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Daily and Telegraph
* Aage Bohr – Daily Telegraph obituary
* Review The Daily Telegraph, Apr 3, 2010.
The work of Beachcomber is in some ways parallel to that of Myles na gCopaleen, and the influence of both writers is evident in the Peter Simple columns in the Daily Telegraph.
In one instance, the ability to solve a Daily Telegraph crossword in under 12 minutes was used as a test.
* On 29 May 2010 Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws resigned from the Cabinet and was referred to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after the Daily Telegraph newspaper published details of Laws claiming around £ 40, 000 in expenses on a second home owned by a secret gay partner between 2004 and 2009 whilst House of Commons rules have prevented MPs from claiming second home expenses on properties owned by a partner since 2006.
The play received glowing reviews in all the British broadsheets, including The Times: " The Tricycle's latest recreation of a major inquiry is its most devastating "; The Daily Telegraph: " I can't praise this enthralling production too highly ... exceptionally gripping courtroom drama "; and The Independent: " A necessary triumph ".
Among contemporary writers, the satirist Craig Brown has made considerable use of the clerihew in his columns for The Daily Telegraph.
During the 2005 Conservative leadership contest, eventual winner David Cameron pledged to withdraw the Conservatives from the EPP-ED coalition, while opponent David Davis argued in a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph that the current ED arrangement allowed the Conservatives to maintain suitable distance from EPP while still having influence in the largest parliamentary grouping.
Historically, the American film industry portrayed the Foreign Legion as, in the words of Neil Tweedie of The Daily Telegraph, having " a reputation as a haven for cut-throats, crooks and sundry fugitives from justice " and also having many men escaping failed romances.
" " We are certainly putting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ," he told The Daily Telegraph in 2009.
Both The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian described the acquittal as embarrassment to the Brown Ministry.
The Daily Telegraph wrote, " The composer has risen to his opportunity, and we are disposed to account Iolanthe his best effort in all the Gilbertian series.
According to The Daily Telegraph, " statistics show that more than 60 percent of Hungarian mortgages and car loans are denominated in foreign currencies ".
* Mattie Storin worked for The Daily Telegraph.
These terms were described by David Cameron as " unacceptable ", and by The Daily Telegraph as " racist ", and a British Muslim youth organisation called the Prince a " thug ", a statement that was later retracted.
The Daily Telegraph regretted that Germany's ambassador could offer no better basis for improved Anglo-German relations beyond a mutual hatred for a third country.
After being evacuated from Boulogne on 21 May, he returned to France in mid-June ( now representing the Daily Telegraph in addition to The Times ).
* John Philby – Daily Telegraph obituary
In a 2008 story from the Daily Telegraph ( London ), writer David Gritten offered the following observation on " Forever Changes " while discussing a documentary on Love.
The Daily Telegraph wrote that she
* Obituary of Caminer Daily Telegraph, 24 June 2008
And when it transferred to the Gielgud Theatre in London, Charles Spencer reviewing for the Daily Telegraph pronounced it the best Macbeth he had ever seen.
In 2009 The Daily Telegraph suggested that the Manchester City football club be nicknamed " The Blue Moonies " for their " evangelical zeal.
The British broadsheet The Daily Telegraph placed " Some Velvet Morning " in pole position in its 2003 list of the Top 50 Best Duets Ever.

Daily and Morning
Cranmer's work of simplification and revision was also applied to the Daily Offices, which were to become Morning, and Evening Prayer ; and which he hoped would also serve as a daily form of prayer to be used by the Laity, thus replacing both the late medieval lay observation of the Latin Hours of the Virgin, and its English equivalent, the Primer.
The readership also differs greatly ; one of Britain's most well-known tabloids, the Daily Mail, boasts a mostly female readership, whereas that of The Morning Star, in keeping with its political leanings, is of unionised labourers.
The Times, The Morning Post, the Daily Herald, and newspapers owned by Lord Kemsley, such as The Daily Telegraph, opposed the marriage.
# Morning Record, March 13, 1893-March 27, 1901 ( originally News Record aka Morning News aka Chicago Daily News ( Morning Edition ) beginning July 24, 1881 )
* The Morning Sun ( Daily )
The Times, The Morning Post, the Daily Herald, and newspapers owned by Lord Kemsley, such as The Daily Telegraph, opposed the marriage.
However, the terms honky tonk, honk-a-tonk, and honkatonk have been cited from at least 1889 in the " Daily Gazette " ( Fort Worth, Texas ), from 1890 in the " Morning News " ( Dallas, Texas ), and 1892 in the Galveston Daily News ( Galveston, Texas ), which used the term to refer to an adult establishment in Fort Worth.
Extreme Ironing has been featured in news stories on CBS Sunday Morning, in The New York Times, The Sun, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, Calcutta Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Toronto Star, TIME Magazine, ESPN. com, The Financial Times, MTVu, and CNN. com.
Soon after moving to London, he wrote for the Morning Chronicle and the Daily News.
The Daily Worker was renamed the Morning Star in 1966.
In the Church of England, the publication in 2005 of Daily Prayer, the third volume of Common Worship, adds " Prayer During the Day " to the services for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline, and adds a selection of antiphons and responsories for the seasons of the Church Year.
" Canon C. 26 stipulates that " Every clerk ( cleric ) in Holy Orders is under obligation, not being let ( prevented ) by sickness or some other urgent cause, to say daily the Morning and Evening Prayer ...." In other Anglican provinces, the Daily Office is not a canonical obligation but is strongly encouraged.
The Morning Star was founded in 1930 as the Daily Worker, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain.
The last edition of the Daily Worker came out on Saturday 23 April 1966, being re-launched as the Morning Star, the first edition of which appeared the following Monday, 25 April 1966.
It first published on 2 November 1978, and was the first new national paper to be launched since the Daily Worker in 1930 ( now Morning Star ).
In January 2007, PRI launched Fair Game, " the strange love child between the The Daily Show and Morning Edition.
On his return to Britain, Brigadier Dyer was presented with a purse of 26, 000 pounds sterling, a huge sum in those days, which emerged from a collection on his behalf by the Morning Post, a conservative, pro-Imperialistic newspaper, which later merged with the Daily Telegraph.

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