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Ehrlichs and did
The Ehrlichs made a number of specific predictions that did not come to pass, for which they have received criticism.

Ehrlichs and their
The Ehrlichs stand by the basic ideas in the book, stating in 2009 that " perhaps the most serious flaw in The Bomb was that it was much too optimistic about the future " and believe that it achieved their goals because " it alerted people to the importance of environmental issues and brought human numbers into the debate on the human future.
Although the Ehrlichs collaborated on the book, the publisher insisted that a single author be credited, and also asked to change their preferred title: Population, Resources, and Environment.
Still other commentators have criticized the Ehrlichs ' perceived inability to acknowledge mistakes, evasiveness, and refusal to alter their arguments in the face of contrary evidence.
Barry Commoner argued that the Ehrlichs were too focused on overpopulation as the source of environmental problems, and that their proposed solutions were politically unacceptable because of the coercion that they implied, and because the cost would fall disproportionately on the poor.

Ehrlichs and they
The Ehrlichs regret the choice of title, which they admit was a perfect choice from a marketing perspective, but think that " it led Paul to be miscategorized as solely focused on human numbers, despite our interest in all the factors affecting the human trajectory.

did and describe
His accomplishments, and the fact that he was resident, did much to offset the unkind words travelers used to describe Little Rock after a visit there.
It has also been ascribed to Isaac Newton, in the form of a practical method of physical discovery ( which he did not name or formally describe ).
Dee's journals did not describe the language as " Enochian ", instead preferring " Angelical ", the " Celestial Speech ", the " Language of Angels ", the " First Language of God-Christ ", the " Holy Language ", or " Adamical " because, according to Dee's Angels, it was used by Adam in Paradise to name all things.
Only rarely did they describe their work as astronomical, and then only as a secondary category.
Catullus and Callimachus did not describe the feats of ancient heroes and gods ( except perhaps in re-evaluating and predominantly artistic circumstances, e. g. poems 63 and 64 ), focusing instead on small-scale personal themes.
Some other American colleges later adopted the word to describe individual fields at their own institutions, but " campus " did not yet describe the whole university property.
He did not describe these tribes as recent immigrants, saying that they had defended themselves some generations ago from the invading Cimbri and Teutones, thereby distinguishing them from the neighbouring Aduatuci, who he did not call Germani, but who were descended from Cimbri and Teutones.
At that time the name did not describe a single political entity or a distinct population of people.
Coleridge did write to John Thelwall, 14 October 1797, to describe his feelings related to those expressed in the poem:
When early sexologists in the late 19th century began to categorize and describe homosexual behavior, hampered by a lack of knowledge about lesbianism or women's sexuality, they distinguished lesbians as women who did not adhere to female gender roles and designated them mentally ill.
" However, it did not describe a method for generating pictures from such a scan or precisely how such a scan might be done.
The AWMT paper did not describe any automatic search, nor any universal metadata scheme such as a standard library classification or a hypertext element set like the Dublin core.
The term " Old Catholic " was first used in 1853 to describe the members of the See of Utrecht who did not recognize any claimed " infallible " papal authority.
The original study did not describe the treatment methodology used, but this was published five years later.
* Folk ragtime-A name often used to describe ragtime that originated from small towns or assembled from folk strains, or at least sounded as if they did.
This observation did not originate with the structured programming movement ; these structures are sufficient to describe the instruction cycle of a central processing unit, as well as the operation of a Turing machine.
Most members of this movement did not describe themselves as being a part of any such movement.
Hertz, though, did not devise a system for actual general use nor describe the application of the technology and seemed uninterested in the practical importance of his experiments.
The Irish word gall, on the other hand, did originally mean " a Gaul " i. e. an inhabitant of Gaul, but its meaning was later widened to " foreigner ", to describe the Vikings, and later still the Normans.
The Thracians did not describe themselves as such and Thrace and Thracians are simply the names given them by the Greeks.
Some contemporary documents, including the Treaty of Salisbury ( see above ) did describe her as " queen ," but it has been argued that she should not properly be considered Queen regnant.
The term is generally used in Western Christianity to describe all Christian traditions that did not develop in Western Europe.
* August 1992, the UNCHR " Condemn absolutely the concept and practice of ' ethnic cleansing the former Yugoslavia ' but did not describe it as genocide.

did and these
Why did these yokels still wear boots, anyway, when most had scarcely sat a horse in years??
but this -- yes, terrible step I am about to take is lightened with an inundating joy by the new-found hope that here, in these poems, is treasure -- or at least some measure of beauty, which I did not know of ''.
Why did I choose to fill these pages in this particular issue with this mixture of rather tenuous reflections and autobiography??
This is not to deny the existence of pogroms and ghettos, but only to assert that these horrors have had an effect on the nerves of people who did not experience them, that among the various side effects is the local hysteria of Jewish writers and intellectuals who cry out from confusion, which they call oppression and pain.
Though it was a great relief when the big brains on these shows turned out to be frauds and phonies, it did irreparable damage to the ego of the editor and many another intelligent, well-informed American.
The Secretary did not tell him at what cost, at what loneliness, he learned these things.
He could only watch with a sort of gentle dismay while his body did these quick, appalling, and efficient things.
After these treatments the conjugate did not stain healthy or crown gall sweet clover tissues or stained them a very faint green which was easily distinguishable from the bright yellow-green specific staining.
Four subjects ( 10% ) did not change even then but needed the additional information that an arm-elevation under these circumstances was a perfectly normal reflex reaction which some people showed while others did not.
In answering these questions, we need to ask not merely whether Communist troops have crossed over into territories they did not occupy before, and not merely whether disciplined agents of the Cominform are in control of governments from which they were formerly excluded: the success of Communism's war against the West does not depend on such spectacular and definitive conquests.
Fall River police did go to Westport to see if they could get any information against Morse and possibly find an accomplice whom he might have hired from among these men.
So hostile did these factions become that, among the Choctaws, civil war broke out.
Finally, it did seem clear as day to these clergymen, as Gannett's son explained in the biography of his father, they had always contended for the propriety of their claim to the title of Christians.
To be sure, Lanza made numerous concert tours, here and abroad, but these did not take him to New York where the carping critic might lurk.
Seeing these did nothing for Tommy's mood.
It was foolish and snobbish to wear clothing when none of these nice people did.
The only resolution of these contradictory positions was for the confederates to fire the first shot ; they did just that.
Finally, there was also a strange group of giant marine amoeboids, the xenophyophores, that did not fall into any of these categories.
However, these scripts either count di-and tri-graphs as separate letters, as Spanish did with ch and ll until recently, or uses diacritics like Slovak č.
They did not need letters for the guttural sounds represented by aleph, he, heth or ayin, so these symbols were assigned vocalic values.
Although these results did not reach statistical significance, the baths are an easy treatment.
However, Ealdred did not receive the other two dioceses that Lyfing had held, Crediton and Cornwall ; King Edward the Confessor ( reigned 1043 – 1066 ) granted these to Leofric, who combined the two sees at Crediton in 1050.
Himself shrinking from the imposition on these communities of the franchise for the coloured people, his unyielding disposition in regard to matters involving no vital principle did much to bring it about.
The Amathusians did as they were told and still perform these rites in my day.

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