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Czech and Egyptologist
The Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Verner maintains, however, that it cannot have been as long as 20 years due to the unfinished state of Neferirkare's Abusir pyramid complex.
The Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Verner who has been excavating the Old Kingdom pyramids on behalf of the University of Prague in Egypt since 1976 concurs with the view that Nyuserre had a reign in excess of 30 years.
The only artifacts known for Shepseskare's reign are several clay sealings from Abusir, where the king may have been buried, and two cylinder seals, according to the respected Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Verner.

Czech and Miroslav
* 1947 – Miroslav Vitous, Czech jazz musician
* 1950 – Miroslav Sládek, Czech politician
* 1951 – Miroslav Dvořák, Czech ice hockey player ( d. 2008 )
The band was co-led by the Austrian-born keyboard player Joe Zawinul and the American saxophonist Wayne Shorter ( and, initially, by Czech bass player Miroslav Vitouš ).
* Miroslav Tichý ( 1926 – 2011 ) was a photographer who took thousands of surreptitious pictures of women in his hometown of Kyjov in the Czech Republic, using homemade cameras constructed of cardboard tubes, tin cans and other at-hand materials.
Miroslav Trejtnar is an acknowledged master puppeteer and teacher of traditional Czech marionette making skills.
Anderson found working with Czech cinematographer Miroslav Ondříček much less rewarding than he had on if .....
This technological marvel was designed by the Czech architects Miroslav Lorenc ( 1896 – 1943 ) and František Lydie Gahura ( 1896 – 1958 ).
* Miroslav Klinger ( 1893 – 1979 ), Czech gymnast
The team featured good players like German international Jan Benda, Russian Dmitri Kvartalnov, Czech Miroslav Hlinka, longtime Jokerit alumni Petri Varis, Finnish top players Antti-Jussi Niemi, Tom Koivisto and Pasi Nurminen on goal.
The Republicans of Miroslav Sládek (, abbreviated to Republikáni or RMS ) is a tiny political party in the Czech Republic.
Due to the Czech Media Council's rules against foreign ownership, the license was granted to a company controlled by Železný-CET21-which, with the legal assistance of Miroslav Šipovič signed a licensing agreement with a joint venture partly owned by CME.
: Miroslav Holub should not be confused with the Czech actor Miloslav Holub.
Miroslav Holub ( 13 September 1923 – 14 July 1998 ) was a Czech poet and immunologist.
The Sokol movement ( from the Slavic word for falcon ) is a youth sport movement and gymnastics organization first founded in Czech region of Austria-Hungary, Prague, in 1862 by Miroslav Tyrš and Jindřich Fügner.
Since 2011 they have been managed by Miroslav Beránek from the Czech Republic.
Her father was Miroslav Jungr, a Czech scientist ; her mother was Ingrid Jungr, a German nurse.
Guests of Honour were Juraj Cervenak ( Slovakia ), Andrzej Sapkowski ( Poland ), Miroslav Zamboch ( Czech Rep .) and Orson Scott Card ( USA ).
Miroslav Horníček ( 10 November 1918 in Plzeň – 15 February 2003 in Liberec ) was a Czech actor, writer, director, artist and theatre theoretician.
| 7496 Miroslavholub || || Miroslav Holub, Czech immunologist, poet and essayist †
Miroslav Kalousek ( b. December 17, 1960 in Tábor ) is a Czech politician, who currently serves as the Finance Minister.
* Miroslav Tyl, Czech politician
* The Genocide of the Czech Jews by Miroslav Karny
Roma Democratic Social Party ( Romská demokratická sociální strana, RDSS ) is a small Czech political party founded on 22 March 2005 and led by Miroslav Tancoš.

Czech and Verner
* 1986 – Tomas Verner, Czech ice skater

Czech and who
In the Czech Republic, anyone who spent more than six months in the UK or France between the years 1980 and 1996 or received transfusion in the UK after the year 1980 is not allowed to donate blood.
As the system in Czech repeatedly produces very weak governments ( a specific problem is that about 15 % of the electorate support the Communists, who are shunned by all the other parties ) there is constant talk about changing it but without much chance of really pushing the reform through.
According to article 37, paragraph 4 of Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms people who do not speak Czech have the right to get an interpreter in a court of law.
The variant English name " Bohemian " was used until the late 19th century, reflecting the original English name of the Czech state derived from the Celtic tribe of Boii who inhabited the area since the 4th century BC.
The Czech President Václav Klaus rejected the term " euroscepticism ", with its purported negative undertones, saying ( at a meeting in April 2012 ) that the expressions for a eurosceptic and his opponent should be " a Euro-realist " and someone who is " Euro-naïve " ( respectively ).
Generally, handguns in the Czech Republic are available to anybody above 21 years of age ( 15, 16 or 18 years under special conditions ) with a clean criminal history who passes tests about gun law and weapon knowledge and a medical inspection ( which may optionally include psychological test ).
The language of the Hattusa tablets was eventually deciphered by a Czech linguist, Bedřich Hrozný ( 1879 – 1952 ), who on 24 November 1915 announced his results in a lecture at the Near Eastern Society of Berlin.
The Hussites ( or Kališníci ; " Chalice People ") were a Christian movement following the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus ( c. 1369 – 1415 ), who became one of the forerunners of the Protestant Reformation.
His mother, of Irish and German descent, had been a reviewer of film and theatre for the Akron Beacon Journal before marrying his father, a businessman of Czech and German descent who worked for the B. F. Goodrich Company.
* Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal, important Talmudic scholar, Jewish mystic, and philosopher who served as a leading rabbi in Prague ( now in the Czech Republic ) for most of his life
The Czech Rafael Kubelik was one notable figure who regularly performed Hartmann's music, and in recent years conductors such as Ingo Metzmacher and Mariss Jansons have brought many works back into the concert hall.
It could be that the reason for the Czech preference of Mieszko was the existence in Bohemia of a mission which followed the precepts of the Byzantine Greek brothers and later saints Cyril and Methodius, who developed and performed the liturgy in the Slavic rite, more readily understood by Mieszko and his subjects.
Czech composers also developed a thriving national opera movement of their own in the 19th century, starting with Bedřich Smetana, who wrote eight operas including the internationally popular The Bartered Bride.
Heydrich was attacked in Prague on 27 May 1942 by a British-trained team of Czech and Slovak soldiers who had been sent by the Czechoslovak government-in-exile to kill him in an operation code named Operation Anthropoid.
Those who were not executed were sent to Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, where only four per cent of Czech prisoners survived the war.
It was 1894, and 26-year old Václav Klement, who was a bookseller in Mladá Boleslav, in today's Czech Republic, which was then part of Austria-Hungary, was unable to obtain spare parts to repair his German bicycle.
Czech linguist Václav Machek proposes Slovak verb " vrepiť sa " ( stick to, thrust into ), or its hypothetical anagram " vperiť sa " ( in Czech, archaic verb " vpeřit " means " to thrust violently ") as an etymological background, and thus translates " upír " as " someone who thrusts, bites ".
Albert himself descended from Béla IV of Hungary through his daughter Ilona whose descendant was a princess of Brieg who became Albert's ancestress the countess of Hainaut and Holland, and from a younger sister of Queen Elisabeth of Bohemia, thus descending from both Constances of Hungary, and also from King Géza II of Hungary through his daughter Elisabeth who married Bedrich of Czech, their daughter being an ancestress of Albert's maternal Bavarian line.
He died in 9 December 1437 at Znojmo (), Moravia ( now Czech Republic ), and as ordered in life, he was buried at Nagyvárad, Hungary ( today Oradea, Romania ), next to the tomb of the king Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary, who was the ideal of the perfect monarch, warrior and Christian for that time and was deeply venerated by Sigismund.
When Jurij was 33 he married Josefa Svoboda ( Jožefa Swoboda ) ( 1771 – 1800 ), a Czech noble from České Budějovice who was 16 at that time.
Czech cultural historian and ethnographer Čeněk Zíbrt, who wrote in detail about the origin of the dance, in his book, Jak se kdy v Čechách tancovalo cites an opinion of František Doucha ( 1840, Květy, p. 400 ) that " polka " was supposed to mean " tanec na polo " ( n. b. the absence of diacritics ), i. e., " a dance in half ", both referring to the half-tempo 2 / 4 and the half-jump step of the dance.
The world record holder is a Czech decathlete Robert Změlík, who achieved 7897 points at a meeting in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, in 1992.
Modern authors from the Czech territory who wrote in other languages ( e. g. German ) are however sometimes considered separately, thus Franz Kafka, for example, who wrote in German ( though he was also fluent in Czech ), is often considered part of Austrian or German literature.

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