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City and Leadership
The City of Navasota earned a 2011 Gold Leadership Award from the Texas Comptroller's Office for efforts in transparency.
Other honors have included: The New York State Senate Liberty Award, the Golden Star Leadership Award, Los Angeles, California ; Special Achievement Award, Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office, City of New York ; Man of the Year Award, Honor Legion, Police Department – City of New York ; Man of the Year Award, Detective ’ s Endowment Association, Police Department – City of New York ; Man of the Year Award, Brooklyn Law School, LELSA ; 2 Distinguished Service Awards, U. S. Department of Homeland Security ; DEA Administrator's Award, U. S. Department of Justice, DEA ; Distinguished Person of the Year, NYC Correction Captains Association ; Distinguished Service Award, New York Shields ; Distinguished Service Award, New York City Retired Detective's Association ; Dedication and Commitment Award, NYC Correction Officer ’ s Association and the President ’ s Appreciation Award, NYC Correction Guardians Association.
Missouri's Youth in Government holds a program called the Executive Branch Leadership Institute ( EBLI ) every spring, in which 30-40 students travel to Jefferson City to shadow a state department for two days.
* CIBC Leadership Centre: In 2001, the King City facility was sold to Benchmark Hospitality as the bank began to divest real estate or investment in areas outside of its business strategies
The building was the first commercial office building in New York City to receive the U. S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED ) certification, where it won a gold rating.
Constructed using 18 tonnes of recycled steel from a demolished gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum, its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED ) certification earned the building a Green Design Award from the City of Toronto.
Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1981 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1985 ; Award of Excellence, by the Triangle J Council of Governments, in 1985 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Research Triangle Group of the Sierra Club, in 1986 ; Service Award, by the Orange-Chatham Alliance for the Mentally Ill ; Triangle Conservation Award, by the Triangle Land Conservancy, in 1987 ; Consumer Advocate of the Year, by the North Carolina Consumers Council, in 1987 ; Honorary Citizenship of the City of Raleigh, by Mayor Avery Upchurch, in 1987, for efforts in the passage of the phosphate detergent limitation ; Resolution of Appreciation, by the Governor's Crime Commission, in 1987 ; Service Award, by the Joint Orange Chatham Community Action, Inc. Board of Directors, in 1988 ; Service Award, by the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, in 1988 ; Legislative Award, by the North Carolina Chapter, American Planning Association, in 1989 ; Legislative Award, by the N. C. Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the N. C. Pediatric Society, in 1989 ; Appreciation Award, by the Chatham County Advisory Council of the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service, in 1990 ; " Best Bets For 1990 ", by the Center For Policy Alternatives, Sustainable Growth Program, in 1990, " For Leadership in Reducing Environmental Hazards by Sponsoring Legislation to Establish Free Disposal Sites for Used Tires "; Service Award, by the Environmental Quality and Natural Resources Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference, in 1991, " In Appreciation For His Outstanding Leadership As Chairman .... 1989-1991 "; Recycling Merit Award, by the North Carolina Recycling Association in 1991 ; Appreciation Award, by the North Carolina Property Mappers Association, in 1993 ; Jake Alexander Public Service Award, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Driving Drunk, and the Governor's Highway Safety Program, in 1993 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1996 ; Legislator of the Year, by North Carolina Citizen Action, for " your years of outstanding leadership and dedication to the fair protection of North Carolina families, workers and environment ", in 1996 ; Certificate of Commendation, by the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, for " persistence and legislative commitment to improving mental health in North Carolina ", in 1997 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1998 ; Friend of Education Award, by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Association of Educators, in 1999 ; Public Service Award, by the Child Care Services Association, for " outstanding advocacy and service on behalf of young children and their families ", in 2003.
The approach builds on the college ’ s London Leadership Strategy, which forms part of the City Challenge.
Guerriero is the recipient of the U. S. Mayor's Association 2000 City Livability Award for his nationally recognized " Civility Initiative " and the 1998 Fenn Award for Political Leadership from the John F. Kennedy Library's New Frontier Society.
Cisneros received the 2002 National Inner City Leadership Award from the United States Conference of mayors, honoring him for his work in promoting the revitalization of city economies.
* Leadership in Local Government Award, American City & County magazine, 1987
* National Inner City Leadership Award, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, April 2002
The Corporate Leadership Team includes: Brad Parker, Chief Constable, PMPD ; Remo Faedo, Fire Chief, PMFD ; Paul Rockwood, Director of Corporate Services ; Ron Higo, Director of Community Services ; Lynne Russell, Director of Library Services ; Colleen Rohde, City Clerk ; Tim Savoie, Director of Development Services ; Angie Parnell, Manager of Human Resources.
Cleaver then moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he founded a branch of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and received a Master of Divinity degree from St. Paul School of Theology.
* Centre for Cities ' City Leadership ' report
US EPA Kansas City Science & Technology Center. aka green building This facility features the following green attributes: * Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design | LEED 2. 0 Gold certified * Green Power * Native Landscaping
In 2007, Spring Woods had two students qualify for National Leadership Conference at New York City.
She is a member of the board of Freedom House, the Leadership Council of Habitat for Humanity's New York City chapter, the board of the Women's Foreign Policy Group, and the board of directors of Opportunity International.
Past projects include Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, Bread for the City, Hope and a Home, DC Central Kitchen, and Facilitating Leadership in Youth.

City and who
A lone pro-Hearst voice from New York City was that of William Devery, who had been expelled as a Tammany leader but still claimed strong influence in his own district.
Registered Democrats in New York City this year have the opportunity to elect their party's candidates for Mayor and other municipal posts and the men who will run their party organization.
As this year marks the centennial of the beginning of the Civil War, this fact is being commemorated with several exhibits throughout the State, but most of all paying tribute to the first Rhode Island Volunteers who rushed to the defense of the City of Washington, putting at the disposal of President Lincoln the only fully equipped and best trained regiment at this time.
the attitudes of a U.N. delegate who experiences difficulty in finding adequate housing in New York City, or of a foreign diplomat in similar circumstances in our Capital, can easily be directed against the United States and all that it stands for.
The Kansas City and the Topeka KCs are arranging that Juniors who win at their shows will be qualified to win points for Westminster.
`` Actually, the abuse of the process may have constituted a contempt of the Criminal court of Cook county, altho vindication of the authority of that court is not the function of this court '', said Karns, who is a City judge in East St. Louis sitting in Cook County court.
The Mayor declined in two interviews with reporters yesterday to confirm or deny the reports that he had decided to run and wanted Mr. Screvane, who lives in Queens, to replace Abe Stark, the incumbent, as the candidate for President of the City Council and Mr. Beame, who lives in Brooklyn, to replace Mr. Gerosa as the candidate for Controller.
`` Farmers aren't as price conscious as last year so we can get more money on a sale '', says Jack Martin, who sells J. I. Case tractors and implements in Sioux City, Iowa.
As roommates, teammates, and home-run mates, Mantle, 29, who broke in with the Yankees ten years ago, and Maris, 26, who came to the Yankees from Kansas City two years ago, have strikingly similar backgrounds.
Chairman Mills himself, who had been a Civil War colleague of Doubleday and a member of the honor guard for Doubleday's body as it lay in state in New York City, never recalled hearing Doubleday describe his role as the inventor.
The movie, which is influenced by Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector, centers around two Mexicans who are mistaken for government inspectors from Mexico City by the corrupt mayor of a small town.
Alfonso Cuarón was born in México City and is the son of Alfredo Cuarón, a nuclear physicist who worked for the United Nations ' International Atomic Energy Agency for many years.
In Peru and Rio de la Plata many powerful figures proposed an American Monarchy such as those who wanted an independent Peruvian king of the still alive Inca Royal House, and those who requested a Prince of the Spanish house of Bourbon to come and rule directly in Lima, Mexico City or Bogota, as the Portuguese House of Orleans-Braganza had done in Rio de Janeiro.
Arnulf was greeted at the Ponte Milvio by the Roman Senate who escorted him into the Leonine City, where he was received by Pope Formosus on the steps of the Santi Apostoli.
Notable in the late ' 80s were All Star Fresh of King Bee topping charts with: " Back by Dope Demand " in early 1990 and Rudeboy of Urban Dance Squad who, at the time, were arguably more widely known in New York City than the Netherlands.
Nin left Paris in the late summer of 1939, when residents from overseas were urged to leave France due to the upcoming war and returned to New York City with Guiler ( who was, on his own wish, all but edited out of her diaries published in her lifetime and whose role in her life is therefore difficult to gauge ).
The city is also famous for the Convento de Jesus ( now known as the City Museum " Santa Joana "), built in the 15th century, which contains the tomb of the daughter of Afonso V, St. Joana, who died in 1490.
In 1981, a split-season format forced the first ever divisional playoff series, in which the New York Yankees won the Eastern Division series over the Milwaukee Brewers ( who were in the American League until 1998 ) in five games while the Oakland Athletics swept the Kansas City Royals in three games in the Western Division.
Lord John Russell, the Whig leader who had succeeded Peel as Prime Minister and like Rothschild a member for the City of London, introduced a Jewish Disabilities Bill to amend the oath and permit Jews to enter Parliament.
A group of Liberal opponents of the merger with the Social Democrats, including Michael Meadowcroft ( formerly Liberal MP for Leeds West ) and Paul Wiggin ( who served on Peterborough City Council as a Liberal ), continued under the old name of " the Liberal Party ".
Birmingham City Council offered loans to those who were unable to repair their properties, and the area has now made a full recovery.
For instance, in 1962, Bob Jones, Sr. warned the Greenville City Council that he had “ four hundred votes in his pocket and in any election he would have control over who would be elected .”

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