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Dutch and however
Brainpower and Extince however both enjoy a great respect for bringing up hip hop in their native Dutch.
The Dutch, however, who had supplied the major share of the troops and money to secure the victory ( the Austrians had produced nothing of either ) claimed the government of the region till the war was over, and that after the peace they should continue to garrison Barrier Fortresses stronger than those which had fallen so easily to Louis XIV ’ s forces in 1701.
Now enjoying control of the nutmeg production the VOC paid the perkeniers 1 / 122nd of the Dutch market price for nutmeg, however, the perkeniers still profited immensely building substantial villas with opulent imported European decorations.
During the Napoleonic wars the Kingdom of the Netherlands adopted the French code civil in 1809, however the Dutch colonies in the Cape of Good Hope and Sri Lanka, at the time called Ceylon, were seized by the British to prevent them being used as bases by the French Navy.
Only modern Dutch preserves this Germanic form, however.
In the Dutch courts, however, it has long been determined that the institutionalized non-enforcement of statutes with well defined limits constitutes de facto decriminalization.
Dutch research has however shown that an increase of THC content also increase the occurrence of impaired psychomotor skills, particularly among younger or inexperienced cannabis smokers, who do not adapt their smoking-style to the higher THC content.
Natural resources can add substantial's to a country's wealth, however a sudden inflow of money caused by a resource boom can create social problems including inflation harming other industries (" Dutch disease ") and corruption, leading to inequality and underdevelopment, this is known as the " resource curse ".
The Dutch East India Company did not, however, actually employ the Swedish botanist and physician Carl Peter Thunberg ( 1743 – 1828 ), who arrived in Japan in 1775.
Van Rijn is, however, far from the modern type of business executive, being a kind of throwback to the merchant venturer of the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century.
The " Acoustical professional " turntable ( earlier marketed under Dutch " Jobo prof ") of the 1960s however possessed an expensive German drive motor, the " Pabst Aussenläufer " (" Pabst outrunner ").
The Dutch language however, makes a much greater difference in pronunciation between these vowels, and therefore the Dutch have difficulties hearing the difference between them in English pronunciation.
In 2000, however, the Dutch revised the structure of their aid package and signaled to the Surinamese authorities their decision to disburse aid by sectoral priorities as opposed to individual projects.
The Spanish and the Dutch Republic outnumbered the English fleet's 22 galleons and 108 armed merchant ships ; however, The Spanish lost as a result of bad weather on the English Channel and poor planning and logistics, and in the face of the skills of Sir Francis Drake and Charles Howard, the second Baron Howard of Effingham ( later first Earl of Nottingham ).
The constitution contained many present-day Dutch political institutions ; however, their functions and composition have changed greatly over the years.
Hauer's supporting role, however, was barely noticed in Hollywood, and he returned to Dutch films for several years.
In 1662, however, Koxinga expelled the Dutch from Taiwan ( see History of Taiwan ).
In the early seventeenth century, the Dutch art historian Karel van Mander described Bosch ’ s work as comprising " wondrous and strange fantasies "; however, he concluded that the paintings are " often less pleasant than gruesome to look at.
One factory had, however, been built by the Dutch at Cantley in Norfolk in 1912.
The program of reform that the Dutch revolutionaries attempted to put in place ( however constrained by the political realities of the French revolution as this was to progress ) was mostly driven by indigenous needs and aspirations.
The Dutch initially accepted the new government, however, relations between Suriname and the Netherlands collapsed when 15 members of the political opposition were killed by the army on December 8, 1982, in Fort Zeelandia.
Dutch cuisine is characterized by its somewhat limited diversity ; however, it varies greatly from region to region.
The Dutch captain, however, was not aware of their being on an island, and 17th century maps usually showed these points — and often Hokkaido, too — as parts of the mainland.

Dutch and who
The Baptist movement originated with Thomas Helwys, who left his mentor John Smyth ( who had moved into shared belief and other distinctives of the Dutch Waterlander Mennonites of Amsterdam ) and returned to London to start the first English Baptist Church in 1611.
( In the 1970s Ruelle and the Dutch mathematician Floris Takens produced a new model for turbulence, and it was Ruelle who invented the concept of a strange attractor in a dynamical system.
Abacá was first cultivated on a large scale in Sumatra in 1925 under the Dutch, who had observed its cultivation in the Philippines for cordage since the ninteenth century, followed up by plantings in Central America in 1929 sponsored by the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Another 1980s group was the Osdorp Posse, who first started to record tracks in Dutch.
But there is disagreement about who started rapping in Dutch between Blonnie B, Alex and the CityCrew, Dynamic Rockers, Def Rhymes and Osdorp Posse.
Another Dutch hip-hop duo are Pete Philly and Perquisite who are already well known in the Netherlands, Germany, and even in Japan.
This explains that road signs in Flanders are written in Dutch, even when referring to a Walloon region, and conversely, which can be confusing for foreigners who do not know the different translations of Flemish or Walloon cities in the other language.
He notoriously described in 1724 the case of Baron Jan von Wassenaer, a Dutch admiral who died of this condition following a gluttonous feast and subsequent regurgitation.
The architectural style is a mixture of Victorian Gothic, Tudor and Dutch Baroque and was the subject of much bemused comment from those who worked there, or visited, during World War II.
Marlborough ( who had crossed the Nebel on a makeshift bridge to take personal control ), ordered Hulsen's Hanoverian battalions to support the Dutch infantry.
While he waited for the fresh reinforcements to arrive, Marlborough flung himself into the mêlée, rallying some of the Dutch cavalry who were in confusion.
Moreover in the 19th century, the Dutch admitted the founding of district kingdoms with native leaders who were under the power of the Dutch ( Indirect Bestuur ).
Strategies based on maneuver have the inherent danger of the attacking force overextending its supply lines, and can be defeated by a determined foe who is willing and able to sacrifice territory for time in which to regroup and rearm, as the Soviets did on the Eastern Front ( as opposed to, for example, the Dutch who had no territory to sacrifice ).
* Justus Velsius – 16th century Dutch dissident who promoted the view that through new birth man could become like Christ
Boer (,, or ; ) is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for farmer, which came to denote the descendants of the Dutch-speaking settlers of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th century, as well as those who left the Cape Colony during the 19th century to settle in the Orange Free State, Transvaal ( which are together known as the Boer Republics ), and to a lesser extent Natal.
The Trekboers, as they were originally known, were mainly of Dutch origin and included Calvinists, such as Flemish and Frisian Calvinists, as well as French Huguenot and German and British protestants who first arrived in the Cape of Good Hope during the period of its administration ( 1652 – 1795 ) by the Dutch East India Company ( Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC ).
The Boer nation is mainly descended from Dutch, German and French Huguenots, who migrated to South Africa during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries.
The descendants of some of the Bandanese who fled Dutch conquest in the seventeenth century live in the Kai Islands ( Kepulauan Kei ) to the east of the Banda group, where a version of the original Banda language is still spoken in the villages of Banda Eli and Banda Elat on Kai Besar Island.
Dutch Calvinist settlers were also the first successful European colonizers of South Africa, beginning in the 17th century, who became known as Boers or Afrikaners.

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