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Irish and Rebellion
* 1798 – French troops land in Kilcummin harbour, County Mayo, Ireland to aid Wolfe Tone's United Irishmen's Irish Rebellion.
* 1798 – Wolfe Tone's United Irish and French forces clash with the British Army in the Battle of Castlebar, part of the Irish Rebellion of 1798, resulting in the creation of the French puppet Republic of Connaught.
* Donnelly, James S. Captain Rock: The Irish Agrarian Rebellion of 1821-1824 ( 2009 )
* Donnelly, James S. Irish Agrarian Rebellion, 1760-1800 ( 2006 )
* 1798 – Irish Rebellion of 1798: Irish rebels, with French assistance, establish the short-lived Republic of Connaught.
Among these actions were the Seven Years ' War, the American Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars, the First and Second Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, the New Zealand land wars, the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, the First and Second Boer Wars, the Fenian raids, the Irish War of Independence, its serial interventions into Afghanistan ( which were meant to maintain a friendly buffer state between British India and the Russian Empire ), and the Crimean War ( to keep the Russian Empire at a safe distance by coming to Turkey's aid ).
In addition to battling the armies of other European Empires ( and of its former colonies, the United States, in the American War of 1812 ), in the battle for global supremacy, the British Army fought the Chinese in the First and Second Opium Wars, and the Boxer Rebellion, Māori tribes in the first of the New Zealand Wars, Nawab Shiraj-ud-Daula's forces and British East India Company mutineers in the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, the Boers in the First and Second Boer Wars, Irish Fenians in Canada during the Fenian raids and Irish separatists in the Anglo-Irish War.
* Townshend, Charles, Easter 1916: The Irish Rebellion
The Irish, a significant group in three of the swing states, did appear inclined to support Blaine until one of his supporters, Samuel D. Burchard, gave a speech denouncing the Democrats as the party of " Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion ".
Irish prisoners were again sent to Bermuda in the 19th century, including participants in the ill-fated Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 and Nationalist journalist and politician John Mitchel.
Physical force Irish republicanism as an ideology had a long history, from the United Irishmen of the 1798 and 1803 rebellions, to the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848 and the 1867 rebellion by the Irish Republican Brotherhood.
* 1798 – Irish Rebellion of 1798: Battle of Ballynahinch.
* 1798 – Irish Rebellion of 1798: The British Army defeats Irish rebels at the Battle of Vinegar Hill.
* 1798 – The Battle of New Ross: The attempt to spread United Irish Rebellion into Munster is defeated.
* 1798 – Irish Rebellion of 1798: Battle of Arklow and Battle of Saintfield.
* Adventurers Act to raise money to suppress the Irish Rebellion of 1641 19 March 1642

Irish and which
It happened at the St. Patrick's Day party, a big affair for a regiment which had gone into battle for over three-quarters of a century to the strains of an Irish march.
Almost daily something is reported which feeds this Catholic hope in England: statistics of the increasing numbers of converts and Irish Catholic immigrants ; ;
* 1869 – Chinese and Irish laborers for the Central Pacific Railroad working on the First Transcontinental Railroad lay 10 miles of track in one day, a feat which has never been matched.
Historians identify several waves of migration to the United States: one from 1815 – 1860, in which some five million English, Irish, Germanic, Scandinavian, and others from northwestern Europe came to the United States ; one from 1865 – 1890, in which some 10 million immigrants, also mainly from northwestern Europe, settled, and a third from 1890 – 1914, in which 15 million immigrants, mainly from central, eastern, and southern Europe ( many Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish, Lithuanian, Russian, Jewish, Greek, Italian, and Romanian ) settled in the United States.
However, the presence of a vigorous population of Celtic lineage, principally of Irish origin, has supported the creation of other celebrations of beer, often for marketing purposes, such as Saint Patrick's Day ( Día de San Patricio ), patron of Ireland, which is celebrated with abundant libations.
There are five main categories in which potential sources and / or analogues are included: Scandinavian parallels, classical sources, Irish sources and analogues, ecclesiastical sources, and echoes in other Old English texts.
In Ó Duinnín's Irish dictionary ( 1904 ) it is referred to as Céadamh ( ain ) which it explains is short for Céad-shamh ( ain ) meaning " first ( of ) summer ".
Banshees were said to appear for particular Irish families, though which families made it onto this list varied depending on who was telling the story.
Since the Irish War of Independence, the name ' Boxing Day ' is used only by the authorities in Northern Ireland, which remains part of the UK.
Sinn Féin won 73 out of 105 seats in Ireland at the general election held in December 1918, and in January 1919 organised themselves as the First Dáil, which then declared an independent Irish Republic.
In the following twenty years, the Provisional Irish Republican Army and other smaller republican groups such as the Irish National Liberation Army ( INLA ) mounted an armed campaign against the British, by which they meant the RUC, the British Army, the Ulster Defence Regiment ( UDR ) of the British Army ( and, according to their critics, the Protestant and unionist establishment ).
The John Lennon album Some Time in New York City features a song entitled " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", inspired by the incident, as well as the song " The Luck of the Irish ", which dealt more with the Irish conflict in general.
Musician Alan Stivell uses a similar dichotomy, between the Gaelic ( Irish / Scottish / Manx ) and the Brythonic ( Breton / Welsh / Cornish ) branches, which differentiate " mostly by the extended range ( sometimes more than two octaves ) of Irish and Scottish melodies and the closed range of Breton and Welsh melodies ( often reduced to a half-octave ), and by the frequent use of the pure pentatonic scale in Gaelic music.
The oldest musical tradition which fits under the label of Celtic fusion originated in the rural American south in the early colonial period and incorporated Scottish, Scots-Irish, Irish, English, and African influences.
The suite which includes a Scottish pipe band, Irish and Welsh harpists, Galician gaitas, Irish uilleann pipes, the bombardes of Brittany, two vocal soloists and a narrator is set against a background of a classical orchestra and a large choir.
Shortly after, in 1869, Irish chemist Thomas Andrews studied the phase transition from a liquid to a gas and coined the term critical point to describe the instant at which a gas and a liquid were indistinguishable as phases, and Dutch physicist Johannes van der Waals supplied the theoretical framework which allowed the prediction of critical behavior based on measurements at much higher temperatures.
The Cuban government supported and still supports the Republican cause, but opposed the attacks which took place on civilian targets by Sinn Féin's military ally, the Provisional Irish Republican Army and of course attacks on civilians by their loyalist enemies such as the Ulster Volunteer Force and Ulster Defence Association.

Irish and started
In Irish mythology, the beginning of the summer season for the Tuatha Dé Danann and the Milesians started at Bealtaine.
Christian scholars, mostly Irish monks, preached Christianity to the populace and started a wave of conversion ( Saint Servatius, Saint Remacle, Saint Hadelin ).
Here another tragic advance was made by the Tyneside Irish Brigade of the 34th Division, which started nearly one mile from the German front line, in full view of German machine-guns.
Known as " Van the Man " to his fans, Morrison started his professional career when, as a teenager in the late 1950s, he played a variety of instruments including guitar, harmonica, keyboards and saxophone for various Irish showbands covering the popular hits of the day.
He started the " Irish experiment " at Mebourne which started recruiting Gaelic footballers from Ireland and converting them to Australian rules footballers.
St. Mary's originally started with primarily Irish and Italian immigrants.
However, when they did return with the Irish immigrants, the Welsh started to migrate elsewhere and the population changed to dominantly Irish.
In the 7th century Irish monks started using blank spaces, and introduced their script to France.
Several Young Turks on both sides started realizing that if the war did not stop soon, the Italian crime families could be left on the fringe of New York's criminal underworld while the Jewish and Irish crime bosses became dominant.
His father was a police officer of Irish descent ; Curtin attended school until the age of 14 when he started working for a newspaper in Creswick.
* In 1874, Joseph Gillis Biggar started making long speeches in the House of Commons to delay the passage of Irish coercion acts.
Napoleon Bonaparte, with whom Tone had several interviews about this time, was much less disposed than Hoche had been to undertake in earnest an Irish expedition ; and when the rebellion broke out in Ireland in 1798 he had started for Egypt.
When the Irish War of Independence started with some haphazard shootings on the same day at Soloheadbeg, County Tipperary, it was treated by the British as a police matter.
He started singing in local churches in the Bogside at the age of seven, and as a teenager added two years to his age to enlist in the Irish Guards, later serving abroad with the Palestine Police Force, before returning in the late 1930s to join the Royal Ulster Constabulary.
" Some criticised the film as an attempt to blacken the legacy of the 1916 Easter Rising and the subsequent Irish War of Independence in relation to the eruption of " the Troubles " in Northern Ireland at the time of the film's release, but approval of the project had started years before the Troubles.
Alarmed by the rising Catholic population, Protestant Irish and native-born Americans started organizing anti-Catholic and nativist groups.
The PA started featuring the league's results at the start of the 1996 – 97 season, which was also when the PA began providing the results for the Northern Irish league.
During the UEFA Euro 2012 group stage game against Spain, the Irish fans started singing the song roughly 83 minutes into the game and sang for the last six minutes of regulation, as well as past the full time whistle, knowing that they were going to be eliminated from the group as they were down by four goals and had failed to accrue the points necessary to remain in the tournament.
According to the BBC, it " started life as a jig with Irish roots, whose first appearance seems to be in a collection published in London in 1661 entitled ' An Antidote Against Melancholy ', where it is set to the words ' There was an old man of Waltham Cross '.
The band started their career performing traditional Irish songs and, gradually, introduced more and more of their own material ( lyrics mostly written by the band's frontman Aleksandar " Aca Celtic " Petrović, music mostly written by band's violinist Ana Đokić ).
This in turn paved the way for the creation of the Irish Free State, in which its parliament, Dáil Éireann, had scarcely started to function before, almost unconsciously, it began to utilise and to build upon the constitutional tradition it had inherited.
The EMS started on 13 March 1979, and towards the end of the month Sterling started to gain in value against the EMS currencies because of rising oil prices, and by 30 March Sterling breached the upper fluctuation band limit of the Belgian franc and the Irish currency could no longer track Sterling.

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