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Cathedral and Protection
The town has many well-preserved old buildings, Ribe Cathedral, and about 110 houses are under Heritage Protection.
In 1866 he left Liverpool for the vicarage of Wisbech, and in 1867 he was appointed dean of Chester Cathedral, where he gave himself vigorously to the work of restoring the crumbling fabric, collecting nearly £ 100, 000 in five years for this purpose His restoration created a great debate and led in part to formation of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.
In his handling of ancient buildings he was repeatedly opposed by the anti-restorers of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings ( as in the case of the west front of Peterborough Cathedral in 1896 ), but he generally proved the soundness of his judgment by his executed work.
The Holy Protection Cathedral at the Martha and Mary Convent of Mercy.
In 1908-12, Aleksey Shchusev designed the Church of Saints Martha and Mary and the Holy Protection Cathedral, both structures being Art Nouveau renderings of a medieval Novgorod architectural type.
This document has all information concerning not only the Cathedral of the Holy Protection, but the lower church of the Archangel Michael and All the Bodiless Powers, the hospital Church of Sts.

Cathedral and Most
Most notably he was the founder of the Romanesque Wawel Cathedral of which the Silver Bells Tower still remains standing.
Most tourists visit sights such as Milan Cathedral, the Sforza Castle and the Teatro alla Scala, however, other main sights such as the Basilica of Sant ' Ambrogio, the Navigli and the Brera district are less visited and prove to be less popular.
Most of the grandest structures were completed during the 18th century, including the facade and bell towers of the Cathedral, the Colegio Seminario ( today the State Government Palace ), La Alhóndiga ( today part of the Palace of Justice ) and numerous private mansions.
The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit serves as the Archbishop's church.
( The Cathedral also serves as home to the chapels of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and The Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor.
Most Polish coronations took place at the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków, but crownings also occurred in Poznań and at Gniezno Cathedral.
Westminster Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Westminster, currently His Grace The Most Rev.
By February 1894, the Catholic Chapel constructed by the Jesuits was renovated for the first time, on an altar designed by Dr. Jose Rizal to which now stands the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral.
The Cathedral of Siena (), dedicated from its earliest days as a Roman Catholic Marian church and now to Santa Maria Assunta ( Most Holy Mary of Assumption ), is a medieval church in Siena, central Italy.
Saint Louis University traces its origins to the Saint Louis Academy, founded on 16 November 1818 by the Most Reverend Louis Guillaume Valentin Dubourg, Bishop of Louisiana and the Floridas, and placed under the charge of the Reverend François Niel and others of the secular clergy attached to the Saint Louis Cathedral.
The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Hamilton.
The Town of Hamilton became a City in 1897, ahead of the consecration of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity ( Church Of England ), which was under construction at the time, in 1911.
* Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Detroit, Michigan
Most of the neo-Gothic Kilmore Cathedral was built in the late nineteenth-century.
* Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Church of the Most Precious Blood 113 Baxter Street was built by Italians, who as new immigrants were not allowed to worship in the main Churches of Transfiguration and St. Patrick's Old Cathedral.
Most notably the church known as St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, is a collegiate church.
The current Archbishop is The Most Reverend Bernard Longley, who was appointed the ninth Archbishop of Birmingham on 1 October 2009 and installed at the Metropolitan Cathedral and Basilica of Saint Chad on 8 December 2009, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and one of the patronal feasts of the Archdiocese, St Chad being the other.
The see is currently held by the Most Reverend George Stack, 7th Archbishop of Cardiff, who was appointed by the Holy See on 19 April 2011 and installed at St David's Cathedral, Cardiff on 20 June 2011.
Most common was the Romanesque style, as seen at Cormac's Chapel on the Rock of Cashel, and at Clonfert Cathedral in Galway.

Cathedral and Holy
He had been a choir boy at the Holy Name Cathedral and also served as an acolyte to Father O'Brien.
Abakan's sites of interest include Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, " Good Angel of Peace " sculpture, park of topiary art, and many others.
A statue in the Cathedral of Magdeburg that is often assumed to represent Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor | Otto and Edith
The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Wawel Cathedral in Kraków is decorated with Byzantine Frescoes.
The patriarch said, during his Sunday service at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, that restoration of the Bragrationi royal family was a " desirable dream of the Georgian people ".
( Ten years later it will become the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity ).
The Church of the Holy Trinity, Gibraltar becomes Cathedral for the Diocese.
It became the property the Holy Trinity ( Christ Church Cathedral ).
The glorification of Father Herman was performed on August 9, 1970, at Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kodiak, Alaska by the OCA with parallel services at the Synodal Cathedral of Our Lady, Joy of all who Sorrow in San Francisco by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia ( ROCOR ).
His relics were transferred from his grave underneath the church of Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam Chapel on Spruce Island to the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kodiak.
The major portion of his relics are preserved at Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kodiak, Alaska, while his burial site at the Sts.
There are cups claimed to be the Grail in several churches, for instance the Saint Mary of Valencia Cathedral, which contains an artifact, the Holy Chalice, supposedly taken by Saint Peter to Rome in the 1st century, and then to Huesca in Spain by Saint Lawrence in the 3rd century.
* The Holy Grail today in Valencia Cathedral
The Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri has its headquarters at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, downtown.
Interior of the Cathedral of Magdeburg, looking towards the grave of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor | Otto I
* 2004 The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, the largest religious building in Georgia, is consecrated.
They were the First Presbyterian Church and the Roman Catholic Holy Family Cathedral.
* Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor has Charlemagne's vault opened ( see Aachen Cathedral ).
The oldest OCA Russian Orthodox church in the lower forty-eight states, established in 1857, is Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco.
The city's Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom ( 1044 66 ), though completely rebuilt over the years, remains a symbol of this independent-mindedness, rivaling churches of the same name in Novgorod and Kiev, referring to the original Hagia Sophia in Constantinople ( and hence to claims of imperial prestige, authority and sovereignty ).
Her parents were secretly married in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in St. Petersburg in November 1707.
The grave of Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor at the crypt of the Speyer Cathedral | cathedral of Speyer, Germany.
Holy Ghost holes can still be seen today in European churches such as Canterbury Cathedral.
European ethnic groups and East Coast missionary groups constructed St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in 1874, the Greek Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral in 1905 and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Madeleine in 1909.

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