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Foreign and Legion
* 1863 A 65-man French Foreign Legion infantry patrol fought a force of nearly 2, 000 Mexican soldiers to nearly the last man in Hacienda Camarón, Mexico.
* Camarón Day ( French Foreign Legion )
France maintains a small maritime base and a Foreign Legion Detachment ( DLEM ) on Mayotte.
The French forces included Spahis, Chasseurs d ' Afrique, Foreign Legion cavalry and mounted Goumiers.
There are some 2, 600 French troops, which includes a unit of the French Foreign Legion, the 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade, stationed in Djibouti.
In 2002, Djibouti agreed to host a U. S. military presence at Camp Lemonnier, a former French Foreign Legion base outside the capital that now houses approximately 3, 500 American personnel.
A Legion Honor guard | honour guard of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment stands at attention as they await the arrival of Lt. Gen. Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, commander of Joint Forces in Saudi Arabia, during Operation Desert Shield.
The French Foreign Legion (, L. E.
The Foreign Legion is today known as an elite military unit whose training focuses not only on traditional military skills but also on its strong esprit de corps.
The French Foreign Legion was created by Louis Philippe, the King of the French, on 10 March 1831.
The direct reason was that foreigners were forbidden to serve in the French Army after the 1830 July Revolution, so the Foreign Legion was created to allow the government a way around this restriction.
The purpose of the Foreign Legion was to remove disruptive elements from society and put them to use fighting the enemies of France.
The Foreign Legion was primarily used, as part of the Armée d ' Afrique, to protect and expand the French colonial empire during the 19th century, but it also fought in almost all French wars including the Franco-Prussian War and both World Wars.
The Foreign Legion has remained an important part of the French Army, surviving three Republics, the Second French Empire, two World Wars, the rise and fall of mass conscript armies, the dismantling of the French colonial empire, and the loss of the Foreign Legion's base, Algeria.
Historically, the American film industry portrayed the Foreign Legion as, in the words of Neil Tweedie of The Daily Telegraph, having " a reputation as a haven for cut-throats, crooks and sundry fugitives from justice " and also having many men escaping failed romances.
Created to fight " outside mainland France ", the Foreign Legion was stationed in Algeria, where it took part in the pacification and development of the colony, by notably drying the marshes in the region of Algiers.
The Foreign Legion was initially divided into " national battalions " ( Swiss, Poles, Germans ...).
To support Isabella's claim to the Spanish throne against her uncle, the French government decided to send the Foreign Legion to Spain.
The Foreign Legion landed at Tarragona on 17 August with around 4, 000 men who were quickly dubbed Los Argelinos ( the Algerians ) by locals because of their previous posting.
The Foreign Legion was dissolved on 8 December 1838, when it had dropped to only 500 men.
The survivors returned to France, many reenlisting in the new Foreign Legion along with many of their former Carlist enemies.

Foreign and March
At the 29th ceremony, held on March 27, 1957, the Best Foreign Language Film category was introduced.
Although the March 2007 issue of Foreign Policy listed BJU as one of " The World's Most Controversial Religious Sites " because of its past influence on American politics, BJU has seen little political controversy since Stephen Jones became president.
In March 2008, Japan's Foreign Ministry appointed Doraemon as the nation's first " anime ambassador.
President Obiang made an official visit to Madrid in March 2001, and senior Spanish Foreign Ministry officials visited Malabo during 2001 as well.
Two Foreign Legion companies led the defence at the celebrated Siege of Tuyên Quang ( 24 November 1884 to 3 March 1885 ).
Gyula Count Andrássy de Csíkszentkirály et Krasznahorka ( 3 March 1823 18 February 1890 ) was a Hungarian statesman, who served as Prime Minister of Hungary ( 1867 1871 ) and subsequently as Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary ( 1871 1879 ).
On 20 March 1939, Ribbentrop summoned the Lithuanian Foreign Minister Juozas Urbšys to Berlin and informed him that if a Lithuanian plenipotentiary did not arrive at once to negotiate turning over the Memelland to Germany the Luftwaffe would raze Kaunas to the ground.
* 15 March 1951 Konrad Adenauer becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Chancellor when the Allies allow this post to be revived.
The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who assumed office on 18 March 2008.
* Marathi: The Language and its Linguistic Traditions-Prabhakar Machwe, Indian and Foreign Review, 15 March 1985.
Likewise, the then Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon ’ ble Mr. Upendra Yadav visited Germany from March 9
German Acting Federal Foreign Minister, H. E. Mr. Guenter Gloser on March 11, 2009.
On 11 March 1940, Pius XII had a personal meeting with German Foreign Affairs Minister Joachim Ribbentrop in Rome.
* March 20 At an emergency meeting in London to deal with the Romanian crisis, French Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet suggests to Lord Halifax that the ideal state for saving Romania from a German attack is Poland.
* March 15 British Foreign Secretary George Brown resigns.
* March 10 The French Foreign Legion is founded.
For example, it has been used to describe the death of Jan Masaryk, who was found below the bathroom window of the building of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 10 March 1948.
In March 1986, he told Israeli Foreign Affairs that South Africa was a major contributor to the Reagan administration's efforts to help the anti-Sandinista forces.
The Labour Party lost the General Election in 1970, but Callaghan returned to office as Foreign Secretary in March 1974, taking responsibility for renegotiating the terms of Britain's membership of the European Economic Community ( EEC or " Common Market "), and supporting a " Yes " vote in the 1975 referendum for the UK to remain in the EEC.
When Wilson won the next general election and returned as Prime Minister in March 1974, he appointed Callaghan as Foreign Secretary which gave him responsibility for renegotiating the terms of the United Kingdom's membership of the Common Market.
In March 2012 the Norwegian Foreign Ministry announced that the Norwegian embassy in Damascus will be temporarily closed, mainly due to the deteriorating security situation in the country, however Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre also emphasized the closing being a political signal.
* History Makers Series: Conversation with Brzezinski, The Council on Foreign Relations, March 24, 2004.
He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 15 March 1858, and a Foreign Member of the Royal Society on 24 May 1860.

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