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Every and Beat
In 1997, Derek Fowlds reprised the role of Bernard Woolley to read Antony Jay's How To Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide To Fighting Officialdom.
Antony Jay's How to Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide to Fighting Officialdom ( ISBN 0-9528285-1-0 ) was published in April 1997.
The Pips scored their first hit in 1961 with " Every Beat of My Heart ", a cover of a Hank Ballard & The Midnighters song written by Johnny Otis.
The Pips recorded a second version of " Every Beat " with Bobby Robinson as the producer, and the song became a # 1 R & B and # 6 pop hit.
* 1961: " Every Beat of My Heart " ( US # 6 )
He was a successful songwriter ; one of his most famous compositions is " Every Beat of My Heart ", first recorded by The Royals in 1952 on Federal Records but which became a hit for Gladys Knight and the Pips then just ' Pips ' in 1961.
After a year of intensive recording ( and eighteen months after " Getting Away with It "), the debut album Electronic was released to critical acclaim and domestic commercial success, featuring the Top 10 single " Get the Message " and another Top 40 single, " Feel Every Beat ".
Every April the local art gallery also organises ' Art Beat ' for the promotion of local original art.
* Every Beat Matters Campaign
The Pips ' version of " Grapevine " reached number one on the Billboard R & B chart on November 25, 1967, and stayed there for six weeks, making it the group's second R & B number one after 1961's " Every Beat of My Heart ".
* 2011 " Every Little Beat "
* 1980: " Talk To Me / Every Beat Of My Heart "-R & B # 87
* Kull daqqa fi qalbi ... aka Every Beat of My Heart ( Film, 1959 )
Every year she has met with each of the Beat the Odds scholarship winners in California.
* Kathy Joe Daylor: " With Every Beat of My Heart " ( 1990 )
# " Every Beat of My Heart " ( Savigar, Stewart ) – 5: 21
* 1991 Electronic-" Feel Every Beat " ( single ) ( additional production and remix )
The record label's subsequent liaison with Polygram Records saw the group gain worldwide audiences for singles such as " Dreaming A Dream ", " Every Beat of My Heart ", " Foxy Lady " and " Dancin '".
" Dreaming A Dream " reached Number one on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1975, ( plus Billboard Hot 100 # 43 ); and they topped out at # 2 on the Dance chart later that year with " Every Beat Of My Heart " ( Billboard Hot 100 # 83 ).
* With Every Beat of My Heart by Taylor Dayne ( 1989 )

Every and Matters
* Every Child Matters, a UK government initiative for children
Boateng played a leading role in coordinating the Every Child Matters policy paper, which called for the reform of children's services, including greater accountability and coordination among government agencies.
* Every Child Matters: Speech by Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Paul Boateng
In the wake of the case of Victoria Climbie, the government in England and Wales introduced the Every Child Matters initiative, with a detailed framework that requires the multiple agencies involved with children to work together.
National legal framework for Every Child Matters Outcomes.
Climbié's death was largely responsible for the formation of the Every Child Matters initiative ; the introduction of the Children Act 2004 ; the creation of the ContactPoint project, a government database designed to hold information on all children in England ; and the creation of the Office of the Children's Commissioner chaired by the Children's Commissioner for England.
In 2005 / 06 CAFCASS produced the consultation document Every Day Matters which led in turn to the development of a draft set of National Standards.
It is arguable that the recent Consultation Paper issued by CAFCASS and entitled Every Day Matters is a recognition of the hurt and resentment caused by the existing Family Law system, and is a call for radical change, particularly by the early adoption of Shared Residence in the vast majority of cases.
* DFES's Every Child Matters website
Such core values tie in with national Every Child Matters and SEAL Agendas and mean that the Ogwen experience is as relevant now as it was in the 1950s.
* Every Child Matters
Mencap is also a member of Every Disabled Child Matters.
Jonathan Cain sings lead on " Every Generation ", the first time he sang lead since " All That Really Matters " ( a song originally left off Frontiers ) from the Time < sup > 3 </ sup > box set.

Every and campaign
For instance, in the episode " Fix-It McGee ", aired three weeks after Pearl Harbor, Fibber tells Mayor LaTrivia his " great slogan " for the war bond campaign: " Every time you buy a bond, you slap a Jap across the pond.
Controversy ensued over the use of the phrase " Every seat lost to the government is a seat sold to the Boers " as the Unionists waged a personalised campaign against Liberal critics of the war – some posters even portrayed Liberal MPs praising President Kruger and helping him to haul down the Union Jack.
The famous " Wings of Man " campaign in the late 1960s was created by advertising agency Young & Rubicam, and restored Eastern's tarnished image until the late 1970s, when former astronaut Frank Borman became president and it was replaced by a new campaign, " We Have To Earn Our Wings Every Day ".
This ambiguity was also apparent on " Kingfish " and " Every Man a King ," the former a paean to Huey Long ( the assassinated former Governor and United States Senator from Louisiana ), the other a campaign song written by Long himself.
In 1991, she launched Every Child By Two, a nationwide campaign that sought to increase early childhood immunizations along with Betty Bumpers, wife of former U. S. Senator Dale Bumpers of Arkansas.
But the press was enamored with the walk ... Every time he was asked a question about where he stood, he would quote somebody that he met on the campaign trail to state what he was to do when he got to the Senate consistent with what that constitutent had said.
The theme of the 2012 World Blood Donor Day campaign, " Every blood donor is a hero " focuses on the idea that everyone can become a hero by giving blood.
Every successful Democratic presidential campaign since 1960 had included a politician from a swing state ( usually in the South ) who helped deliver one or more states for the Democrats.
Every year, Labour Students actively organise and campaign within the National Union of Students ( NUS ).
The actor appeared in Every Time I Die's music video " Kill The Music " and recorded a public service announcement for Deejay Ra's ' Hip-Hop Literacy ' campaign, encouraging reading of screenplays by Tarantino.
Every year, the company sponsors a red-ribbon campaign generating awareness and funds for local HIV service agencies.
Every year during O-Week, BUSU takes part in Shinerama, which is a national campaign held on over 60 university & college campuses.
As senior information officer for the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya, she developed and launched a worldwide campaign known as " For Every Child a Tree ".
Every person and every organisation which played any part in the campaign of bombing and violence which killed and maimed people and destroyed property in Belfast, Derry or any other part of our country and indeed in Britain over the past five years, shares the guilt and the shame of the assassins who actually placed these bombs on the streets of Dublin and Monaghan last Friday.
Every time a campaign is completed for the first time, the level of all enemy monsters increases by 30.
An equally well-known and successful road safety campaign was Clunk Click Every Trip, fronted initially by Shaw Taylor and later by Jimmy Savile.
For two years, in a Western Europe where revolutionary elements were seeking a road to revolution to provide decisive aid to the USSR, the Sinistra-led CPI was the foremost edge of the politics of “ Bolshevism, A Plant for Every Clime .” Amongst the trade unions, it carried out a strenuous campaign to construct a real united front-not of parties-of the working masses whatever their political loyalties ; it fought no less strenuously against social-democratic reformism that misled the workers with its illusory pacifism and legalism ; it openly confronted fascism, which it described as the reaction of industrial and agrarian capital to a worldwide economic crisis and the militancy of the proletariat, and not a feudal phenomenon as would be averred later by Stalinists ; it built a defensive military apparatus against reaction and did not have to rely on such organizations as the “ Arditi del Popolo ”, a formation of spurious and uncertain nature ; and during all those years marked by the reflux of the postwar revolutionary wave, the party maintained an international and internationalist stance, criticizing from the outset the rise of localism or autonomous actions and, above all else, the moves subordinating the International itself to Russian national needs.

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