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City and Planning
It was during that period that current City Planning Department Director Amanda Burden worked on Battery Park City.
* Gordon, David L. A. ( 1997 ) Battery Park City: Politics and Planning on the New York Waterfront, Gordon and Breach Publishers
The Greek Hippodamus of Miletus ( c. 407 BC ) has been dubbed the " Father of City Planning " for his design of Miletus ; the Hippodamian, or grid plan, was the basis for subsequent Greek and Roman cities.
His mother, Ruth Hilda ( née Holmes ; 1916 – 1991 ), taught at an elementary school and was a liberal activist, while his father, Edmund Norwood Bacon ( May 2, 1910 – October 14, 2005 ), was a well-respected architect and a prominent Philadelphian who had been Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for many years.
Planning permission was granted in July 2004, and in September 2006, Liverpool City Council agreed to grant Liverpool a 999-year lease on the proposed site.
The Institute offers graduate programs leading to academic degrees such as the Master of Science ( SM ), various Engineer's Degrees, Doctor of Philosophy ( PhD ), and Doctor of Science ( ScD ); professional degrees such as Master of Architecture ( MArch ), Master of Business Administration ( MBA ), Master of City Planning ( MCP ), Master of Engineering ( MEng ), and Master of Finance ( MFin ); and interdisciplinary graduate programs such as the MD / PhD ( with Harvard Medical School ).
After he was discharged, in 1956 Foster won a place at the University of Manchester School of Architecture and City Planning.
These reforms included guarantees to ensure the Ottoman subjects perfect security for their lives, honour, and property ; the introduction of the first Ottoman paper banknotes ( 1840 ) and opening of the first post offices ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the finance system according to the French model ( 1840 ); the reorganization of the Civil and Criminal Code according to the French model ( 1840 ); the establishment of the Meclis-i Maarif-i Umumiye ( 1841 ) which was the prototype of the First Ottoman Parliament ( 1876 ); the reorganization of the army and a regular method of recruiting, levying the army, and fixing the duration of military service ( 1843 – 44 ); the adoption of an Ottoman national anthem and Ottoman national flag ( 1844 ); the first nationwide Ottoman census in 1844 ( only male citizens were counted ); the first national identity cards ( officially named the Mecidiye identity papers, or informally kafa kağıdı ( head paper ) documents, 1844 ); the institution of a Council of Public Instruction ( 1845 ) and the Ministry of Education ( Mekatib-i Umumiye Nezareti, 1847, which later became the Maarif Nezareti, 1857 ); the abolition of slavery and slave trade ( 1847 ); the establishment of the first modern universities ( darülfünun, 1848 ), academies ( 1848 ) and teacher schools ( darülmuallimin, 1848 ); establishment of the Ministry of Healthcare ( Tıbbiye Nezareti, 1850 ); the Commerce and Trade Code ( 1850 ); establishment of the Academy of Sciences ( Encümen-i Daniş, 1851 ); establishment of the Şirket-i Hayriye which operated the first steam-powered commuter ferries ( 1851 ); the first European style courts ( Meclis-i Ahkam-ı Adliye, 1853 ) and supreme judiciary council ( Meclis-i Ali-yi Tanzimat, 1853 ); establishment of the modern Municipality of Istanbul ( Şehremaneti, 1854 ) and the City Planning Council ( İntizam-ı Şehir Komisyonu, 1855 ); the abolition of the capitation ( Jizya ) tax on non-Muslims, with a regular method of establishing and collecting taxes ( 1856 ); non-Muslims were allowed to become soldiers ( 1856 ); various provisions for the better administration of the public service and advancement of commerce ; the establishment of the first telegraph networks ( 1847 – 1855 ) and railroads ( 1856 ); the replacement of guilds with factories ; the establishment of the Ottoman Central Bank ( originally established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( Dersaadet Tahvilat Borsası, established in 1866 ); the Land Code ( Arazi Kanunnamesi, 1857 ); permission for private sector publishers and printing firms with the Serbesti-i Kürşad Nizamnamesi ( 1857 ); establishment of the School of Economical and Political Sciences ( Mekteb-i Mülkiye, 1859 ); the Press and Journalism Regulation Code ( Matbuat Nizamnamesi, 1864 ); among others.
The Greek Hippodamus ( c. 407 BC ) has been dubbed the " Father of City Planning " for his design of Miletus ; Alexander commissioned him to lay out his new city of Alexandria, the grandest example of idealized urban planning of the ancient Mediterranean world, where the city's regularity was facilitated by its level site near a mouth of the Nile.
Works such as Ildefons Cerda's General Theory of Urbanization ( 1867 ), Camillo Sitte ’ s City Planning According to Artistic Principles ( 1889 ), and Robinson ’ s The Improvement of Cities and Towns ( 1901 ) and Modern Civic Art ( 1903 ), all were primarily concerned with urban design, as did the later City Beautiful movement in North America.
Elements of " Critical Reconstruction " were also reflected in the overall strategic planning document for downtown Berlin, entitled " Inner City Planning Framework ".
** Town and Country Planning Association, originally known as the Garden City Association
Subsequently in 1979, in the US, the University of California, Berkeley appointed him to two professorships ; Professor of Sociology, and Professor of City and Regional Planning.
* Peter Calthorpe & William Fulton, The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl, ISBN 1-55963-784-6
For example, the Dhaka Integrated Transport Studies conducted by the Ministry of Planning in 1991-1994 found that not only did the uncoordinated activities of Dhaka City Corporation ( DCC ), Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha ( RAJUK ) and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority ( BRTA ) not yield the desired effects or alleviate the problems but also that there was no single organization responsible for improving the transport and traffic problems of the city.
Around 1987 many real estate promoters of the neighborhood and newer residents described the boundaries as within East 34th Street, East 42nd Street, Madison Avenue, and the East River ; in 1999, Frank P. Vardy, the demographer for the City Planning Commission, said that the traditional boundary is within East 34th Street, East 40th Street, Madison Avenue, and Third Avenue.
With over 150, 000 residents today, the City Planning Commission continues to attempt a form of managed growth in the early part of 21st century.
The TPO is a Metropolitan Planning Organization ( MPO ) http :// en. wikipedia. org / wiki / Metropolitan_planning_organization, a federally-mandated and federally-funded transportation policy-making organization responsible for transportation planning, programming, and financing of State and Federal Transportation Funds for the City of Fort Pierce.
The School of Architecture and Planning has three graduate programs ( Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City & Regional Planning ) and two undergraduate programs ( Architecture and Environmental Design and Construction Management.
* Herman " Wimpy " Jones, a state senator from 1956 – 1960, also served briefly on the Bossier City Council and Planning Commission and operated the Southern Kitchen restaurant.
In addition, The City also has a Downtown Development Authority, Economic Development Corporation, and a Planning Commission.

City and Commission
Mayor John Lindsay appointed him to the New York City Art Commission in 1969.
A large section of Greenwich Village, made up of more than 50 northern and western blocks in the area up to 14th Street, is part of a Historic District established by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.
* Greenwich Village Historic District – map from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission
On its abolition, Morton commented that it was " essential for Sydney's progress " and replaced the City Council with a Commission, headed by another former Liberal leader, Vernon Treatt.
The Roman Curia can be loosely compared to cabinets in governments of countries with a Western form of governance, but only the Second Section of the Secretariat of State, known also as the Section for Relations with States, the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and the Congregation for Catholic Education, can be directly compared with specific ministries of a civil government.
The NYPD's history division records that Roosevelt was " an iron-willed leader of unimpeachable honesty, ( who ) brought a reforming zeal to the New York City Police Commission in 1895.
In 1853 he became Inspector of Charities and was later Assistant Commissioner on the Royal City Charities Commission, about which he published several books.
* General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns ( New York City ) ( GCCUIC )
The pope delegates legislative authority for the state to the unicameral Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State.
The President of the Pontifical Commission is also the President of the Governorate of Vatican City, to whom the pope delegates executive authority for the state.
* October 18 – In New York City, the Knapp Commission begins public hearings on police corruption.
In 2003, the cathedral was designated a landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission ; however, shortly thereafter, the designation was unanimously overturned by the New York City Council, some of whose members favored landmark status for the cathedral's entire footprint, rather than just the building.
* New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, " Designation List 347 " ( 2003 )
The Lord Mayor is also the head of the Commission of Lieutenancy, which represents the Sovereign in the City of London ( other counties usually have Lord Lieutenants, as opposed to Commissions ), and annually attends the Treloar Trust ( named after Sir William Treloar, Lord Mayor in 1906 ), in Hampshire.
In 1907 the Bronx River Commission was established to acquire the necessary lands to eliminate nuisance conditions along the river's banks and improve its water quality through a joint undertaking between New York City and Westchester County.
The city is governed by a Mayor elected at-large and a 5 Member City Commission representing 5 individual Single-Member District.
The City Commission meets on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month at 5: 30 pm at City Hall.
In addition to the above Olmsted helped to raise three colored ( African American ) regiments in New York City and organized a fair which raised one million dollars for the United States Sanitary Commission.
Many of SOM's post-war designs have become icons of American modern architecture, including the Manhattan House ( 1950 ), designated as a New York City landmark in 2007 by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission ; and the Lever House ( 1952 ), also in New York City ; as well as the Air Force Academy Chapel ( 1958 ) in Colorado Springs, Colorado ; and the John Hancock Center ( 1969 ) and Sears Tower ( 1973 ), both in Chicago.

City and on
The City of Miami recently yielded a prior claim of $8.5 million on the Graves Tract to clear the way for the project.
The new City Charter, which should get a Yes vote as Question No. 1 on Nov. 7, would not make a good Mayor out of a bad one.
The skyline, the bridges, Broadway, and the Staten Island ferry are only a few of the spots to put on your `` must '' list for New York City.
On the other hand, a similar attack might have been made on City B whose population was known to be lousy.
The last time I saw Bird, at Jimbo's Bob City, he was so gone -- so blind to the world -- that he literally sat down on me before he realized I was there.
Anticipating delivery of medicines and yeast by plane, Granite City citizens formed an airfield committee and with the aid of quarrymen and the 172nd Infantry, Vermont National Guard, laid out runways on Wilson flat, high on Millstone Hill.
Mr. Notte was responding to a resolution adopted by the Central Falls City Council on July 10 and sent to the state house by Miss Grant.
The Central Falls City Council expressed concern especially that more foods be placed on the eligible list and that neighborhood grocery and variety stores be allowed to do business on Sunday.
City Controller Alexander Hemphill charged Tuesday that the bids on the Frankford Elevated repair project were rigged to the advantage of a private contracting company which had `` an inside track '' with the city.
The announcement that the city would sue for recovery on the performance bond was made by City Solicitor David Berger at a press conference following a meeting in the morning with Wagner and other officials of the city and the PTC as well as representatives of an engineering firm that was pulled off the El project before its completion in 1959.
The detailed rundown on the Kansas City scoring in the sixth went like this:
`` Farmers aren't as price conscious as last year so we can get more money on a sale '', says Jack Martin, who sells J. I. Case tractors and implements in Sioux City, Iowa.
Several of the sights on her trip inspired her, and they found their way into her poem, including the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the " White City " with its promise of the future contained within its alabaster buildings ; the wheat fields of America's heartland Kansas, through which her train was riding on July 16 ; and the majestic view of the Great Plains from high atop Zebulon's Pikes Peak.
The tune came to him while he was on a ferryboat trip from Coney Island back to his home in New York City, after a leisurely summer day in 1882, and he immediately wrote it down.
* 1789 – On the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City, George Washington takes the oath of office to become the first elected President of the United States.
* 1966 – Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crashes in Falls City, Nebraska killing all 42 on board.
Constructed well before 1492 CE, these Ancestral Pueblo towns and villages in the Southwestern United States were located in various defensive positions, for example, on high steep mesas such as at Mesa Verde or present-day Acoma Pueblo, called the " Sky City ", in New Mexico.
* 1947 – Texas City Disaster: An explosion on board a freighter in port causes the city of Texas City, Texas, to catch fire, killing almost 600.
On flowing out of the lake it passes through Thun, and then flows through the city of Bern, passing beneath eighteen bridges and around the steeply-flanked peninsula on which the Old City is located.
* 1922 – The first radio advertisement is broadcast on WEAF-AM in New York City.

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