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HD-2 and Rock
KFJM is simulcasted the HD-2 channel of all of Prairie Public Radio's stations, branded as their Roots, Rock & Jazz service.
HD-2 The Bone 2 ( Active Rock )

HD-2 and 100
* WBCN's Free Form 104, moved from 104. 1 HD-2 to 100. 7 ( WZLX ) HD-3 and was renamed Free Form BCN.
100. 7 HD-1 carried the standard analog format, while 100. 7 HD-2 carried a 1980's / 1990's hits format dubbed the " 80's / 90's Flashback Channel " ( named after their popular " Flashback Friday " program at the time ).
When the station rebranded as " 100. 7 Star " in October 2011, the HD-2 channel shifted its format to include 2000's hits, and was renamed " Replay Radio ", which includes heavy references to former sister station B94.

HD-2 and .
WSB-FM's current HD-2 service is a throwback to their ' beautiful music ' days.
The station runs an digital subchannel ( or " HD-2 ") of hip-hop music.
WSRV is currently broadcasting digital radio using the HD Radio system, and simulcasted sister station WSB on its HD-2 channel until WBTS dropped rhythmic CHR in August 2010 to simulcast WSB as WSBB-FM.
The former WBTS format is now heard on WSRV's HD-2 channel.
The " Viva " format has moved to El Patron's HD-2 channel.
94. 1 HD-2 currently carries a simulcast of WQXI ( AM ), while 94. 1 HD-3 currently carries a mainstream urban format as " Streetz 94. 5 ".
Since December 2008, WFLA has been simulcast on the FM radio band, via the HD-2 ( digital radio ) subchannel of sister station WXTB ( 97. 9 FM ).
Oasis programming continued in the interim over WGPR HD-2 and 1047theoasis. com.
In September 2006, WWDV's HD-2 station signed on simulcasting with WDRV HD-2 featuring Deep Tracks.
The 99X brand and its modern rock format moved to 99. 7 HD-2 and 99X. com.
In 2006, they introduced a stream of All Comedy Radio, a 24-hour comedy station, also known as " The Laugh Button ," on their alternate HD-2 signal frequency.
In addition to HD1, which content is primarily HDTV showcasing for regular users, a second channel was soon created, HD-2 focusing on live and recorded HDTV broadcasts of special event for selected theatres.
KFRC now only airs on 106. 9 FM HD-2 and online at KFRC. com.
The station is licensed for HD Radio operations and features a simulcast of talk sister station WTKG-AM on its HD-2 side channel.
However, on June 4, 2008 at Noon, KBIG's HD-2 dropped the all Disco format to introduce an LGBT-oriented HD radio station called Pride Radio.
As a result, WOSU established a 24-hour all classical music service on its HD-2 HD Radio stream and on its web site.

HD-2 and 3
The HD-2 station originally featured a classic alternative-rock format under the moniker " Planet 96. 3 " ( a format that was used on the analog station in the late 1990s and early 2000s ).
KLLC airs an Hot AC music format same as KZZO in Sacramento and on 97. 3 HD-2 is Chill With Alice, a Chill format channel.
On January 19, 2006, Star 101. 3 entered the HD Radio world with an HD-2 channel.

HD-2 and HD2
In 2009, KBPA bought back KXMG's former Dance Top 40 format and placed it on its HD2, calling it " Mega 103-5 HD-2.

HD-2 and features
WTMX's HD-2 format features music from independent, unsigned bands called " iChannel ".
The station now features a 24 hour a day classical music service on its HD-2 HD Radio stream as well as on its web site.

HD-2 and mix
WLIT's HD-2 was originally a simulcast of the now-defunct " Real Oldies " WRLL ( now WVON ) 1690 AM, then changed to a mix of disco music and 1970s / 1980s called " Flashback.

HD-2 and classic
The Globe's HD-2 channel, then known as " The Jam " began broadcasting a mixture of classic rock.
WKBU has an HD-2 station which format consists of live concerts of " Bayou 95. 7 "' s classic rock artists.

HD-2 and AC
On December 29, 2007, the HD-2 shifted to an all " Slow Jams " Urban AC format, playing quiet storm music from artists such as Anita Baker, Tank, Jaheim, and Boyz II Men.

HD-2 and from
* WBMX moved all of its subchannels with it from 98. 5 to 104. 1: Mix on analog and HD-1, The 80's Channel on HD-2, and The Sky on HD-3.
The station was formatted differently from WBCN's 104. 1-FM and HD-1 incarnation, and continues to be different from the current 98. 5 HD-2 version.
Since assuming control of WCRB, WGBH has sought to expand the reach of the station, particularly to areas that had been served by the station prior to the frequency shift in 2006 ; WCRB's programming was added to WNCK, which formerly simulcast WGBH, concurrent with the sale's completion, and April 8, 2010, W242AA also switched from carrying WGBH to WCRB, via the 89. 7 HD-2 simulcast.
On their HD-2 channel, the first format was the previous " Love " format WILV ran from 2004-2006.

HD-2 and through
The station broadcasts in high definition through two stations, HD-1 ( WEZB-HD, New Orleans ) and HD-2 Rhythmic Contemporary.

HD-2 and played
On WKTU HD-1, the Rhythmic Top-40 format is heard on the original analog station, while WKTU HD-2 has played Country Music similar to the previous Country station occupying 103. 5.

HD-2 and on
The extra HD-2 and HD-3 streams are not simulcast on analog, causing the sound to drop-out or " skip " when digital reception degrades ( similar to HDTV drop-outs ).
* Pride Radio on WWVA HD-2
Om April 5 it aired " Project 9-6-2 " ( WKLS HD-2 ) on 32. 105.
WBCN is a digital-only radio station airing on WBZ-FM HD-2 and on WZLX-FM HD-3 in Boston, Massachusetts and owned by CBS Radio.
Before switching to 98. 5 HD-2 on August 12, 2009, WBCN ran its rock format for 41 years as an analog radio station on 104. 1 MHz ( now WBMX ).
The station, programmed by BCN's original 1969 program director, Sam Kopper, began airing in February 2009 as Free Form 104, airing, until the demise of the original WBCN, on 104. 1 HD-2.
KYW is also re-broadcast by sister station WIP-FM on its HD-2 digital sub-channel.
In addition to the Main Jack FM program on HD-1, HD-2 broadcasts last. fm discover.

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