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Gospel and According
According to the Gospel of Matthew, at the death of Jesus tombs were opened, and at his resurrection many saints who had died emerged from their tombs and went into " the holy city ", presumably New Jerusalem.
According to the 11th century Byzantine historian Georgios Kedrenos an uncial manuscript of Matthew's Gospel, believed to be that found by Anthemios, was then still preserved in the Chapel of St Stephen in the imperial palace.
According to one version of the Gospel of Barnabas:
According to one version of the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus denied being the Messiah, claiming rather that the Messiah would be Ishmaelite ( i. e. Arab ):
According to the canonical Gospels, Jesus was the " son " ( descendant ) of David ; thus, Hajj Sayed argues that this statement confirms the Gospel of Barnabas ' point.
According to the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus foresaw and rejected his own deification:
The Gospel According to Mark (,, to euangelion kata Markon ), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Mark or simply Mark, is the second book of the New Testament.
The Gospel According to Mark does not name its author.
The Gospel According to Luke (, to kata Loukan euangelion ), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Luke or simply Luke, is the third and longest of the four canonical Gospels.
Early on, the gospel was given the title Gospel According to Luke (, kata Loukan euangelion, or, to euangelion kata Loukan ).
The Gospel According to Matthew (, to euangelion kata Matthaion ) ( Gospel of Matthew or simply Matthew ) is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic gospels, and the first book of the New Testament.
Papias does not identify his Matthew, but by the end of the 2nd century the tradition of Matthew the tax-collector had become widely accepted, and the line " The Gospel According to Matthew " began to be added to manuscripts.
The Gospel According to John ( Greek τὸ κατὰ Ἰωάννην εὐαγγέλιον ), commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John and often referred to in New Testament scholarship as the Fourth Gospel, is an account of the public ministry of Jesus.
According to scholar Ronald Cameron, it was originally composed some time between the middle of the 1st century and early in the 2nd century, and it was probably written shortly before the Gospel of John.
The Five Gospels by R. W. Funk, The Gospel According to the Hebrews, by E. B. Nicholson and
* " The Hound of Heaven " is the title of the fifth chapter in Robert L. Short's 1965 book The Gospel According to Peanuts where he describes Snoopy as a " little Christ " carrying out " Christ's ambivalent work of humbling the exalted and exalting the humble.
Previous attempts have included Piece Of My Heart, which was to star Renée Zellweger or Brittany Murphy ; The Gospel According To Janis, with director Penelope Spheeris and starring either Zooey Deschanel or P! nk ; and an untitled film thought to be an adaptation of Laura Joplin's Off-Broadway play about her sister, with the show's star, Laura Theodore, attached.
Ashcroft has penned and sung a number of other songs and created compilation tapes, including In the Spirit of Life and Liberty and Gospel ( Music ) According to John.
* ( 2011 ) The Gospel According to the Other Mary
According to the Gospel of Mary, they may refer to " the seven powers of wrath " spoken of in 8: 18-19:

Gospel and Thomas
In 1648, preacher John Elliott was quoted in Thomas Shepherd's book " Clear Sunshine of the Gospel " with an account of the difficulties the Pilgrims were having in using the Indians to harvest cranberries as they preferred to hunt and fish.
Gospel of Thomas, usually dated to the late 1st or early 2nd century, was also among the finds in the Nag Hammadi library in 1945.
When the Gospel of Thomas was written, people commonly assumed that men were superior to women, an attitude consistent with the historical context.
The Nag Hammadi codices contain the only complete copy of the Gospel of Thomas.
In fact, Nazareth was described negatively by the evangelists ; the Gospel of Mark argues that Nazareth did not believe in Jesus and therefore he could " do no mighty work there "; in the Gospel of Luke, the Nazarenes are portrayed as attempting to kill Jesus by throwing him off a cliff ; in the Gospel of Thomas, and in all four canonical gospels, we read the famous saying that " a prophet is not without honor except in his own country.
A version of this parable also appears in the non canonical Gospel of Thomas 76.
A version of the parable also appears in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas ( Saying 76 ):
However, the mention of a treasure in Saying 76 may reflect a source for the Gospel of Thomas in which the parables were adjacent, so that the original pair of parables has been " broken apart, placed in separate contexts, and expanded in a manner characteristic of folklore.
In the Gnostic Acts of Peter and the Twelve, found with the Gospel of Thomas in the Nag Hammadi library, the travelling pearl merchant Lithargoel is eventually revealed to be Jesus.
Thus, " All-In-God " ( see pantheism ) as stated in one of the Sayings of Gospel of Thomas: " Lift Up A Stone And You Will Find Me There ..." This seemingly contradictory interpretation of Gnosticism's theology is not without controversy.
* Saint Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, is believed to have landed in Kodungallur, India to preach the Gospel ; the Marthoma Church, the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, the Indian Orthodox Church, and the Assyrian Church of the East claim descent from him.
** Gospel of Thomas,
The leaves of this oak door represent Christ and Saint Thomas, and repeat the words of the Gospel according to Saint John " Lay your finger here " " You are my Lord and my God " ().
* 1697-To evangelize the English colonies, Thomas Bray, an Anglican preacher who made several missionary trips to North America, begins laying the groundwork for what will be the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
These include the apocryphal gospels, such as the Gospel according to the Hebrews, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.
The Gospel of Thomas was found among a collection of fifty-two writings that included, in addition to an excerpt from Plato's Republic, gospels claiming to have been written by Jesus's disciple Philip.
It is important to note, however, that while the Gospel of Thomas does not directly point to Jesus ' divinity, it also does not directly contradict it, and therefore neither supports nor contradicts gnostic beliefs.

Gospel and commonly
Article 25 of the Thirty-Nine Articles, speaking of the sacraments, says: " Those five commonly called Sacraments, that is to say, Confirmation, Penance, Orders, Matrimony, and extreme Unction, are not to be counted for Sacraments of the Gospel, being such as have grown partly of the corrupt following of the Apostles, partly are states of life allowed in the Scriptures ; but yet have not like nature of Sacraments with Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, for that they have not any visible sign or ceremony ordained of God.
* Praeparatio evangelica ( Preparation for the Gospel ), commonly known by its Latin title, which attempts to prove the excellence of Christianity over every pagan religion and philosophy.
In addition, the Gospel of Barnabas is commonly cited by Muslims, as an attempt to counter the canonical Gospels used by Christian missionaries.
It is commonly called the Gospel of Luke or simply Luke.
Hence the textual evidence for the Gospel of John is commonly accepted as both earlier and more reliable than that for any other of the canonical Gospels.
Robinson wrote that, where the Gospel narrative accounts can be checked for consistency with surviving material evidence, the account in the Gospel of John is commonly the more plausible ; that it is generally easier to reconcile the various synoptic accounts within John's narrative framework, than it is to explain John's narrative within the framework of any of the synoptics ; and that, where in the Gospel Jesus and his disciples are described as travelling around identifiable locations, the trips in question can always be plausibly followed on the ground, which he says is not the case for any synoptic Gospel.
The two most commonly cited examples are the last verses of the Gospel of Mark and the story of the adulterous woman in the Gospel of John.
The Matins service ( usually celebrated Thursday night ) is officially entitled, " The Office of the Holy and Redeeming Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ ", and is commonly known as the " Matins of the Twelve Gospels ", because interspersed throughout the service are twelve Gospel readings which recount the entire Passion of Christ from the Last Supper to the sealing of the tomb.
* Those " commonly called Sacraments that are not to be counted for Sacraments of the Gospel " are confirmation, ordination, marriage, reconciliation of a penitent and unction.
The relationship to the Gospel according to the Hebrews becomes more clear when Theodoret states that the Nazarenes made use of the Gospel of Peter, for we know by the testimony of the Fathers generally that the Nazarene Gospel was that commonly called the Gospel according to the Hebrews.

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