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German and crusaders
The purpose of the citadel was to prevent the Old Prussian settlement of Truso from being reoccupied, as the German crusaders were at war with the pagan Prussians.
During a period of more than 150 years leading up to the arrival of German crusaders in the region, Estonia was attacked thirteen times by Russian principalities, and by Denmark and Sweden as well.
As the German grip tightened, the Livonians rebelled against the crusaders and the christened chief but the uprising was put down.
The ruler of Tālava, Tālivaldis ( Talibaldus de Tolowa ), became the most loyal ally of German crusaders against the Estonians, and he died a Catholic martyr in 1215.
The last Estonian county to hold out against the invaders was the island county of Saaremaa, whose war fleets had raided Denmark and Sweden during the years of fighting against the German crusaders.
* 1147 Seljuk Turks completely annihilate German crusaders under Conrad III at the Battle of Dorylaeum.
Historical names of the town include Tarbatu, an Estonian fortress founded in the 5th century, Yuryev () named c. 1030 by Yaroslav I the Wise, and Dorpat as first known by the German crusaders in the 13th century.
In 1224, after additional troops led by prince Vyachko of Kukenois had been installed in the fort, it was besieged and conquered for one last time by the German crusaders.
* October 25 Battle of Dorylaeum, the Seljuq Turks defeat German crusaders under Conrad III.
Some Italian and German crusaders were defeated and killed at Xerigordon at the end of August.
However, recent analysis of the 15th-century Annals of Jan Długosz by Labuda suggests that the German crusaders may have been added to the text after chronicler Długosz had completed the work.
German crusaders known as the Livonian Brothers of the Sword began construction of a castle Wenden near the hill fort in 1209.
A Latgalian hill fort is known to have existed at Rēzekne from the 9th to the 13th centuries, until its destruction at the hands of German crusaders of the Livonian Order.
This land been occupied by German crusaders and Swedish, Polish, Prussian, German and Russian armies.
Sigismund and many German princes arrived before the walls of Prague on June 30 at the head of a vast army of crusaders from all parts of Europe, largely consisting of adventurers attracted by the possibility of pillage.
Sigismund and many German princes arrived before Prague on 30 June at the head of a vast army of crusaders from all parts of Europe, largely consisting of adventurers attracted by the hope of pillage.
At the end of the 12th century, German crusaders and merchants travelled up the Daugava, establishing missionaries among the Liv settlements.
In 1206 the Liv chieftain Ako organized the first revolt against the German crusaders but suffered defeat.
For a full month the Hungarians were encamped there awaiting the German crusaders, the Wallachian Duke as well as the Bohemian and Albanian army.
They are noted for their long resistance ( 1219 1290 ) against the German crusaders and Teutonic Knights during the Northern Crusades.
Upon uniting hostile Semigallian clans into a single state in early 13th century, Viestards formed an alliance with the German crusaders to defeat his enemies on the outside.
The Curonians were victorious and German sources claim that 30 crusaders were killed.
In the first two decades of the 13th century, the ( Western ) Latgalians allied with German ( mainly Saxon ) crusaders, and their lands were incorporated under unclear circumstances into Livonia.

German and enlisted
Some of these enlisted and fought in the German army.
During the Revolutionary War, many German farmers enlisted in the Continental army to fight the British.
By 1 January 1914, aside from local police, military garrisons of Schutztruppen (" protective troops ") at Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Iringa, and Mahenge comprised 110 German officers ( including 42 medical officers ), 126 non-commissioned officers, and 2, 472 native enlisted men ( Askaris ).
In 1364, Duke Albert II enlisted military support from several powerful North German noblemen and proceeded to swiftly invade and conquer Sweden and subsequently installed his son, Albert, as the new King of Sweden.
It was granted to male German Gymnasium ( prep school ) students who voluntarily enlisted for military service before graduation.
On August 20, 1939 the German government called on German Christians in Palestine to join the Wehrmacht and 350 men enlisted.
In December 1941 and in the course of 1942 another 400 German internees, mostly wives and children of men who had enlisted in the Wehrmacht, were released-via Turkey-to Germany for the purpose of family reunification.
While Adolf Hitler expressed confidence in the ability of non-German Axis units to protect German flanks, in reality these units relied on largely obsolete equipment and horse-drawn artillery, while in many cases the unenlightened treatment of enlisted personnel by officers caused poor morale.
To counter a British military response to the coup, he enlisted the support of Germany which was at war with Britain and France at the time, but German military did not arrive to aid the Arab nationalist government.
Milch enlisted in the German Army in 1910, where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the artillery.
Russian volunteers who enlisted into the German Army ( Wehrmacht Heer ) wore the patch of the Russian Liberation Army, an army which did not yet exist but was presented as a reality by Nazi propaganda.
When that very year the 1914-1918 war broke out, he enlisted as an infantry soldier and took part at the first battles against the German army.
Diem enlisted in the German army and served in Belgium and France.
His work in animated cartoon shorts included The Brave Little Tailor, in which he animated scenes of Mickey Mouse and the king ; Mickey and the bear in The Pointer, and German dialogue scenes in the World War II propaganda short Education for Death ( shortly before Thomas enlisted in the Air Force ).
His remaining army then consisted of just 30 German officers, 125 German non-commissioned officers and other enlisted ranks, 1, 168 Askaris and some 3, 500 porters.
The companies were assigned to 49 garrisons in Kamerun and consisted of 61 officers, 23 physicians, 23 civilian administrators, ammunition technicians, 98 German NCOs and 1, 650 African enlisted ranks for a total personnel count of 1, 855.
The word entered into several languages during World War II when German troops enlisted volunteers from the occupied territories for supplementary service ( drivers, cooks, hospital attendants, ammunition carriers, messengers, sappers, etc.
During the Russian Civil War some Volga Germans enlisted with the White Army and, as a result, fierce attacks by the Red Army on Volga German communities took place.
He enlisted in and served in the U. S. Army during World War II, ultimately licensing several Allied-influenced newspapers and a new German news agency.
In July 1916, Ganz voluntarily enlisted in the German army and fought in the German navy during the First World War.
A German torpedo ripped into the transport Leopoldville just 5 miles from its destination of Cherbourg, and 14 officers and 748 enlisted men were lost.

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