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Leader and Building
* Foes of Georgian Leader Storm Into Parliament Building by Seth Mydans, from the New York Times Web Site.
* Educational Leadership, Building Leader and District Leader, masters
* Educational Administration: School Building Leader ( CAS )
Educational Leadership ( leading to School Building Leader certification
The first Leader Building with surrounding town, Regina, 1884The newspaper was first published as The Leader in 1883, by Nicholas Flood Davin.
The first Leader Building, Regina, Assiniboia, 1884Having begun with a small wooden shack before Regina had full streets, or electricity and plumbing outside Government House, The Leader soon moved to a substantial office building on the southwest corner of Hamilton Street and 11th Avenue, one block south of what was then the post office ; southwest across street from City Hall.
He has won dozens of awards during his decades of public service, including Public Official of the Year from the Children ’ s Hunger Alliance, the Regional Sustainable Leader of the Year from the US Green Building Council, and the Champion ’ s Award from the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitor ’ s Bureau for his success at attracting convention business to Cincinnati.
After recording demos and making it to the Brill Building in 1964 ( and signing with Red Bird Records ), they recorded songs: " Remember ( Walking in the Sand )", which was their first hit, and " Leader of the Pack ", which went to # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1964.
The Dirksen Senate Office Building is the second office building constructed for members of the United States Senate in Washington, D. C., and was named for the late Minority Leader Everett Dirksen from Illinois in 1972.
* Received the Special Award for Business Leader of the Year – Building India from the TV channel, NDTV Profit.

Leader and Avenue
Residing on Murray Hill Avenue, Cather was the telegraph ( wire desk ) editor and drama critic for the newspaper, Pittsburgh Leader.
* Leader of the New Guard Eric Campbell lived at Boongala, 28 Ku-ring-gai Avenue for some time.
Originally called the Grand Leader, the original central downtown store was located on the north side of Washington Avenue between Sixth and Seventh street and by 1920 had grown to encompass the entire city block.

Leader and Hamilton
He invited the representatives of several Lancashire towns, local businessmen and politicians, and two civil engineers: Hamilton Fulton and Edward Leader Williams.
Nevertheless, Forbes reluctantly allowed his colleagues to select him as Leader of the Opposition, and from May 1936 led the new National Party ( created out of United and Reform ) until October 1936 when Adam Hamilton became the party leader.
In the 1969 war film Battle of Britain, the Robert Shaw character ' Squadron Leader Skipper ' was explicitly based on Malan, as recounted by director Guy Hamilton in the documentary ' A Film for the Few ', which was included with the 2004 Special Edition DVD release.
George Forbes, Prime Minister from 1930 until 1935 and United Party Leader, opened the conference ; he served as Leader of the Opposition from May until November, when the Reform MP Adam Hamilton was elected the first leader.
On 13 March 1996 Thomas Watt Hamilton, aged 43, a former Scout Leader, ousted by The Scout Association over five years previously, shot dead 16 children and their teacher, Gwen Mayor, in Dunblane Primary School's gymnasium before killing himself.
The Leader of the Council, John Hamilton, was a quietly-spoken and much admired Liverpudlian local politician and was held in great stead by the Labour Liverpool Party, but was ineffectual in curbing Militant tendencies.
DeCandido envisioned his characters being " played " by certain actors: he wrote Lokor with Keith Hamilton Cobb in mind, Lucy Lawless was his inspiration for Leader Wol, and André the Giant was the inspiration for beq Goran.
* Nick Hamilton ( Band Leader )

Leader and Street
Campbell-Bannerman remained both a Member of Parliament and Leader of the Liberal Party, and continued to live at 10 Downing Street in the immediate aftermath of his resignation, intending to make other arrangements in the near future.
The street number 221B was assigned to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on 27 March 1990 ( replacing the logical address 239 Baker Street ) when the Leader of Westminster City Council, Lady Shirley Porter, unveiled a blue plaque signifying the address of " 221B Baker Street.
Catholic news publications in Australia include: The Catholic Weekly from Sydney ; The Catholic Leader, published by the Brisbane Archdiocese ; and Eureka Street Magazine which is concerned with public affairs, arts, and theology and is run by the communication division of the Jesuit religious order.
Former U. S. Senate Majority Leader and 1996 Presidential nominee Bob Dole has supported the " Main Street " Republicans.
On 15 June 2010, Opposition Leader Phil Goff appointed Street to be Portfolio Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, a position formerly held by Chris Carter.
It has received national and international newspaper and magazine coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, nationally syndicated columns by George Will, Cal Thomas, Debra Saunders, and Maggie Gallagher ; Reuters, Associated Press, The Washington Times, Politico, The Daily Beast, National Review, The Weekly Standard, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Governing Magazine, the New York Post, the Providence Journal, the New Hampshire Union Leader, DesMoines Register, Albany Times-Union, Anchorage Daily News, Florida Times-Union, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Grand Forks ( ND ) Herald, Baltimore Sun, and many more.
* 1882-Company founded in Toronto at Colborne Street and Leader Lane ( 39 Colborne Street now P. J.
He returned to 10 Downing Street as a Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister, 1974 – 76 and later, from 1988 – 94, became economic advisor to the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and, from 1992, Leader of the Labour Party, John Smith.

Leader and Regina
* The Regina Leader Post
* Leader-Post, formerly the Leader, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Another issue announced that out on the Prairies a new paper called the Regina Leader, had written to say its staff would sell the seals and send the money back for the sanatorium being built at Muskoka.
Scott then bought the Regina Leader ( known today as the Regina Leader-Post ) in 1895, and was its editor until 1900.
In 2000, Hastings supported Stockwell Day for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance on the second ballot of the newly formed party's leadership contest ( Regina Leader Post, 28 June 2000 ).

Leader and circa
Leader of first Serbian uprising, Karađorđe Petrović circa 1810.

Leader and 1910
* Doris and Moris Grekel also wrote three-part non church-authorized biography on Eddy, The Discovery of the Science of Man: ( 1821 – 1888 ), ( ISBN 1-893107-23-X ), The Founding of Christian Science: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy 1888 – 1900, ( ISBN 1-893107-24-8 ), and The Forever Leader: ( 1901 – 1910 ) ( ISBN 0-9645803-8-1 ).
He continued as Leader of the Opposition throughout the crisis over the Lloyd George People's Budget and the Parliament Act of 1911, but after failing to win either of the two General Elections in 1910 he resigned as leader in November 1911.
( 3 ) Lionel James Trotter A Leader of Light Horse: Life of Hodson of Hodson's Horse ( W. Blackwood and sons 1901, 1910 )
In 1908, when Hardie resigned as Leader of the Labour Party, Henderson was elected to replace him, and was leader for two fairly quiet ( from Labour's perspective ) years, before resigning in 1910.
Baird was elected to the House of Commons for Rugby in the January 1910 general election as a Conservative, and was private secretary to the Leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Bonar Law, between 1911 and 1916.
* GUÉRIN, Jules-Napoléon ( 1860 – 1910 ) Leader of the Antisemitic League of France.
Sir Edward Leader Williams ( 28 April 1828 – 1 January 1910 ) was an English civil engineer, chiefly remembered as the designer of the Manchester Ship Canal, but also heavily involved in other canal projects in north Cheshire.
* Edward Leader Williams ( 1828 – 1910 ), English engineer
However, he is best remembered for his links with Irish Unionism and served as Leader of the Irish Unionist Party in the House of Commons from 1905 to 1910.
On the retirement of party leader Thomas Bath in August 1910, Scaddan became leader of the Labor Party, and thus also Leader of the Opposition.

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