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Conservative and Party
* 1992 – John Major's Conservative Party wins an unprecedented fourth general election victory in the United Kingdom.
In the British general election the following year, Michael Howard promised to work towards having the prohibition removed if the Conservative Party gained a majority of seats in the House of Commons, but the election was won by Blair's Labour Party.
Ann Noreen Widdecombe ( born 4 October 1947 ) is a former British Conservative Party politician and has been a novelist since 2000.
He played an instrumental role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party after the Corn Laws schism of 1846.
Although he was a major figure in the protectionist wing of the Conservative Party after 1844, Disraeli's relations with the other leading figures in the party, particularly Lord Derby, the overall leader, were often strained.
An alliance of pro free-trade Conservatives ( the " Peelites "), Radicals, and Whigs carried repeal, and the Conservative Party split: the Peelites moved towards the Whigs, while a " new " Conservative Party formed around the protectionists, led by Disraeli, Bentinck, and Lord Stanley ( later Lord Derby ).
" If the remainder of the Conservative Party could muster the electoral support necessary to form a government, then Disraeli was now guaranteed high office.
This purchase allowed him to stand for the county, which was " essential " if one was to lead the Conservative Party at the time.
As well as the end of Gladstone's formal association with the Conservative Party.
Disraeli even favoured certain concessions to the " free traders " in order to broaden the support for the Conservative Party.
Because of the split in the Conservative Party and because of Disraeli's unpopularity, arising from the budget fight of 1852, which is outlined above, no Conservative reconciliation remained possible so long as Disraeli remained leader in the House of Commons.
This act was unpopular with the right wing of the Conservative Party, most notably Lord Cranborne ( later the Marquess of Salisbury ), who resigned from the government and spoke against the bill, accusing Disraeli of " a political betrayal which has no parallel in our Parliamentary annals.
Disraeli's efforts over the past two years had dispelled, for the time being, any doubts about him succeeding Derby as leader of the Conservative Party and therefore Prime Minister.
The proposal divided the Conservative Party while reuniting the Liberals under Gladstone's leadership.
After six years in opposition, Disraeli and the Conservative Party won the election of 1874, giving the party its first absolute majority in the House of Commons since the 1840s.
In the 1920s, the Labour Party permanently replaced the Liberals as the largest opponent of the Conservative Party in British politics, and the Liberals went into decline, which culminated in their winning as few as 6 seats at general elections during the 1950s.
After nearly becoming extinct in the 1940s and 50s, the Liberal Party revived its fortunes somewhat under the leadership of Jo Grimond in the 1960s, by positioning itself as a radical centrist non-socialist alternative to the Conservative and Labour Party governments of the time.
In 1841 the Liberals lost office to the Conservative Party under Sir Robert Peel, but their period in opposition was short, because the Conservatives split over the repeal of the Corn Laws, a free trade issue, and a faction known as the Peelites ( but not Peel himself, who died soon after ), defected to the Liberal side.

Conservative and still
Bentinck, then still Conservative leader in the Commons, joined Disraeli in speaking and voting for the bill, although his own speech was a standard one of toleration.
Lloyd George still claimed to be leading a Liberal government, but he was increasingly under the influence of the rejuvenated Conservative party.
During the 2005 Conservative leadership contest, eventual winner David Cameron pledged to withdraw the Conservatives from the EPP-ED coalition, while opponent David Davis argued in a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph that the current ED arrangement allowed the Conservatives to maintain suitable distance from EPP while still having influence in the largest parliamentary grouping.
Since the Enlightenment large synagogues have often adopted the practice of hiring rabbis and hazzans to act as shatz and baal kriyah, and this is still typically the case in many Conservative and Reform congregations.
The Sun newspaper, still at this stage supporting the Conservative Party, had lost faith in Major and declared its support for Redwood in the leadership election, running the front page headline " Redwood versus Deadwood ".
The UK, like several other states, has sometimes been called a " two-and-a-half " party system, because parliamentary politics is dominated by the Labour Party and Conservative Party, with the Liberal Democrats holding a significant number of seats ( but still substantially less than Labour and the Conservatives ), and several small parties ( some of them regional or nationalist ) trailing far behind in number of seats.
The Conservative Leader Lord Derby became Prime Minister in 1858, but Gladstone – who like the other Peelites was still nominally a Conservative – declined a position in his government, opting not to sacrifice his free trade principles.
In an interview for the Sunday People the same month, he claimed the Conservative Party was " rejoining Enoch " on the European Community but repeated his warning of civil war as the consequence of immigration: " I still cannot forsee how a country can be peaceably governed in which the composition of the population is progressively going to change.
The Conservative Party would have to, preferably at the next election, ask: " Do you intend still to control the laws which you obey, the taxes you pay and the policies of your government?
He was still an MP but had learned that wartime changes in the constituency meant that Caernarfon Boroughs might go Conservative at the next election.
This ruling is still followed in traditional and orthodox circles but has been relaxed in branches like Conservative and Reform Judaism that are less strict in their adherence to traditional Jewish law.
At the time of his defeat he was still popular with rank and file Conservative members and was warmly applauded at the 1975 Party Conference.
During this time, Mulroney was still involved in the Conservative youth wing and was acquainted with the President of the Student Federation, Joe Clark.
Like much of rural northern Florida, Bradford County votes heavily Republican in presidential and congressional races, although still occasionally supporting Conservative Democrats in local and state contests.
Like most of the panhandle, Calhoun County votes heavily Republican in presidential and congressional races, although still occasionally supporting Conservative Democrats in local and state contests.
" via descent ; matrilineal descent still is the rule within Orthodox Judaism, which also holds that anyone with a Jewish mother has an irrevocable Jewish status, and matrilineal descent is the norm in the Conservative movement.
Despite Chamberlain's organisational skills and immense popularity, many Conservatives still mistrusted his Radicalism, and Chamberlain was aware of the difficulties that would be presented by being part of a Liberal Unionist minority leading a Conservative majority.
One of these concessions was amnesty to captured Conservative guerrillas who were still resisting the Juárez government, even though these same guerrillas were executing captured Liberals, which included Melchor Ocampo.
One member of the Senate of Canada who opposed the merger continues to sit as the sole member of the " Progressive Conservative " caucus, and the conservative parties in most Canadian provinces still use the Progressive Conservative name.
The Liberal Democrats are the dominant political party in Cirencester, gaining 9 out of the 10 Cirencester seats available on Cotswold District Council in May 2011, despite this the Conservative Party still have an overall majority on the District Council.
Some evidence suggested that the public generally supported policies proposed by the Conservative Party when they were not told which party had proposed them, indicating that the party still had an image problem.
The Conservative majority of 11, 382 was still large enough to be regarded as a safe seat ; when the sitting MP John Peyton stood down at the 1983 general election to be made a life peer, however, Ashdown had gained momentum after his years of local campaigning.
In 1940, while still serving in the army, Profumo was elected to the House of Commons as a Conservative Member of Parliament ( MP ) for Kettering constituency, Northamptonshire at a by-election on 3 March.

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