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Gumlog and was
Avalon was going to be named Gumlog after Gumlog Creek, but when the charter came back from the State Legislature, the name had been changed instead to Avalon.
To sort out the legitimate deeds from the fraudulent deeds, a court was held on Gumlog Creek at the home of Warren Philpot.
Gumlog was the name given to a Georgia military District.

Gumlog and for
Since Gumlog is " a shame and a disgrace ," it is not an acceptable word for proper society, so it is understandable why Gumlog would never show up in a chamber of commerce brochure.

Gumlog and is
Gumlog is a census-designated place in Franklin County, Georgia, United States.
Gumlog is located at ( 34. 501493 ,-83. 098341 ).
It is said that Gumlog holds the Earth together.
Georgia Highway 328 is called Gumlog Road and is nearly the only way in and out of the community of Gumlog.
It is ten miles long and crosses over the Gumlog Cove branch of Lake Hartwell.
Gumlog is the ancestral home of VP candidate Senator John Edwards ’ great-grandfather Ruck Edwards.

Gumlog and from
Gumlog Road runs from Highway 59 in Lavonia to a junction with Highway 17 in Avalon.
The name Gumlog may come from a rough translation of the Indian name Tsilula Yi or Sweetgum Place.

Gumlog and .
Gumlog Creek also starts near the same junction in Avalon.
Back in the day, when teenagers visited Gumlog, they did not tell their parents.
Certainly, the Church has forever been trying to clean-up Gumlog.
North Georgia's old-money would just as soon see Gumlog disappear.
Indeed, there have even been conspiracies to do away with Gumlog entirely.
So far, the neighboring jurisdictions have diminished Gumlog at every opportunity.
In 1785 an important governmental meeting took place in Gumlog.

area and was
The area was deserted.
Fleischman with eight was to patrol the Leyte Gulf area, with his main task to get any kamikaze before they got to the ships.
The sun was not yet high and all of them were in the small area of shade cast by the boulder.
The Prince took her with him on every tour around the area, and it was rumored he was utilizing her knowledge of Constantinople as part of his espionage network.
Therefore, what we must prove or disprove is that there were Saxons, in the broad sense in which we must construe the word, in the area of the Saxon Shore at the time it was called the Saxon Shore.
There was no time in the short Mexican encounter to evolve a solution but the area provided a proving ground for new departures in the near future.
How foolish it was to try to fathom the truth in an area where only faith would suffice.
A project for the Air Force has been completed in which the NAIR infrared detecting device was developed for area monitoring of noxious or dangerous gases.
Mother even went so far as to trump up for me matrimonial opportunities with Pasadena debs who had been educated abroad, and with those of the more lenient Los Angeles area where a debutante was a girl who had been to high school.
Such items recall the California journalist who reported an accident involving a movie star: `` The area in which Miss N -- was injured is spectacularly scenic ''.
The mean temperature of the surface was then computed according to the following relation: Af where x is the fraction of the plug area covered by the hot spot.
From these dosage isopleths it can be seen that an area of over 34,000 square miles was covered.
As can be seen from Figure 2, an extensive area was covered by this aerosol.
As can be seen from these dosage isopleths, approximately 100 square miles was covered within the area sampled.
It is quite likely that an even greater area was covered, particularly downwind.
In all cases the activity against Af cells was spread over a wider area than that with Af cells, regardless of the type of test ( saline, albumin, indirect Coombs ) used for comparison.
The myocardium of the posterior base of the left ventricle was replaced by gray scar tissue over a 7.5 cm. area.
The mucosa of the stomach was atrophic and irregularly blackened over a 14 cm. area.
Not until the group was satisfied in this area were they willing to venture further to ( 2 ), Specific adjustment areas, such as sex, in-laws, religion, finance, and so on.
There was a particularly marvelous opportunity for study in this area since almost every stage of pregnancy was represented, from a childless couple to and including every trimester.
Though little democracy had ever been practised in this region, and much of it was still ruled by feudalistic means, it was taken for granted that at least the forms of Western democracy would be established in this area and Western capitalism preserved within it.
The Title 8, program of the National Defense Education Act of 1958 was a great spur to this trend toward area schools.

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