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Indologist and Axel
However, Indologist Axel Michaels disagrees that the work was written by Patañjali, characterizing it instead as a collection of fragments and traditions of texts stemming from the second or third century.

Indologist and writes
* Highlighting what he sees as the difficulty in understanding the guru from Eastern tradition in Western society, Dr. Georg Feuerstein, a well-known German-American Indologist, writes in the article Understanding the Guru from his book The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory and practice :" The traditional role of the guru, or spiritual teacher, is not widely understood in the West, even by those professing to practice Yoga or some other Eastern tradition entailing discipleship.

Indologist and book
The Belgian Indologist Koenraad Elst criticized Storr's book for its avoidance of the term prophet instead of guru for several people.
Talageri's first book ( 1993 ) was strongly criticized by the archaeologist George Erdosy and, in his wake, by the Indologist Michael Witzel in 1995, as being " devoid of scholarly value ", and it was characterized as belonging to a " lunatic fringe ".

Indologist and Hinduism
According to Indologist Madeleine Biardeau, Kamadhenu or Kamaduh is the generic name of the sacred cow, who is regarded as the source of all prosperity in Hinduism.

Indologist and Indian
In “ Indian myth and Legend ”, renowned Indologist Donald A. Mackenzie has harboured such a view.
Colonel William Henry Sykes, FRS ( 25 January 1790 – 16 June 1872 ) was an Indian Army officer, politician, Indologist and ornithologist.
Kashinath Trimbak Telang ( August 20, 1850 in Bombay – September 1, 1893 in Bombay ) was an Indologist and Indian judge at Bombay High Court.

Axel and writes
In The Story of San Michele, Axel Munthe writes of the rabies vaccine research:

Axel and book
The book features William MacGuinness, Axel Ney Hoch, John Webster, Jacobus van Dyn, Norman Schlund, Alfred Reynolds and other Speakers ' Corner regulars from the 1960s
* Monkey Puzzle ( book ), an illustrated children's book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
While looking through the book, Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel find a coded note written in runic script.
At the very end of the book, Axel and Lidenbrock realize why their compass was behaving strangely after their journey on the raft.
Later on, a corrupt Rocket Knight by the name of Axel Gear would try to steal an ancient book, which contained the secrets of the rocket knights.
Axel Scheffler ( born Hamburg, 1957 ) is a German book illustrator best known for his cartoon-like pictures for children's books, particularly The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child written by Julia Donaldson.

Axel and about
Axel Schuessler's etymological dictionary presents two possibilities for the tonal morphology of dào 道 " road ; way ; method " < Middle Chinese dâu < sup > B </ sup > < Old Chinese * lûʔ and dào 道 or 導 " to go along ; bring along ; conduct ; explain ; talk about " < Middle dâu < sup > C </ sup > < Old * lûh.
Leslie, in his personal correspondence to the Swedish Chancellor, Axel Oxenstierna, was clearly horrified at the losses sustained by his army and implies that there had been disagreement about the wisdom of Baner's tactics.
Memoirs set on Capri include Edwin Cerio's Aria di Capri ( 1928 ) ( translated as That Capri Air ), which contains a number of historical and biographical essays on the island, including a tribute to Norman Douglas ; The Story of San Michele ( 1929 ) by Swedish royal physician Axel Munthe ( 1857 – 1949 ), who built a villa of that name and Shirley Hazzard's Greene on Capri: A Memoir ( 2000 ), about her reminiscences of Graham Greene.
It features stories about junior detectives called Axel, Poppi, Lilo and Dominik, who solve mysteries.
In 1640 and 1641 he was sent to Wismar to negotiate a treaty with the Swedish chancellor, Axel Oxenstierna, and, if possible, to bring about the marriage of Christian's son Frederick and Gustavus Adolphus's daughter Christina.
After going out to have a few drinks, both men return drunk to Axel's apartment, where Axel is knocked unconscious and Mikey is confronted by two thugs, questioning him about some missing German bearer bonds that he had shown Axel earlier.
Axel decides to question Maitland about Mikey's employment, only to be thrown through the window by Maitland's bodyguards.
Bogomil is initially reluctant, but relents after Axel talks about staying in Beverly Hills on a more permanent basis.
Finding out about the shooting by a news report, Axel Foley ( Murphy ) immediately flies out to Beverly Hills ( covering his absence from his actual job in Detroit by telling his commanding officer Inspector Todd ( Gil Hill ) he is going " deep deep deep DEEP undercover " on the credit card fraud case he had been assigned to ) to help find out who shot Bogomil, to repay the favor he owes Bogomil for saving his job two years ago.
At the junkyard, just as the officers are about to shoot Max, the rookie officer unlocks Blaze's handcuffs, who proceeds to beat the stuffing out of the cops, with Axel, Skates, and Max following shortly.
When Axel asked Chabrol ( who was her ex-husband ) about Audran's suitability, Chabol said Audran was the archetype of Babette.
Although production consultants complained to Axel that the use of a narrator was too old-fashioned, Axel was adamant about using one.
For 10 years Sparkster would wander, posing as an outlaw as he searched for Axel Gear, only to return to Zebulos and hear rumors about Axel Gear's return.
Its publisher, Axel Springer, did not publish any positive articles about the students.
It is about west of the next nearest major island, Axel Heiberg Island.
Nevertheless, Wallenstein's continuous military activity, as well as the diplomatic work carried out by Axel Oxenstierna, Sweden ’ s first minister, failed to bring about a permanent settlement.
To celebrate the defeat of the mysterious " Mr. X " and his syndicate the previous year, Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding met at their favorite nightspot in the city and spent their time reminiscing about their vigilante crusade against " Mr. X " and his organization.
Realizing that " Mr. X " and his syndicate has returned for revenge against him, Skate and Axel waste no time in telling Blaze about the unexpected situation and Blaze herself is determined to help Axel out in defeating " Mr. X " and rescuing Adam.
Axel ( Johnny Depp ) has a dream about an Eskimo who catches a rare halibut and brings it back to his family in an igloo.
In 1930, Danish astronomer Axel Nielsen suggested that the change was instead the result in a steady decrease of about 3. 6 seconds per year in the period.

Axel and Indian
From about 1974, it was owned by famous Norwegian author Axel Jensen and his Indian wife Pratibha who lived on board for many years until 1990.

Axel and context
These numbers were discovered by Axel Thue in 1912 and rediscovered by G. H. Hardy in 1919 within the context of diophantine approximation.
A large portion of Argentine society viewed ( and still views ) the police forces as corrupt and inefficient, political leaders as unsupportive, and penal laws excessively lenient ; in this context, Axel Blumberg's murder caused an uproar and was the catalyst for massive demonstrations, protesting this perceived impunity and supporting Axel's father in his search for justice.

Michaels and writes
The Choir is an atmospheric Christian alternative rock band, led by Derri Daugherty on guitar and vocals, Steve Hindalong on drums — who also writes most of the band's lyrics — along with Tim Chandler on bass guitar, Dan Michaels on saxophone and lyricon and Marc Byrd on guitar ( since 2005 ).

Michaels and book
Cato Institute fellow Patrick J. Michaels said the attacks came because the book " threatens billions of taxpayer dollars that go into the global change kitty every year.
The Lazlo Letters, Novello's first book of stilted letters to celebrities, caught the attention of Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live.
In his book, Michaels said that " we ( The Kliq ) buried him ( Ouellet )" because he did not want to put Nash over.
In a November 17, 2008 radio interview, Hart mocked Michaels ' version of the incident, saying, " And Shawn ’ s this Christian today ; and in his book, he wrote that Vince took a dive and that I never even hit him and I thought, ‘ This guy is such a liar .’ I wonder what kind of Christian he is.
However, Shawn Michaels states in his book Heartbreak & Triumph "' Whatever it takes.
Lavash wraps have recently been popularized in the USA by Jillian Michaels ' fitness book entitled Making the Cut.
In April 1969, it was announced that Strouse, Adams, and book writer Sidney Michaels were beginning to work on the show, with Lawrence Kasha producing.
According to the book Live From New York, this was unrehearsed, and condemned by Michaels and the SNL crew, who refused to light the applause sign after O ' Connor's performance ; likewise, guest host Tim Robbins, who was raised Catholic, did not thank O ' Connor during the closing.
The making of the film, through interviews with Tom Schiller, Lorne Michaels, Zach Galligan, Lauren Tom, Bill Murray and others involved with the film, is chronicled in the book Nothing Lost Forever: The Films of Tom Schiller by Michael Streeter ( BearManor Media, 2005 ).
In his book Michaels claims that the Hart Foundation had politicked to keep the title.
According to Michaels's book, Jannetty had claimed that World Championship Wrestling were willing to give them a very high guaranteed contract but when Michaels inquired about it turned out to be an exaggeration.
* Hokus Pokus, the 2007 book in the Sisterhood: Rules of the Game series by Fern Michaels

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