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Land and Nightshades
2 ) # 28 sheds light on Nightshade's origin, revealing that her mother hailed from the Land of the Nightshades.
As the series progressed, Nightshade revealed her past to her team: her post-Crisis origin was that she was the princess of the Land of Nightshades.
Eve Eden's mother Maureen was the queen of the Land of the Nightshades, and fled to Earth with her infant children to escape the demonic power of an entity known as the Incubus.
Eve believed she was a normal child until her mother took her and her brother Larry into the Land of Nightshades, to show them their true heritage.
The Incubus possessed Larry's body, killing him in the process, and hid within the Land of Nightshades slaughtering all remaining human inhabitants.
Furthermore it was revealed that when Nightshade ( who post-Crisis now possessed the additional ability of teleportation ) used her powers to teleport that the process required her to pass through the now barren and haunted Land of Nightshades.
Wanting to help their teammate, the Suicide Squad members ( save Captain Boomerang, who had to be drugged unconscious and taken against his will ) agreed to go behind Waller's back and enter the Land of the Nightshades to help Eve rescue her brother.
Nightshade's powers are hereditary due to her being the only surviving member of the royal family of the Land of Nightshades.
She can teleport herself and others by passing them through the Land of Nightshades.
She is now the only person capable of accessing the haunted dimension known as the Land of Nightshades.
At this writing, it is unknown whether or not the Land of Nightshades is in any way related to the Shadowlands accessed by The Shade, Obsidian, and Ian Karkull.
They were trapped mid transit in the Land of Nightshades.
* Nightshade-Eve Eden, refugee from the Land of the Nightshades, and former government operative.

Land and was
It took me a moment to realize what was odd about that panel: there was a gimbaled compass welded to it, which rocked gently back and forth as the Land Rover bounced about.
Land was near, and on June 12, one hundred and fourteen days after leaving America, they actually saw, twenty miles away, the coast of Orissa.
In 1890 when the trip to Europe and the Holy Land was arranged for Miss Packard, it was Miss Upton who planned the trip, and `` with rare executive ability '' bore the brunt of `` the entire pilgrimage from beginning to end ''.
The oldest known name for Anatolia, " Land of the Hatti " was found for the first time on Mesopotamic cuneiform tablets from the period of the Akkadian dynasty ( 2350 – 2150 BC ).
The general consensus amongst scholars is that Luwian was spoken — to a greater or lesser degree — across a large area of western Anatolia, including ( possibly ) Wilusa (= Troy ), the Seha River Land ( to be identified with the Hermos and / or Kaikos valley ), and the kingdom of Mira-Kuwaliya with its core territory of the Maeander valley.
Land warfare in the East was inconclusive in 1861 – 62, as the Confederacy beat back Union efforts to capture its capital, Richmond, Virginia, notably during the Peninsular Campaign.
The legend connected with its foundation is given by Peter Damiani in his Life of St Odilo: a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land was cast by a storm on a desolate island.
In 1158 a feud with Henry's son, Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, was interrupted by a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
At some point, he was alleged to have accompanied Swein on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but proof is lacking.
When the Israelites, led by Joshua toward the Promised Land, arrived at the banks of the River Jordan, the Ark was carried in the lead preceding the people and was the signal for their advance ( Joshua 3: 3, 6 ).
The Land Act was promulgated in 1913 forcing many non-whites from their farms into the cities and towns to work, and to restrict their movement within South Africa.
The Rajasthan Land Reforms and Resumption of Jagirs Act, 1952 was the landmark in the legal history of land reforms in Rajasthan which was followed by Rajasthan Tenancy Act, 1955 that became applicable to the whole of Rajasthan.
Abbahu () was a Jewish Talmudist, known as an amora, who lived in the Land of Israel, of the 3rd amoraic generation ( about 279-320 ), sometimes cited as R. Abbahu of Caesarea ( Ḳisrin ).
The Tati Concessions Land, formerly part of the Matabele kingdom, was administered from the Bechuanaland Protectorate after 1893, to which it was formally annexed in 1911.
The duo named themselves Gemini, and a second album with more music by Björn and Benny was released in April 1987, containing the big hit " Mio My Mio "; also to be found on the soundtrack to the film Mio in the Land of Faraway, for which Andersson co-produced the music.
* The land between Egypt and Canaan of the first Exodus was a " great and terrible wilderness, an arid wasteland " ( Deut 8: 15 ), but in this new Exodus, the land between Babylon ( Mesopotamia ) and the Promised Land will be transformed into a paradise, where the mountains will be lowered and the valleys raised to create level road ( Isa 40: 4 ).
The “ glory of YHWH ” was also revealed in the form of light-filled cloud which accompanied the Israelites during the Exodus to the Promised Land.
Also this song was re-recorded by South African opera singer Leonore Veenemans as " My Land Suid-Afrika ".
Ben Nevis in Svalbard is a 922 metre-high mountain south of the head of Raudfjorden, Albert I Land, which was named after the Scottish hill.
Called the Constitution State, Nutmeg State, and " The Land of Steady Habits ", Connecticut was influential in the development of the federal government of the United States.

Land and home
They played home games from their inaugural season to the 2011 season at Sun Life Stadium, which they shared with the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League ( NFL ) and which was also called Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, and Land Shark Stadium during their tenancy.
Frederick was forced to return home in 1229, leaving the Holy Land " not in triumph, but showered with offal " by the citizens of Acre.
No fossils of these earlier forms have been found in the Old World, indicating that North America was the original home of camelids, and that Old World camels crossed over via the Bering Land Bridge.
It was, indeed, unique both as the Holy Land of three world-religions and as the old historic national home of the Jews.
Crusaders brought sugar home with them to Europe after their campaigns in the Holy Land, where they encountered caravans carrying " sweet salt ".
The Savage Land is now the home of Longshot, who managed to get there in a small boat which launched from Genosha.
* Savage Land, a preserved location in Antarctica which is home to a number of extinct species, most notably dinosaurs.
" Tolkien wrote to W. H. Auden that The Marvellous Land of Snergs " was probably an unconscious source-book for the Hobbits " and he told an interviewer that the word hobbit " might have been associated with Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt " ( like hobbits, George Babbitt enjoys the comforts of his home ).
" Land of Hope and Glory " is sung by English fans at home England rugby union games in Twickenham after the home and away National Anthems have been sung.
So young and yet so formed a face, east and west at home in it, clean shaven like a Norman, olive-skinned like a Syrian, all memories of the Holy Land in one human countenance ".
He also greets the Land's original owner, a woman named Alianora, assuring her that the Land has been home to many minds since her own time.
The County is also home to the Black Bear Ranch, a commune started in 1968 with the slogan " Free Land for free people.
Deschutes County is the home of four destination resorts as defined by Oregon's Department of Land Conservation and Development.
Edmonton is home to 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group ( 1 CMBG ), the Regular Force army brigade group of Land Force Western Area of the Canadian Army.
Land registry records showed that Clarke did not have a mortgage on his home in Nottinghamshire, where he has lived since 1987.
" He argues that greed was unlikely to have been a major factor because of the extremely high cost of travelling so far from home, and because almost all of the crusaders eventually returned home after completing their pilgrimage rather than trying to carve out possessions for themselves in the Holy Land.
Woodbridge is home to several organizations that protect undeveloped land and historic sites, including the Woodbridge Land Trust and the Woodbridge Park Association.
When Hogan settled the land after the State Land Grant of 1826, he built a log home somewhere near the location of the Mill on South 29.
Shoshone is home to a Bureau of Land Management ( BLM ) facility with a helipad. The town also has a small medical clinic, and recently built a new K-12 school building.
He homesteaded a Soldier's Land Grant of 138. 77 acres and built a home and store where Highway 165 and Highway 190 now intersect.
Land continued to be sold by the acre, rather than as home parcels.
With two industrial parks in the city's outskirts, it is also home to many manufacturing and industrial businesses, including Snappy, BTD Manufacturing, Friesens, Inc., Laker Locker, Swheat Scoop Cat Litter, Hartman Hide and Fur, and Land O ' Lakes Feed.
Land originally owned by Josef Kaplan, was given to his son, Victor who then built a home for his bride, Anna Kaplan near what is now Cedar Avenue.

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