( Longspoon 1985 ), On the Edge of Genre: The Contemporary Canadian Long Poem ( 1991 ), Making a Difference: Canadian Multicultural Literature ( 1996 ), and a new edition of it, Making a Difference: Multicultural Literatures in English Canada ( 2006 ).
On the Board of NeWest Press ( Edmonton ) since 1981, she is the founder and editor of The Writer as Critic series, which includes, among others, Douglas Barbour's Lyric / Anti-lyric: Essays on Contemporary Poetry, Frank Davey's Canadian Literary Power, Daphne Marlatt's Readings from the Labyrinth, Fred Wah's Faking It: Poetics and Hybridity, Phyllis Webb's Nothing But Brush Strokes, and, most recently, Di Brandt's So This Is the World & Here I Am in It.
* On the Edge of Genre: The Contemporary Canadian Long Poem-1991
edge / wise: part II, Canadian Women ’ s Writing at Century ’ s End, Winnipeg, Contemporary Verse 2, Vol.
Defining Criminal Conduct in Contemporary Canadian Society.
Contemporary icons and rituals, however, have evolved to include elements reflective of Canada and the Canadian monarchy.
In 1999, Shields composed music, which includes " 2 ", for the Canadian Contemporary Dance company La La La Human Steps.
* Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada
In 1985, the newly created Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography ( CMCP ), formerly the Stills Photography Division of the National Film Board of Canada, was affiliated to the National Gallery.
* 1986 Jana Sterbak / Krzysztof Wodiczko, 49 eParallèle, Centre d ' art contemporain canadien / 49th Parallel, Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, New York ; Nexus Gallery of Contemporary Art, Atlanta
She teaches Creative Writing, Canadian Literature, and Contemporary Narrative.
Contemporary Canadian candidates completing general surgery and wishing to pursue cardiac surgery often complete a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship in the United States.
Canadian Foreign Policy: Contemporary Issues and Themes.
The courses offered are: French Immersion ( Grades 9-12 ), Science and Geography of Canada ( Grade 9 ), Contemporary Canadian History, Career Studies, and Civics ( Grade 10 ), World History to the 16th Century ( Grade 11 ), and Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis ( Grade 12 ).
It has also been written upon in the academic study of Coupland ’ s work, " Contemporary American and Canadian Novelists: Douglas Coupland " by Andrew Tate from Manchester University.

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