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Enigma and Variations
One of his Enigma Variations was inspired by a bulldog named Dan falling into the River Wye at Hereford, and the dog is similarly honoured with a wooden statue beside the river.
Norrington caused controversy during the 2008 Proms season by conducting Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations, and the Last Night of the Proms, in non-vibrato style, which he calls pure tone.
Variations on an Original Theme for orchestra (" Enigma "), Op.
36, commonly referred to as the Enigma Variations, is a set of a theme and its fourteen variations written for orchestra by Edward Elgar in 1898 1899.
The Enigma Variations has been given over sixty recordings since 1924.
Elgar eventually expanded and orchestrated these improvisations into the Enigma Variations.
: Theme of Enigma Variations
The pianist Joseph Cooper proposed the theory that the theme may be based on part of Mozart's " Prague " Symphony, which was on the programme at the " Enigma " Variations ' premiere in 1899.
Edwards wrote, " In connection with these much discussed Variations, Mr Elgar tells us that the heading Enigma is justified by the fact that it is possible to add another phrase, which is quite familiar, above the original theme that he has written.
The real theme of the Enigma Variations which is present everywhere throughout the work in different shapes, is rather short: it consists of only nine notes ( the first nine notes of Nimrod with added crotchet rests ) on the rhythm of Edward Elgar ’ s own name (" short-short-long-long ", and the reverse of it, " long-long-short-short " and an endnote ).
He composed his “ Elgar-theme ” as a countermelody to the beginning of the mysterious “ principal Theme ” which is “ not played ” in the Enigma Variations.
By doing so, the artist triumphs over depression and discouragement in the Finale, " E. D. U. " So, like some works of Elgar ’ s contemporaries Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler, the Enigma Variations are about the artist himself: ( almost ) all the themes of the work are in fact derived from the ‘ Elgar theme ’.
Elgar wrote his Enigma Variations in the year following the Indiana Pi Bill of 1897, and noted in 1910 that the work was “ commenced in a spirit of humour ”.
Frederick Ashton's ballet Enigma Variations ( My Friends Pictured Within ) is choreographed to Elgar's score with the exception of the finale, which uses Elgar's original shorter ending ( see above ), transcribed from the manuscript by John Lanchbery.
The subjects of the Enigma Variations as portrayed in contemporary photographs and Elgar's manuscript.
Elgar's Enigma Variations.
* Piano adaptation of Enigma Variations in MIDI file ( 104KB ) The theme and its 14 variations are located at ca.
* John Pickard, " Variations on an Original Theme (‘ Enigma ’) ( 1898 9 )" from BBC Radio 3
* Discovering Music Enigma Variations (. ram file )
* Leonard Slatkin introduced Elgar's Enigma Variations from BBC Proms 1995
fr: Variations Enigma
Edward Elgar attempts to use the timpani to imitate the engine of an ocean liner in his " Enigma " Variations by requesting the timpanist play a soft roll with snare drum sticks.
These include accounts of Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony and Elgar's Enigma Variations.

Enigma and inspired
This unusual device is inspired by Enigma, but makes use of 40-point rotors, allowing letters, numbers and some punctuation ; each rotor contains 509 parts.
Later Cretu would claim that the now signature Enigma sound was inspired after falling asleep on the London Underground.
When Rejewski had been working on reconstructing the German military Enigma machine in late 1932, he had ultimately solved a crucial element, the wiring of the letters of the alphabet into the entry drum, with the inspired guess that they might be wired in simple alphabetical order.
* Bombe: machine, inspired by Rejewski's " cryptologic bomb ," that was used by British and American cryptologists during World War II to decrypt German Enigma ciphers.
The M-325 ( SIGFOY ) cipher machine was inspired by the German Enigma ( machine ) | Enigma.

Enigma and drama
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser () is a 1974 German drama film written and directed by Werner Herzog and starring Bruno Schleinstein and Walter Ladengast.

Enigma and form
The school merged with the other schools in the county in the 1980s to form Berrien high, middle, elementary, and primary schools The school grounds now serve as the Enigma City Park.
It is the first example ( though just barely ) of a class of machines known as rotor machines that would became the primary form of encryption during World War II and for some time after, and which included such famous examples as the German Enigma.
This Microverse is also the " birthplace " of the Enigma Force which regularly manifests itself on Earth in the form of Captain Universe.
There remained very slight evidence of the effort, in the form of a few densely written-over sheets of paper and the commercial-model Enigma machine.
Some people, notably The Enigma, have horn implants ; that is, they have implanted silicone beneath the skin as a form of body modification.
Though Castilho's lack of strong individuality and his excessive respect for authority prevented him from achieving original work of real merit, yet his translations of Anacreon, Ovid and Virgil and the Chave do Enigma, explaining the romantic incidents that led to his first marriage with D. Maria de Baena, a niece of the satirical poet Nicolau Tolentino de Almeida and a descendant of António Ferreira, reveal him as a master of form and a purist in language.

Enigma and
The Origins of Fascist Ideology, 1918 1925: The First Complete Study of the Origins of Italian Fascism, New York: Enigma Books, ISBN 978-1-929631-18-6
* 1957 Michael Cretu, Romanian-German musician and producer ( Moti Special, Enigma, and Trance Atlantic Air Waves )
* 1942 Lt. Tony Fasson, Able Seaman Colin Grazier and canteen assistant Tommy Brown from HMS Petard board U-559, retrieving material which would lead to the decryption of the German Enigma code.
The capture, rather than sinking, of U-570 the only ship to be captured by an aircraft on 27 August 1941 by a Lockheed Hudson from RAF Coastal Command was important for determining the fighting capacity of U-boats, although her crew destroyed the Enigma and cipher information.
Out of some 15 captures of Naval Enigma material during World War II, all but two were by the British the Royal Canadian Navy captured U-774, and the U. S. Navy seized U-505 in June 1944.
* November 30 The Polish Cipher Bureau breaks the German Enigma cipher.
* Ralph Erskine, " The Development of Typex ", The Enigma Bulletin 2 ( 1997 ): pp69 86
* The Oak Island Enigma A History and Inquiry Into The Origin of The Money Pit Penn Leary 1953
This solution was favoured by Sir Charles Mackerras, who conducted a concert entitled " Elgar The Enigma Solved?
* Galeazzo Ciano, Diary 1937 1943, Preface by Renzo De Felice ( Professor of History University of Rome ) and original introduction by Sumner Welles ( U. S. Under Secretary of State 1937 1943 ), translated by Robert L. Miller ( Enigma Books, 2002 ), ISBN 1-929631-02-2
* V. S. Naipaul The Enigma of Arrival
The Poles continued breaking German Army Enigma — along with Luftwaffe Enigma traffic — until work at Station PC Bruno in France was shut down by the German invasion of May June 1940.
* Barbara Stuhler, " The Political Enigma of Henrik Shipstead ," Ten Men of Minnesota and American Foreign Policy 1898 1968.
* May August-Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman at the United Kingdom Government Code and Cypher School, Bletchley Park, design the British Bombes to help decrypt Wehrmacht Enigma machine signals.
Nighttime, Enigma, Nostalgia ( 1930 1934 ) is a series of complex works that characterize this phase of his painting.
Henryk Zygalski (; 15 July 1908, Poznań 30 August 1978, Liss ) was a Polish mathematician and cryptologist who worked at breaking German Enigma ciphers before and during World War II.
* Gustave Bertrand, Enigma ou la plus grande énigme de la guerre 1939 1945 ( Enigma: the Greatest Enigma of the War of 1939 1945 ), Paris, 1973.

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