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Greater and London
These were reorganised further when Greater London was formed out of Middlesex and the County of London in 1965.
Fulcher was born in Tranmere Road, Whitton, Middlesex ( now Greater London ), in July 1942.
The situation was greatly complicated by the large number of landowners involved: the PLA, the Greater London Council ( GLC ), the British Gas Corporation, five borough councils, British Rail and the Central Electricity Generating Board.
Greater London is an administrative area, ceremonial county and the London region of England.
The ceremonial county created at the same time, and used for the purposes of the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, does not include the City of London.
The Greater London Authority consisting of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly, headquartered in City Hall, has been responsible for strategic local government since 2000.
Greater London occupies the same area as the London European Parliament constituency.
The term Greater London was in use before 1965 to refer to a variously defined area, larger than the County of London and often similar to the Metropolitan Police District.
London is divided into the small City of London and the much wider Greater London.
Outside the limited boundaries of the old city, a variety of arrangements have governed the wider area since 1855, culminating with the creation of the Greater London administrative area in 1965.
The term Greater London was used well before 1965, particularly to refer to the area covered by the Metropolitan Police District ( such as in the 1901 census ), the area of the Metropolitan Water Board ( favoured by the London County Council for statistics ), the London Passenger Transport Area and the area defined by the Registrar General as the Greater London Conurbation.

Greater and Authority
In 2000, London-wide government was restored, with the creation of the Greater London Authority ( GLA ) by Tony Blair's government, covering the same area of Greater London.
Neither the Conditions of Carriage nor Schedule 17 of the Greater London Authority Act 1999, which states how and when penalty fares can be issued, allow the issue of a penalty fare to a traveller who had already paid the correct fare for their journey.
Since 2000, the Greater London Authority has been the transport authority and the executive agency has been called Transport for London ; ending the 67 year use of the London Transport name.
The Greater London Authority, a replacement authority for the GLC, was set up in 2000 with a transport executive called Transport for London ( TfL ) that took control from 3 July 2000.
Despite a report by the Greater London Authority in support of continued use, the railway was closed in the early hours of 31 May 2003.
* 2000, Greater London Authority Building ( London City Hall ), London, UK
Such systems, or variations of them, are used in parts of the United Kingdom ( the Greater London Authority, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly ), Germany, Lesotho, Mexico, Bolivia and New Zealand.
TfL was created in 2000 as part of the Greater London Authority by the Greater London Authority Act 1999.
Category: Greater London Authority functional bodies
The Greater London Authority ( GLA ) is the top-tier administrative body for Greater London, England.
The authority was established in 2000, following a local referendum, and derives most of its powers from the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and the Greater London Authority Act 2007.
The Greater London Authority is mostly funded by direct government grant and it is also a precepting authority, with some money collected with local Council Tax.

Greater and Assembly
In 2004, following an opinion poll, a move was mooted by the London Assembly to align the Greater London boundary with the M25.
3, parashat Haazinu ( p. 287b to 296b ), and is called " Idra Zuta ," which means, " The Smaller Assembly ," distinguishing it from the Greater Assembly, " Idra Rabba ," mentioned above.
The Mayor of London is an elected politician who, along with the London Assembly of 25 members, is accountable for the strategic government of Greater London.
Southwark is the location of City Hall, the administrative headquarters of the Greater London Authority and the meeting place of the London Assembly and Mayor of London.
It should be noted, however, that though for administrative purposes the area now falls within the area administered by the Greater London Authority, together with the London Assembly and the Mayor of London, the geographic county of Middlesex was never abolished and many Feltham residents continue to identify their home county as " Middlesex ".
He started his victory speech with " As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted 14 years ago ", making it clear he saw the London Assembly as a recreation of a similar London wide authority to that of the Greater London Council, which he had led before it was abolished in the 1980s.
One part of England, Greater London, has a degree of devolved power ( although weaker than that of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ) with power vested in an elected Mayor of London, currently Boris Johnson and the London Assembly.
City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority ( GLA ) which comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.
On 27 October 1848, the National Assembly voted for a Greater German Solution, but incorporating only " Austria's German lands ".
Subsequent to her first election as an MP she resigned from Islington Council, resigned as a school governor at Ashmount school and withdrew as a candidate for the Greater London Assembly seat in North East London.
The proponent of this project, Donald Fry, the CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee stated in an interview with the Baltimore Business Journal that the approval of initial design funds by the Maryland General Assembly gives the green light to both the Greater Baltimore Committee and Willard Hackerman to enter into serious negotiations with private investors regarding " naming rights or concession agreements for the arena " and he feels that this is a good sign that the Maryland General Assembly will, in fact, provide even more state funding towards this project in the future stating:
The London Assembly is an elected body, part of the Greater London Authority, that scrutinises the activities of the Mayor of London and has the power, with a two-thirds majority, to amend the mayor's annual budget and to reject the Mayor's draft statutory strategies.
It stood candidates in the for the Greater London Assembly Election in 2000, but supported Ken Livingstone in the mayoral elections held at the same time.
The party fielded 101 candidates in the local elections in England, including district council elections, mayoral contests and elections to the Greater London Assembly.
Both Respect Renewal and the Left List stood candidates for the Greater London Assembly.
As Chairman of the London Assembly, Coleman introduced the old Greater London Council Chairman's badge and has made the role considerably more civic-based than previous holders of the post.
Greater London already has the London Assembly.

Greater and directly
John F. Kennedy, in his Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on 12 September 1960, addressed the question directly, saying,
In the United States commercial airports are generally operated directly by government entities or government-created airport authorities ( also known as port authorities ), such as the Los Angeles World Airports authority that oversees several airports in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Los Angeles International Airport.
A similar organization exists directly to the south and is known as the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield ( CCGS ).
L. W. de Laurence in 1914 published " The Greater Key of Solomon ", directly based on Mathers ' edition, to which he made alterations in an attempt to advertise his mail-order business ( for example by inserting instructions like " after burning one-half teaspoonful of Temple Incense " along with ordering information for the incense ).
( The battle was fought at Ulan Butong 350 kilometers directly north of Peking near the western headwaters of the Liao River at the southern end of the Greater Khingan Mountains ).
He was crowned as king of Poland in 1295, but ruled directly only over Pomerelia and Greater Poland, while the rest of the country ( Silesia, Lesser Poland, Masovia ) was ruled by other Piasts.
Greater administrative areas () were early top-level administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China that directly governed provinces and municipalities.
The district's social services board — which has offices in the district seat of Espanola, as well as satellite offices in several other communities in the district — instead shares its jurisdictional area with the neighbouring Manitoulin District, whereas equivalent services in Greater Sudbury, which has the status of a single-tier municipality, are provided directly from the city.
The Greater London Authority referendum of 1998 was a referendum held in Greater London on 7 May 1998 asking whether there was support for the creation of a Greater London Authority, composed of a directly elected Mayor of London, and a London Assembly to scrutinise the Mayor's actions.
Up until 1986 SPT ( and the Greater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive before it ) was directly responsible for running the municipal bus services in Glasgow, and owned both the buses and the necessary supporting infrastructure.
A substantial community of those of Chinese descent has existed in Greater Victoria since the Fraser Gold Rush of 1858-60, which saw the first significant influx, arriving first via San Francisco then directly from China.
These changes did not affect the directly elected London Assembly, which was established by separate legislation as part of the Greater London Authority.
The London Assembly was established as a directly elected body by separate legislation and is part of the Greater London Authority.
Ken Livingstone, the first directly elected Mayor of London, saw the London Assembly as a recreation of the Greater London Council, which he had led before it was abolished in the 1980s.
In addition, churches that were independently founded by ministers who were ordained or directly influenced by the church's founder, Robert C. Lawson, or his spiritual successor, William L. Bonner, may also look to Greater Refuge Temple as their mother church, including the Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Evangelistic Church of Christ, and many others.
In 1986, with the abolition of the Greater London Council, a directly elected Inner London Education authority was formed.
It consists of ten indirectly elected members, each a directly elected councillor from one of the ten metropolitan boroughs that comprise Greater Manchester.
It is only hospital helipad in the Greater Toronto Area not located directly to the hospital structure.
In England and Wales, outside of Greater London, Police and Crime Commissioners will be directly elected officials charged with securing efficient and effective policing of their police area.
The Greater Swartberg is located to the east, with the dividing line between the two ranges being the Gouritz river, which cuts a gorge directly through the range.
Primera División Argentina | Primera División and Primera B Nacional are the only two non-regionalized leagues on the Argentine football league system ; below them, the leagues on the left side are made up of teams directly affiliated to the Argentine Football Association ( mainly teams from the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area, with a few exceptions ), while the leagues on the right are composed by teams affiliated indirectly through their local leagues to the Association ( they are typically clubs from the interior, i. e. the rest of the country )

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