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DOC and filename
In computing, DOC or doc ( an abbreviation of ' document ') is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the Microsoft Word Binary File Format.
Some historical documentations may use the DOC filename extension for plain-text file format.
As an example, on the Palm OS, DOC is shorthand for PalmDoc, a completely unrelated format ( commonly using PDB filename extension ) used to encode text files such as ebooks.

DOC and extension
* WordStar 2000 for DOS and UNIX PC do not have a fixed extension but DOC and WS2 were common
During the 1980s, WordPerfect used DOC as the extension of their proprietary format.
Later, in the 1990s, Microsoft chose to use the DOC extension for their proprietary Microsoft Word format.
The worm then searched connected drives and replaced files with extensions JPG, JPEG, VBS, VBE, JS, JSE, CSS, WSH, SCT, DOC, HTA, MP2, and MP3 with copies of itself, while appending the additional file extension VBS.

DOC and was
The 1932 expansion was canonized into DOC regulations in 1966.
The context of ICANN's relationship with the U. S. government was clarified on September 29, 2006 when ICANN signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Department of Commerce ( DOC ).
In addition to Brunello di Montalcino, which must be aged five years prior to release, 6 years for the Riserva, Rosso di Montalcino ( DOC ), made from sangiovese grosso grapes and aged one year, and a variety of Super Tuscan wines are also produced within the comune, as well as the Moscadello sweet white wines for which it was most famous until the development of the Brunello series.
In 1984, it was granted its first Denominazione di origine controllata ( DOC ) in the province of South Tyrol.
In 2009, it was announced that conservation measures ( such as by the DOC ) had met some significant success, and had reduced the possum numbers to less than half of the 1980s levels, a drop from around 70 million to around 30 million animals.
The virus was inside a file called " List. DOC ", which contained passwords that allowed access into 80 pornographic websites.
Audio was generated by a built-in sound and music synthesizer in the form of the Ensoniq Digital Oscillator Chip ( DOC ), which had its own dedicated RAM and 32 separate channels of sound.
The Apple IIGS ' sound was provided by an Ensoniq ES5503 DOC wavetable sound chip, the same chip used in Ensoniq Mirage and Ensoniq ESQ-1 professional-grade synthesizers.
The wine was assigned Denominazione di Origine Controllata ( DOC ) status in December 1990.
When the region was designated as a Denominazione di origine controllata ( DOC ) in 1966, parts of Cherasco, Diano d ' Alba, and Roddi were included with this delimitation of the Barolo zone staying unchanged through the zones promotion to DOCG in 1980.
In Microsoft Word 2007 and later, the binary file format was replaced as the default format by the Office Open XML format, though Microsoft Word can still produce DOC files.
Because the DOC file format was a closed specification for many years, inconsistent handling of the format persists and may cause some loss of formatting information when handling the same file with multiple word processing programs.
The DOC format specification was available from Microsoft on request since 2006 under restrictive RAND-Z terms until February 2008.
It was there in the Distributed Object Computer ( DOC ) group where ACE was released as open source.
The DOC was floated as the agency to supervise the construction of the proposed New Zealand Cycleway, though this is now being managed primarily by the Ministry of Tourism, in coordination with the DOC where appropriate.
In March 2006, a volcanic eruption at the Green Lake of Raoul Island, administered by the Department of Conservation, was believed to have killed DOC worker Mark Kearney.
The need for a DOCG identification arose when the DOC designation was, in the view of many Italian food industries, given too liberally to different products.
Vini ( DOCG – DOC ): Elenco e Riferimenti Normativi al 07. 02. 2006 published by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, which lists every DOC and DOCG wine as of February 2006, together with the dates of the decrees by which the appellation was instituted or modified, and the provinces in which the wine is permitted to be produced.
The first version of Doxygen borrowed code from an early version of DOC ++ ( developed by Roland Wunderling and Malte Zöckler at Zuse Institute Berlin ); later, the Doxygen code was rewritten by Dimitri van Heesch.
The Valpolicella production zone was enlarged to include regions of the surrounding plains when Valpolicella achieved DOC status in 1968.
In 1968, the Valpolicella region received official recognition for quality wine production when it was granted its own DOC.

DOC and also
* LSD – a psychedelic tryptamine, also DMT ; 2C family, DOB, DOC, DOI, DOM – psychedelic phenethylamines
Chardonnay is also found in the Valle d ' Aosta DOC and Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine region.
DOC has created a large number of walking tracks through the island, some which are also open for mountain biking.
It is also found in the Tejo and the Dão DOC where it is grown on vineyard land located at high elevations.
The Trento DOC is also famous.
Stoats, rabbits, mice, rats, cats and hedgehogs remained a problem on the island, but the Department of Conservation ( DOC ) aimed to eradicate them beginning with the poisoning of black rats, brown rats and mice and in August 2011, both Rangitoto and neighbouring Motutapu Islands were officially declared pest-free with both islands now also boasting populations of newly-translocated saddlebacks.
Other word processors, such as OpenOffice. org Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, Google Docs, Apple Pages and AbiWord, can also create and read DOC files, although with some limitations.
DOC also administers the Nature Heritage Fund, and is responsible for rural fire control.
However, these criticised DOC efforts have also been lauded for achieving some success, for both conservationists and farmers, having led to a significant drop in possum populations during the last decades.
Five other DOC workers, who were also living on the island, were forced to evacuate back to New Zealand shortly after the eruption.
However, with DOC recognition also came a large expansion of vineyard areas that were permitted to produce Valpolicella DOC wine including land in the fertile plains of the Po river which tend to produce excessively large yields of grapes with varying qualities.
Often producers will label this wine as Amarone but they may also choose to produce it as Valpolicella DOC wine or even an Indicazione geografica tipica ( IGT ) table wine if they choose to use grape blends outside the DOC requirement.
There was also debate about whether it was even permitted to be included under DOC regulations.
In 2005, the original DOC for Dolcetto di Dogliani Superiore was revoked and replaced by a DOCG ; this wine, which can also be sold under the name Dogliani, is made within a more limited zone than the DOC and the yield of grapes is restricted to 70 quintals per hectare.
It also catalyzes the conversion of 11-deoxycorticosterone ( DOC ) to corticosterone in the mineralocorticoid pathway.
A DOC boat was also used in the search.
It also works closely with DOC and community groups such as Forest and Bird.
According to the revocation report on the IANA website, the U. S. DOC has approved the removal and has also instructed ICANN not to reassign the domain without prior approval from the U. S. Department of Commerce.
* Colli Pesaresi DOC ( Marche ) – Can be made primarily of Verdicchio but can also be blended with Biancame, Pinot gris, Pinot noir ( w / o any maceration prior to fermentation ), Riesling Italico, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay and Trebbiano.
The wastewater effluent can also be a major source of pollution, containing lignins from the trees, high biological oxygen demand ( BOD ) and dissolved organic carbon ( DOC ), along with alcohols, chlorates, heavy metals, and chelating agents.

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