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Finnish and language
The term " Altaic ", as the name for a language family, was introduced in 1844 by Matthias Castrén, a pioneering Finnish philologist who made major contributions to the study of the Uralic languages.
* In addition, Finnish, a Baltic-Finnic language, has calqued the Swedish term as Itämeri " East Sea ", disregarding the geography ( the sea is west of Finland ), though understandably since Finland was a part of Sweden from the Middle Ages until 1809.
Like Finnish and Hungarian, Estonian is a somewhat agglutinative language, but unlike them, it has lost the vowel harmony of the hypothetical Proto-Uralic language, although in older texts the vowel harmony can still be recognized.
In Finnish, parallels are drawn between the figure and the national personification of Finland – Finnish Maiden ( Suomi-neito ) – and the country as a whole can be referrerd in the Finnish language by her name.
The official languages are Finnish and Swedish, the latter being the native language of about five per cent of the Finnish population.
Finland's main language, Finnish, is related to Estonian, and there is and has been a certain feeling of kinship.
* The Finnish language, the national language of the Finnish people
The improvement in the status of the Finnish language was especially striking.
There has been considerable debate over the definition of " hate speech " ( vihapuhe ) in the Finnish language.
Finnish nationalism emerged, focused on Finnish cultural traditions, including music and-especially-the highly distinctive language and lyrics associated with it.
South-Western Finland belonged to the Nordic Bronze Age, which may be associated with Indo-European languages and according to Finnish Germanist Jorma Koivulehto speakers of Proto-Germanic language in particular.
The Kalevala played an instrumental role in the development of the Finnish national identity, the intensification of Finland's language strife and the growing sense of nationality that ultimately led to Finland's independence from Russia in 1917.
Finnish is a language with a relatively small native alphabet and with an even smaller number of letters that usually begin a word.
* May 12 is the day of the Finnish language in Finland.
* In Finnish language first translations were made by Toivo Lyy in 1929.
" Landsmål ", which is the foundation of modern Norwegian, was the first language to follow this program, and it was joined by modern Czech, Slovak, Finnish and later by Hebrew as nationalizing languages.

Finnish and is
However this ideal is not normally achieved in practice ; some languages ( such as Spanish and Finnish ) come close to it, while others ( such as English ) deviate from it to a much larger degree.
Like Agatha Christie, she isn't overly fond of the detective she is most famous for creating – in Ariadne's case the Finnish sleuth Sven Hjerson.
Adjacent to the pool is a sauna executed in a rustic style, alluding to both Finnish and Japanese precedents.
The design of the house is a synthesis of numerous stylistic influences, from traditional Finnish vernacular to purist modernism, as well as influences from English and Japanese architecture.
In Finnish, the ablative case is the sixth of the locative cases with the meaning " from, off, of ", e. g. pöytä – pöydältä " table – off from the table ".
The Finnish ablative is also used in time expressions to indicate start times as well as with verbs expressing feelings or emotions.
At the semi-enclosed bays with major freshwater inflows, such as head of Finnish Gulf with Neva mouth and head of Bothnian gulf with close mouths of Lule, Tornio and Kemi, the salinity is considerably lower.
The uplift is about eight millimetres per year on the Finnish coast of the northernmost Gulf of Bothnia.
In Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish, besides the ordinal naming of centuries another system is often used based on the hundreds part of the year, and consequently centuries start at even multiples of 100.
The current Finnish cabinet is an even wider rainbow coalition of a total of six parties.
The conservative party in Finland is the National Coalition Party ( in Finnish Kansallinen Kokoomus, Kok ).
Quite a few of the names mean " five-six " in different languages, including both the robot Fisi ( fi-si ), the dead Lady Panc Ashash ( in Sanskrit " pañcha " is " five " and " ṣaṣ " is " six "), Limaono ( lima-ono, both in Hawaiian and / or Fijian ), Englok ( ng < sup > 5 </ sup >- luk < sup > 6 </ sup > < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Cantonese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, in Cantonese ), Goroke ( go-roku < nowiki >- wikt: 六 # Japanese | 六 < nowiki ></ nowiki >, Japanese ) and Femtiosex (" fifty-six " in Swedish ) in " The Dead Lady of Clown Town " as well as the main character in " Think Blue, Count Two ", Veesey-koosey, which is an English transcription of the Finnish words " viisi " ( five ) and " kuusi " ( six ).
Finnish dog tags are also designed to be broken in two ; however, the only text on it is the personal identification number and the letters SF, which stands for Suomi Finland, within a tower stamped atop of the upper half.
Rosa has an especially large following in Finland, and in 1999, he created a special 32-page Donald, Scrooge, Gearloose & nephews strip for his Finnish fans ; Sammon Salaisuus ( translates to The secret of the Sampo, but it is officially named The Quest for Kalevala
One example is of a then Finnish mobile network company Sonera, which paid huge sums in German broadband auction then dubbed as 3G licenses.
The Finnish part lies entirely within Tornio in northern Finland, and is actually only long.
Unlike in standard German but like Finnish and Swedish ( when followed by ' r '), Ä is pronounced, as in English mat.
* The Finnish capital, Helsinki, is the northernmost capital city on the mainland of the European continent, and ranks as third globally.
The country is ethnically homogeneous, the dominant ethnicity being Finnish people.
Finns enjoy individual and political freedoms, and suffrage is universal at 18 ; Finnish women became the first in the world to have unrestricted rights both to vote and to stand for parliament.
A Finnish peculiarity is the possibility of making exceptions to the constitution in ordinary laws that are enacted in the same procedure as constitutional amendments.

Finnish and thought
") The Finnish sauna is not thought of as an easy way to get physical exercise, and it is not intended for weight loss ; in fact, it predates these modern ideas.
In Finnish and Latvian sauna culture, a beer afterwards is thought to be refreshing and relaxing.
The word lohi-in lohikäärme is also thought to derive from the ancient Norse word lógi, meaning ' fire ' as in the Finnish mythology, there is also mentions of " tulikäärme " meaning firesnake, or fireserpent.
None of them probably thought that Ryti would resign any time soon, and thus give his successor a free hand to break ties with Germany and to start peace negotiations with the Soviet Union ( see Martti Turtola, " Risto Ryti: A Life for the Fatherland ", Sakari Virkkunen, " The Finnish Presidents II " and Seppo Zetterberg et al., ed., " A Small Giant of the Finnish History ").
Some thought that a nation should have a language of its own, thus Finnish, while others thought that Swedish was an important link to Western Europe and feared that losing that language would lead to Russification.
More recently, the Finnish school of Lutheran thought has drawn close associations between theosis and justification.
Bobrikov was both hated and feared by the Finnish population as he thought that Finland was still a foreign country that threatened Russia.
He thought that the expedition would succeed with a thousand Finnish volunteers, but only if the Karelians would join the fighting.
His first experience with conducting came in 1979 with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, though he still thought of himself principally as a composer ; in fact, Salonen has said that the primary reason he took up conducting was to ensure that someone would conduct his own compositions.
The present Finnish education system consists of well-funded and carefully thought out daycare programs ( for babies and toddlers ) and a one-year " pre-school " ( or kindergarten for six-year olds ); a nine-year compulsory basic comprehensive school ( starting at age seven and ending at the age of fifteen ); post-compulsory secondary general academic and vocational education ; higher education ( University and Polytechnical ); and adult ( lifelong, continuing ) education.
Unlike some Christmas elves, the Finnish Joulutonttu is thought not to have pointy ears.
The foundation of the world pillar, also thought of as the root of the " world tree ", was probably located, from the Finnish mythological perspective, somewhere just over the northern horizon, in Pohjola.
It is thought that up to 10, 000 Swedish volunteers traveled to Finland and fought alongside Finnish soldiers during the conflict with Russia to aid in her defense.
The advocates of the campaign thought that because one cannot pick just one person to be the Greatest Finn for their accomplishments, Väinö Myllyrinne would actually be the " biggest Finn " because of his height ( in Finnish, the word suuri means both " big " and " great ").
Recent archeological finds from Finnish Lapland were originally thought to represent an inland aspect of the Komsa culture equally old to the earliest finds from the Norwegian coast.
KTP was founded in 1988 by one part of Finnish Communists who thought the SKPy had ventured too far from the principles of Marxism-Leninism.
Until the year 2005 FC Honka was thought of as a " nearly, but not quite " team, always underachieving in the Finnish First Division ( Ykkönen ).
It is thought to have been instrumental in setting in motion forces that eventually caused Finnish independence.
Though only few fragments of encrypted correspondence remain, and the archives were burned to protect the members later implicated in what the crown considered to be nefarious plots, such as the Anjala conspiracy, it is thought that the meetings of the Walhalla-orden may have been the first discussions in which Finnish independence was proposed as a serious idea.

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