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Charge and Goddess
The Charge is the promise of the Goddess ( embodied by the High Priestess ) to all witches that she will teach and guide them.
included a copy of Crowley's The Blue Equinox which includes all of the Crowley quotations in the Charge of the Goddess.
Several different versions of a Wiccan Charge of the God have since been created to mirror and accompany the Charge of the Goddess.
The Charge of the Goddess is recited during most rituals where the priestess is expected to represent, and / or embody, the Goddess within the sacred circle.
The Charge of the Goddess is also known under the title Leviter Veslis.
Like the Charge found in Freemasonry, where the charge is a set of instructions read to a candidate standing in a temple, the Charge of the Goddess was intended to be read immediately before an initiation.
*" The Sources of the Charge of the Goddess " an analysis by Ceisiwr Serith
* Charge of the Star Goddess -- Starhawk
Doreen Valiente wrote much of the best-known poetry, including the much-quoted Charge of the Goddess.
Within many forms of Wicca the Goddess has come to be considered as a universal deity, more in line with her description in the Charge of the Goddess, a key Wiccan text.
For example, Doreen Valiente's text The Charge of the Goddess used materials from The Gospel of Aradia by Charles G. Leland ( 1899 ), as well as material from Aleister Crowley's writings.
The scholar of Religious Studies Graham Harvey noted that a poem known as the Charge of the Goddess remains central to the liturgy of most Wiccan groups.
In support of this philosophy, many Wiccans cite the Charge of the Goddess, which says " All acts of Love and Pleasure are My rituals ".
In support of this philosophy, many Wiccans cite the Charge of the Goddess, which says " All acts of Love and Pleasure are My rituals ".
The " Charge of the Goddess ", a part of Gardnerian ritual liturgy, instructs Wiccans to practice ritual in the nude.
Not all traditional Wiccans follow the Rede ; Gardnerians ( a sect under Wicca ) espouse the Charge of the Goddess as a guide for morality.
Portions of Leland's text influenced the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, especially the Charge of the Goddess.
Valiente dramatically rewrote sections such as the Charge of the Goddess and also wrote several poems for the book, such as The Witches Rune.
The Wiccan Charge of the Goddess is an example of such a pre-established recitation.
Subsequently becoming the High Priestess of his Bricket Wood coven, she helped him to produce or adapt many important scriptural texts for Wicca, such as The Witches Rune and the Charge of the Goddess, which were incorporated into the early Gardnerian Book of Shadows.

Charge and is
Charge is possessed not just by matter, but also by antimatter, each antiparticle bearing an equal and opposite charge to its corresponding particle.
Charge is the fundamental property of forms of matter that exhibit electrostatic attraction or repulsion in the presence of other matter.
Charge taken from one material is moved to the other material, leaving an opposite charge of the same magnitude behind.
Among them is Charge !, a leading international fanzine exclusively for miniature wargaming enthusiasts for the American Civil War period.
Charge bargaining in weak cases is not the exception ; it is the norm all around the country.
* December 1 – Vietnam War: The first draft lottery in the United States is held since World War II ( on January 4, 1970, the New York Times will run a long article, " Statisticians Charge Draft Lottery Was Not Random ").
The Explosively Formed Penetrator ( EFP ) is also known as the Self-Forging Fragment ( SFF ), Explosively Formed Projectile ( EFP ), SElf-FOrging Projectile ( SEFOP ), Plate Charge, and Misznay-Schardin ( MS ) Charge.
Charge flow in a BJT is due to bidirectional diffusion of charge carriers across a junction between two regions of different charge concentrations.
" Sperk ", as described in Matter, is a mood-and energy-enhancing drug, while other such self-produced drugs include " Calm ", " Gain ", " Charge ", " Recall ", " Diffuse ", " Somnabsolute ", " Softnow ", " Focal ", " Edge ", " Drill ", " Gung ", and " Crystal Fugue State ".
The 72nd Pennsylvania is seen briefly during Picketts Charge, and when the Confederates try to overrun the Union defenses.
In the early years he is rather given to sudden and short-lived infatuations, under the influence of which he proposes to Florence Craye ( in Jeeves Takes Charge, the second story in terms of publication and the first in the internal timeline of the books ), to Pauline Stoker, and to Bobbie Wickham.
The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, with its galloping hoofbeat rhythm, is a prime late Victorian example of this, though Rudyard Kipling had written a scathing reply, The Last of the Light Brigade, criticising the poverty in which many Light Brigade veterans found themselves in old age.
Part of the area is within the Central London Congestion Charge Zone.
* In Flashman at the Charge Flashman is forced by Yakub Beg to shoot Congreve rockets against the Russian army during the period of the Crimean War.
This is a play on Field Marshal Pierre Bosquet's memorable line, referring to the Charge of the Light Brigade, C ’ est magnifique, mais ce n ’ est pas la guerre (" It is magnificent, but it is not war ").

Charge and text
Within many forms of Wicca the Goddess has come to be considered as a universal deity, more in line with her description in the Charge of the Goddess, a key Wiccan text.
* Laestadius sermons in text and audio files free of Charge in English, Swedish and Finnish

Charge and often
The announcement of the Community Charge ( often referred to as the Poll Tax ) during 1989 and the onset of a recession shortly before Thatcher's resignation had seen Tory support plunge in the opinion polls, most of which were showing a double-digit Labour lead and making it seem likely that Neil Kinnock would be the next prime minister.
* Battlefield losses were also the result of betrayal and incompetence on the part of certain subordinates of General Lee, such as General James Longstreet, who was reviled for doubting Lee at Gettysburg, and George Pickett, who led the disastrous Pickett's Charge that broke the South's back ( the Lost Cause focused mainly on Lee and the eastern theater of operations, and often cited Gettysburg as the main turning point of the war ).
" We Charge Genocide: The Crime of Government Against the Negro People ", often shorted to " We Charge Genocide ", was a petition presented to the United Nations in 1951, arguing that the U. S. federal government, by its failure to act against lynching in the United States, was guilty of genocide under Article II of the UN Genocide Convention.
For example, the announcers often play the " Charge " fanfare to accompany the home team entering the visitor's side of the court with possession of the ball.

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