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Kenora and District
* Fowler, Ontario, an unincorporated area in the Kenora District, Ontario
* Kenora District, Ontario ( northeast )
* Stokes Township, Kenora District, Ontario ( geographic / historical )
Category: Lakes of Kenora District
It is the seat of Kenora District.
Kenora's hospital, Lake of the Woods District Hospital, has three facilities in the City of Kenora.
* Kenora District: Ignace
Category: Lakes of Kenora District
* Phillips Township, Kenora District, Ontario
* Lakeside, Kenora District, Ontario
Category: Communities in Kenora District
* Alcona, Ontario, an unincorporated area in the town of Sioux Lookout in Kenora District, Ontario
The unincorporated Patricia District, comprising the portion of Northwestern Ontario which was transferred to Ontario from the Northwest Territories in 1912, existed until 1927 when it was merged into Kenora District.
The land area of this district is, making it slightly smaller than the US State of Michigan and the second largest district in Ontario after Kenora District.
Category: Education in Kenora District
* Horseshoe Lake ( Pipestone River, Ontario ), on the Pipestone River in Kenora District, Ontario
* Kenora, created in 1907 from Rainy River District
The district includes the extreme eastern part of the District of Kenora, all of the District of Cochrane except for the central western part, and a small part south of Timmins, and all of the District of Timiskaming except for the extreme southeastern part.
* the part of the Territorial District of Kenora lying east of a line drawn from the northeast corner of the most northerly point of the Territorial District of Thunder Bay ( Albany River ) due north to Hudson Bay ;
* the part of the Territorial District of Kenora lying east of a line drawn north from the most northerly northeast corner of the Territorial District of Thunder Bay to Hudson Bay.

Kenora and School
* St. Thomas Aquinas High School ( Kenora, Ontario ), Canada

Kenora and operates
Kenora Transit operates three routes, from Monday to Saturday, 7: 00am to 6: 30pm.

Kenora and one
At one time, CBWAT ( Kenora ) offered separate local news programming from CBWT Winnipeg, although this was discontinued in 1979 / 80 when CJBN-TV went on the air.
In 1988, the station told the CRTC that they could not afford to construct the rebroadcast transmitters, and would remain with just one transmitter in Kenora.

Kenora and high
The construction of dams at the Lake of the Woods outlets in present-day Kenora in the late 19th century led to concerns over high and low water levels on the lake early in the 20th century.

Kenora and school
Two school boards and a community college function in the Kenora Area.

Kenora and three
Forestry, tourism and mining are the three largest sectors of the Kenora economy.
He scored five more goals in the six games played over three Stanley Cup challenges, including two in the final game of the second series against Kenora to help the Wanderers regain control of the Cup.

Kenora and Ste
planned to be in Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, Kenora, Thunder Bay and North Bay in April.
In 2009 Dryden Mobility began conversion to a GSM network in the 850MHz band that will cover a greater area than that covered by their CDMA network, from Kenora in the west, to Sioux Lookout to the north, east to Hearst, and south to Sault Ste.

Kenora and .
Four more northern districts were created between 1907 and 1912: Cochrane, Kenora, Sudbury and Timiskaming.
The smallest municipality to produce a Stanley Cup champion team is Kenora, Ontario ; the town had a population of about 4, 000 when the Kenora Thistles captured the Cup in January 1907.
The highway continues east from Winnipeg for another to Kenora.
At Kenora, the Trans-Canada designation includes both the main route through the city's urban core and the Highway 17A bypass route.
The existing branch from Kenora continues east for to Dryden.
A second branch extends southward along Highway 71 from Kenora to Chapple, a routing of, and then eastward along Highway 11 for to Shabaqua, where it reunites with the main Highway 17 route.
Brampton Lake is located near Kenora, Ontario.
Dryden is currently part of the provincial electoral district of Kenora — Rainy River.
Kenora — Rainy River's Member of Provincial Parliament is Sarah Campbell.
Federally, the city is part of the Kenora riding and is represented by Greg Rickford, a Conservative.
Kenora, originally named Rat Portage, is a small city situated on the Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, close to the Manitoba boundary, and about east of Winnipeg.
The town of Kenora was amalgamated with the towns of Keewatin and Jaffray Melick in 2000 to form the present-day City of Kenora.
Pierre La Vérendrye established a secure French trading post, Fort St. Charles, to the south of present-day Kenora near the current Canada / U. S. border in 1732, and France maintained the post until 1763 when it lost the territory to the British in the Seven Years ' War — until then, it was the most northwesterly settlement of New France.
In 1878, the company surveyed lots for the permanent settlement of Rat Portage (" portage to the country of the muskrat ") — the community kept that name until 1905, when it was renamed to Kenora.
The name, " Kenora ," was coined by combining the first two letters of Keewatin, Norman ( two nearby communities ) and Rat Portage.
Ojibwa tipi, Kenora, 1922.
Kenora was once claimed as part of the Province of Manitoba, and there are early references to Rat Portage, Manitoba.
Kenora officially became part of the province of Ontario in 1889.
Later, a highway was built through Kenora in 1932, becoming part of Canada's first coast-to-coast highway in 1943, and then part of the Trans-Canada Highway, placing the community on both of Canada's major transcontinental transportation routes.

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