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History and Cash
In an effort to purchase the Old Administration Building in Dyess to make a memorial of Dyess History and Johnny Cash, the town sponsored the First Annual Dyess Days celebration.

History and Registers
* Bekir Kemal Ataman, " Ottoman Kadi Registers as a Source of Social History.

History and ",
" The Arab agricultural revolution and its diffusion ", in The Journal of Economic History, 34.
" The Transubstantiation of a Poor White ", in Black Reconstruction: An Essay Toward the History of the Part Which Black People Have Played in the Attempt to Reconstruct Democracy in America, 1860 – 1880 ( 1935 ).
" Andrew Carnegie ", Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History.
* In a segment of The Simpsons episode " Margical History Tour ", Salieri is represented by Lisa Simpson, to Bart's Mozart.
* Tokar, Brian ; " Monsanto: A Checkered History ", Z Magazine, March 1999
" America's History of Crazy Political Assassins Didn't Begin with Loughner ", History News Network, Jan. 28, 2011.
" A History of Transportation in the Bronx ", Bronx County Historical Society Journal 1989 26 ( 2 ): 68 – 91
* Basil Gounaris, " From Peasants into Urbanites, from Village into Nation: Ottoman Monastir in the Early Twentieth Century ", European History Quarterly 31: 1 ( 2001 ), pp. 43 – 63.
* Court History of David or Succession narrative ( 2 Samuel 9-20 and 1 Kings 1-2 ): a " historical novel ", in Alberto Soggin's phrase, telling the story of David's reign from his affair with Bathsheba to his death.
One of the main units within Samuel is the " History of David's Rise ", the purpose of which is to justify David as the legitimate successor to Saul.
" Some Burroughs Transistor Computers ", Unisys History Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 1, March 1999.
" Burroughs Third-Generation Computers ", Unisys History Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 5, October 1999.
* Martin, Ian L. ( 2012 ) " Too far ahead of its time: Barclays, Burroughs and real-time banking ", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing 34 ( 2 ), pp. 5-19.
* Henderson, Charles ( 1935 ) " Some Notes on Bodmin Priory ", in: Essays in Cornish History.
* Allen, Frances E., " A History of Language Processor Technology in IBM ", IBM Journal of Research and Development, v. 25, no. 5, September 1981.
Claudius ' Ascent to Power ", Ancient History, 22 25 – 31.
Two English translations of the Various History, by Fleming ( 1576 ) and Stanley ( 1665 ) made Aelian's miscellany available to English readers, but after 1665 no English translation appeared, until three English translations appeared almost simultaneously: James G. DeVoto, Claudius Aelianus: Ποιϰίλης Ἱοτορίας (" Varia Historia ") Chicago, 1995 ; Diane Ostrom Johnson, An English Translation of Claudius Aelianus ' " Varia Historia ", 1997 ; and N. G. Wilson, Aelian: Historical Miscellany in the Loeb Classical Library.
* " Dark Star ", by I Am Kloot from Natural History
In " Deconstructing History ", Alun Munslow examines history in what he argues is a postmodern age.
( 1874 ) " On the Hypothesis that Animals are Automata, and its History ", The Fortnightly Review, n. s.
* Johnson, R. " Edward Thompson, Eugence Genovese and Socialist-humanist History ", History Workshop Journal, 6, 1978, pp. 79 – 100.
Thompson ", Visions of History edited by H. Abelove, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1976, pp. 5 – 25.

History and Museum
Boas used his positions at Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History to train and develop multiple generations of students.
The two most common systems are the classification adopted by the website AmphibiaWeb, University of California ( Berkeley ) and the classification by herpetologist Darrel Frost and the American Museum of Natural History, available as the online reference database Amphibian Species of the World.
An aardvark skeleton and mounted specimen at the Natural History Museum of Genoa
* 1990 – Jim Gary's " Twentieth Century Dinosaurs " exhibition opens at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D. C.
As of May 2012, it is on loan to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California for a major exhibition.
Fragmentary remains of smaller individuals were found alongside " Sue ," the Tyrannosaurus mounted in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and a bonebed in the Two Medicine Formation of Montana contains at least three specimens of Daspletosaurus, preserved alongside several hadrosaurs.
* American Museum of Natural History, Division of Paleontology.
San Diego Natural History Museum.
* History of ALGOL at the Computer History Museum
* Andrea Amati: Violin, Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The original fossil skeleton is assembled and stands in the Hall of Dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
" Washington " on display at the North Carolina Museum of History
Research conducted by the National Museum of American History notes that the story of Betsy Ross making the first American flag for General George Washington entered into American consciousness about the time of the 1876 centennial celebrations.
Because of its pioneering efforts, Acadia is a laureate of Washington ’ s Smithsonian Institution and a part of the permanent research collection of the National Museum of American History.
* Atari Museum – Full History of the Atari 7800
** Haus der Geschichte ( Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany )
* Museum of Bronx History
* The National Museum of Mongolian History: The early Turk Empire and the Uighurs
* Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine
The skull was sent to the Natural History Museum in London for verification.
* Fellow of the Computer History Museum
Its expansion over the following two and a half centuries was largely a result of an expanding British colonial footprint and has resulted in the creation of several branch institutions, the first being the British Museum ( Natural History ) in South Kensington in 1887.
Because of continued pressure on space the decision was taken to move natural history to a new building in South Kensington, which would later become the British Museum of Natural History.

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