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First and Test
Australia won the First Test by nine wickets, but in the next two England were victorious.
The 1894 – 95 series began in sensational fashion when England won the First Test at Sydney by just 10 runs having followed on.
In the First Test ( the first played at Edgbaston ), after scoring 376 England bowled out Australia for 36 ( Wilfred Rhodes 7 / 17 ) and reduced them to 46 – 2 when they followed on.
Australia promptly seized the initiative, won the First Test convincingly and inaugurated a dominant post-war era.
After winning the First Test by an innings after being controversially sent in by Hutton, Australia lost its way and England took a hat-trick of victories to win the series 3 – 1.
Only a single England victory had come in a match in which the Ashes were still at stake, namely the First Test of the 1997 series.
The 2009 series began with a tense draw in the First Test at SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff, with final pair James Anderson and Monty Panesar surviving 69 balls.
The First Test at Brisbane ended in a draw, but England won the Second Test, at Adelaide, by an innings and 71 runs.
Sophia Gardens in Cardiff held the First Test in the 2009 Ashes series, the first time England had played a home Test in Wales.
* Saturday 22 June 2013, AustraliaFirst Test, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Later that season, under his captaincy, West Indies won the two match Test series against Sri Lanka 1 – 0 with Lara making a double century in the First Test.
The first day cover involving Muralitharan bears an official seal captioned as " The highest wicket taker in Test cricket, MUTHIAH MURALIDARAN, First Day of Issue 03. 12. 2007, Camp Post Office, Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium, Kandy ".
Benaud was given a chance against the tourists when New South Wales played them in Sydney after the First Test.
However, this was not enough to ensure his selection in the First Test, where he was made 12th man.
Benaud contributed 46 and match figures of 2 / 73 in a First Test victory at Kingston.
He claimed his Test innings best of 7 / 72 in the first innings of the First Test in Madras, allowing Australia to build a large lead and win by an innings.
The first of these came in the First Test at Johannesburg, where after conceding 1 / 115, Benaud struck 122, his highest Test score, to see Australia reach a draw.
He led from the front with his bowling, taking match figures of 7 / 112 in his debut as captain as Australia claimed the First Test in Brisbane.

First and at
First he thought of the time he had ridden to Gavin and told him how his cattle were being rustled at the far end of the valley.
Among the dolls was one that meant very much to the First Lady, who would pick it up and look at it often.
It was her job to stand at the foot of the stairs, and, just as the First Lady stepped off the last tread, Mama would straighten out her long train before she marched to the Blue Room to greet her guests with the President.
of their first engagement at Falling Waters after Old Jack's First Brigade had destroyed all the rolling stock of the B & O Railroad.
The Rev. Melvin Carter officiated at the ceremony in Slaughter Chapel of the First Baptist Church.
The First Christian Church of Pampa was the setting for the wedding last Sunday of Miss Marcile Marie Glison and Thomas Earl Loving Jr., who will live at 8861 Gaston after a wedding trip to New Orleans, La.
More than 300 teenagers last Sunday proved there is and as many more are expected to prove it again for Jim Kern and his wife Lynn from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at First Presbyterian Church.
The best approach, he figured, was to try to influence young people like the high schoolers he and his wife serve as advisors at First Presbyterian Church.
Of particular meaning to the Charles MacWhorter family, 3181 SW 24th Ter., will be the Family Dedication Service planned for 10:50 a.m. Sunday at First Christian Church.
It was the first in the series of `` Concerts for Young People by Young People '' to be sponsored by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at the White House.
One of the most interested `` students '' on the tour which the Brevard group took at the National Gallery yesterday following their concert at the White House, was Letitia Baldrige, social secretary to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
First of all, and this has been calculated by observation, the universe is expanding -- that is, the galaxies are receding from each other at immense speeds.
After the Union defeat at the First Battle of Bull Run and the retirement of the aged Winfield Scott in late 1861, Lincoln appointed Major General George B. McClellan general-in-chief of all the Union armies.
The provinces of Turkey are organized into 7 census-defined regions (), which were originally defined at the First Geography Congress in 1941.
Deemed a heretic by the Ecumenical First Council of Nicaea of 325, Arius was later exonerated in 335 at the regional First Synod of Tyre, and then, after his death, pronounced a heretic again at the Ecumenical First Council of Constantinople of 381.

First and Lord's
The Last Supper appears in all three Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke ; and in the First Epistle to the Corinthians, while the last-named of these also indicates something of how early Christians celebrated what Paul the Apostle called the Lord's Supper.
* Chorus of First Lord's Sisters, His Cousins, His Aunts, Sailors, Marines, etc.
A television firm heard of the poem and arranged to film him at Lord's in the First Test against New Zealand later that summer.
The First Lord's new, albeit temporary, home had sixty rooms, with hardwood and marble floors, crown moulding, elegant pillars and marble mantelpieces ; those on the west side with beautiful views of St. James's Park.
Nevertheless, for seventy years following Pitt's death in 1806, Number 10 was rarely used as the First Lord's residence.
The Lord's First Night: The Myth of the Droit de Cuissage, translated by Lydia G. Cochrane, University of Chicago Press, 1998.
"' Mes souvenirs sont peut-être reconstruits ': Medieval Studies, Medievalism, and the Scholarly and Popular Memories of the ' Right of the Lord's First Night ,'" Philologie im Netz 31 ( 2005 ), 49-59.
In 1970, captaining the Rest of the World XI against England, he took 6 / 21 on the opening day of the First ( unofficial ) Test at Lord's with pace bowling, the ball swinging and seaming at high speed.
The region has been troubled with violence during both the First and Second Sudanese Civil Wars, as well as the anti-Ugandan insurgencies based in Sudan, such as the Lord's Resistance Army and West Nile Bank Front.
After losing the First Test in the Second Test at Lord's England's first innings rested heavily on Dexter's hard-hitting 70 in 81 minutes when he took on the West Indian fast bowlers Charlie Griffith and Wes Hall in an innings that was remembered by all who saw it.
England had won the First Test of the three-match series ; however, Ganguly scored a century, becoming only the third cricketer to achieve such a feat on debut at Lord's, after Harry Graham and John Hampshire.
First built in 1884 by the Dartford, England engineering firm of J & E Hall Ltd as the Cyclic Elevator, the name paternoster (" Our Father ", the first two words of the Lord's Prayer in Latin ) was originally applied to the device because the elevator is in the form of a loop and is thus similar to rosary beads used as an aid in reciting prayers.
Room 40 was in the northern section of the first floor, on the same corridor as the boardroom and First Sea Lord's office.
Previous occupants of the room had complained that no one was ever able to find it, but it was on the same corridor as the Admiralty boardroom and the First Sea Lord's office ( Sir John Fisher ), who was one of the few people allowed to know of its existence.
Adjacent was the First Lord's residence ( then Winston Churchill ), who was another.
Paul the Apostle's First Letter to the Corinthians (), and the Acts of the Apostles (, ) present the rite of the " Lord's supper " or " breaking of bread " as dating from the very beginning of Christianity, when Christianity was still an entirely Jewish phenomenon, even before Gentiles, initially from among " the God-fearing " ( a term used for Gentiles who attended Jewish synagogue services but held back from becoming full-scale proselytes ), were accepted as members of the Christian community.
Certainly, the U-boat threat was well appreciated, but the First Lord's account of the time and its events makes no mention of the need to stop the threat at the strait.
In the West Indies tour of England in 2004 Bravo made his Test debut when he was selected for the First Test at Lord's in which he scored 44 and 10 and took three wickets.
In 1963, whilst his county form on overgrassed pitches was back to something close to his best, on the less grassy surfaces in the First Test against the West Indies his bowling lacked its old venom, and he was surprisingly replaced by the veteran Derek Shackleton for the rest of the series-a move criticised heavily in the press because it was known fast bowlers would do well at Lord's.
Wass was chosen in the thirteen for the First Test against South Africa at Lord's in 1907 but left out of the final eleven.
Recent highlights include a victory over Charterhouse School in the final of the Lord's Taverners Cricketer Colts Trophy for Schools in 1999, and a run to the semi final of the Daily Mail U18 Cup in 2004 by the school First XV.
Hill made his Test début in the First Test at Lord's.
Trumble made his Test cricket debut in the First Test against the English team at Lord's Cricket Ground.
England won the First Test at Lord's by 6 wickets, Trumble taking one wicket in each innings.

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