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KEWB DJs Ron Lyons and Ron Reynolds returned during the KNEW years.
KNEW recorded new station jingles using the original KEWB melody ( also used by KFWB, KDWB, and as a hit instrumental, " Image " by Hank Levine ).
It bought 910 AM KEWB which it renamed KNEW, because Metromedia owned WNEW in New York.

KNEW and air
( Other KNEW air personalities during this period include Hal Pickens, Bob Raleigh, Harry Stephens ( Osibin ), and Eddie Alexander.

KNEW and personalities
The unique mix of California Gold music format, personalities, news and talk made KNEW Channel 91 very popular.

KNEW and by
In 1966, the station was purchased by Metromedia Broadcasting, which changed the call letters to KNEW ( purchased from a Spokane station for $ 75, 000 ) to match its New York station WNEW.
Gaines and new program director John L. Hawkins quickly evolved KNEW to a fast-paced format of adult contemporary + classic hits (" oldies ") music hosted by humorous DJs.
They launched the idea as a variation on a Sunday morning public affairs show already hosted by Don Chamberlain, a part-time / weekend KNEW newscaster.
Later KNEW added evening show " California Guys " just for men, hosted by Dee Merritt.
The TV station was purchased by Metromedia in 1968, when the call sign was moved to an FM station and the station re-christened KNEW-TV, to match its co-owned KNEW radio and to compliment Metromedia's flagship station in New York, WNEW-TV ( Now Fox-owned WNYW-TV ).

KNEW and ),
Stations once distributed on satellite radio include WLTW New York ( XM ), KHMX Houston ( XM ), KIIS-FM Los Angeles ( XM ), KNEW San Francisco ( XM ), WTKS-FM Orlando ( XM ), WLW Cincinnati ( XM ), WSIX-FM Nashville ( XM ), and WSM Nashville ( Sirius ).
* KNEW ( AM ), a radio station on 960 kHz, licensed to San Francisco, California, United States, that carries the KNEW call sign as of January 3, 2012.
* KKSF ( AM ), a radio station on 910 kHz, licensed to Oakland, California, United States, which carried the KNEW call sign from 1966 to 2012.

KNEW and Casey
A decade later, KNEW was the show's Bay Area affiliate, so Casey was again heard on " Channel 91 ".

KNEW and .
Rather than using the airport codes of ASD and KASD for the existing Slidell Airport, or NEW and KNEW for the original New Orleans Lakefront Airport, or even MSY and KMSY for the Louis Armstrong International Airport, NWSFO Slidell uses IATA airport code " LIX " and ICAO airport code " KLIX ", despite not corresponding to any actual airport.
MSY opened after World War II, replacing the older New Orleans Lakefront Airport ( which kept the NEW and KNEW airport codes and now serves general aviation ) as the city's main airport.
In 2009, John and Ken began airing on KNEW in Northern California.
Eventually, Scott's other duties as " Sunday Funnies " producer at KNEW, and Promotions Intern at KSAN, and other aspects of his personal life resulted in the end of his " reign of terror ", as he later jokingly called it.
In 1971 general manager Ken Gaines transferred to KNEW from Metromedia station WHK in Cleveland.
In 1972, KNEW general manager Ken Gaines and program director John Hawkins devised a " relationships " talk show that candidly focused on issues important to, and only accepted calls from, women.
Word spread rapidly that KNEW had " sex talk " on the radio, and the show was soon moved to weekdays 9AM-Noon where it became a phenomenon.
During the years 1966-1977, KNEW was considered the Bay Area's top news station, known for its aggressive field reporting.
Bill Collins remained with KNEW and learned how to be a country music DJ.
KNEW became the flagship over-the-air affiliate of CNET Radio in 1999, offering business and technology news 24 hours a day.
Until September 10, 2009, KNEW was the " flagship station " for Michael Savage's The Savage Nation.
As part of a far reaching programming realignment, KNEW has obtained the rights to The Rush Limbaugh Show and has rebranded to KKSF ( NewsTalk 910 ) effective January 3, 2012.
One month into the season, Finley decided to keep the Athletics in Oakland and awarded the broadcast rights to KNEW.
After college, Somers began hosting a news talk show on KNEW in San Francisco long before the talk radio format became popular.
On July 1, 2003 he began his show on a different station: KNEW in San Francisco.

staff and featured
At around the same time, Brighton's neighbour ( and now a part of the same administrative city ), Hove, was expanded to its east, meeting the western edge of Brighton, with the development of the very similar Brunswick Estate, which featured similar though smaller Regency-style properties, and its own market, police station, riding school and ( as in Kemp Town ) small mews streets for staff housing.
Mozilla continued to be used inside Netscape, though, often featured on T-shirts given to staff or on artwork adorning the walls of the Netscape campus in Mountain View.
For example, it was featured in at least 10 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation as a weekly event of the senior staff of the fictional ship's crew.
The Padres pitching staff in 1984 featured Eric Show ( 15 – 9 record ), Ed Whitson ( 14 – 8 ), Mark Thurmond ( 14 – 8 ), and Rich " Goose " Gossage as the primary relief pitcher ( 10 – 6 won-lost, 25 saves, and a 2. 90 earned run average ).
One exhibit featured a historic printing press that a staff member used for visitors to create museum memorabilia.
A new theme, which was titled " The Midnight Four ", was composed by Score staff composer Ken Bichel with a memorable " funk " guitar intro, and similar elements and instruments from this theme were also featured in the numerous " think cues " heard when the panel wrote down their answers.
Local Current is a service programmed by the staff of The Current, and featured music from Minnesota artists.
Both tracks were produced by Atlantic founders Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegün with staff producer Jerry Wexler and featured arrangements by Richard Wess.
Castleford has featured as the fictional town of " Denton " in ITV's A Touch of Frost, starring David Jason, using local businesses and staff as extras.
The station and its staff featured prominently in the third episode of BBC Two documentary series The Tube, which first aired on 5 March 2012.
The various inhabitants of Warfield Academy, comprising James Bond Jr., his friends, Trevor Noseworthy and the two featured members of teaching staff, act as the series regulars, and all appear in almost every episode of the series.
The various inhabitants of Warfield Academy, comprising James Bond Jr., his friends, Trevor Noseworthy and the two featured members of teaching staff, act as the series regulars, and all appear in almost every episode of the series.
Edge has featured GoldenEye 007 prominently in three " greatest game " lists: it placed third in a staff-voted poll in 2000 ; seventeenth in a staff, reader, and gaming industry-voted poll in 2007 ; and it was also included as one of the publication's " Top 10 shooters " in 2003.
One other veterinarian featured prominently in the inadequate care of animals at the zoo also remains on staff, but the zoo has added a new head pathologist and has added other veterinarians.
WKRP in Cincinnati is an American situation comedy television series that featured the misadventures of the staff of a struggling fictional radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio.
A fictional depiction of The Sun and its staff members was featured in season 5 of the HBO series The Wire, which is set in Baltimore and created by former Sun reporter David Simon.
Typical of all the institutions featured in The Wire, the fictional version of The Sun was portrayed as having many deeply dysfunctional qualities while also having very dedicated people on its staff.
The Newberry was featured as the workplace of Henry DeTamble, a main character in Audrey Niffenegger's novel " The Time Traveler's Wife ;" many scenes in the book are set at the library, and ( fictional ) members of the library staff play a considerable role in the plot.
The " pop music industry expects that any particular critic star can disappear within five years ; in contrast, the " stars " of rock criticism are more likely to have long careers with " book contracts, featured columns, and editorial and staff positions at magazines and newspapers.
Craig T. Mallak, U. S. Armed Forces medical examiner, featured a presentation comparing the real-life work of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner staff with that of the fictional naval investigators appearing on NCIS.
The structural design for Fallingwater was undertaken by Wright in association with staff engineers Mendel Glickman and William Wesley Peters, who had been responsible for the columns featured in Wright ’ s revolutionary design for the Johnson Wax Headquarters.
The second season consisted of 52 episodes, and featured a much larger writing staff, including Reaves, Chandler Reaves and Perry, as well as newcomers Lydia Marano, Cary Bates, Gary Sperling, Adam Gilad, Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, amongst others.
Among the staff members featured regularly:
Both the Priory and the Bell Inn, also in Thetford, were featured for their alleged hauntings on the television series Ghosthunters, after stories of one of the Bell Inn's staff members being curiously locked into one of the bedrooms she was cleaning.
In 2004, the New York Times travel section featured an in-depth look at The White Party in Palm Springs in conjunction with staff members of Noizemag.

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